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  1. After seeing this Fender Custom Shop 1959 NOS come up on the GuitarGuitar website, and seeing that it was in stock at my local store, I had to try it! I headed over there on Wednesday and compared it to the new American Original 60s P in LPB. The American Originals really are pretty killer for the price is what I discovered! I love a thicker neck on a P, and the shape they've chosen for this series remains full in the hand all the way down to to the first fret. The tone of it was nice and thick with plenty of midrange punch, a tone that reminded me of slightly overwound pickups. If anyone's thinking of one, definitely check them out, I was really impressed! (I also played a Elite V Jazz whilst there to see what the fuss was about - it's certainly impressive too, and it would definitely give my Sadowsky decent competition! I really feel Fender have massively upped their game, even over the past 12 months.) However for me, it was always going to be this CS. The woods were visibly of a higher quality (fewer/no blemishes etc.) and the pickup, whilst not as hot, retained more detail and definition, particularly with the tone rolled all the way off. The neck is similarly as thick as the AO60 from the 3rd fret onwards, with a slightly slimmer profile under the first 3 frets, which makes a lot of sense to me. This bass is an absolute joy to play and having seen my MIM Classic 50s make its way into to position as my no. 1 in recent times, (despite competition from Fodera, Sadowsky, Warwick etc. in the collection!) I can see this being my go-to for many years to come. I threw it straight into the deep end, playing it every show over the past week on the Forever Dusty UK Tour. It really is a joy with killer tone! So there we have it, I finally have my dream combination on a Fender P, without the relic-ing and for a much better price than the CS Pino! One very happy bass player! I've attached a really super short simple video I did during the week to give an idea of the tones. Now back to practice, it's been out of my hands for long enough writing this!
  2. I can’t see these being much less than £2k and competing with the Fender Elites... Keen to play these though, I love my metro and I’m in the market for a 5 string jazz. Edit: though Thomann has these listed at around £1800 for a 5, so undercutting the Elites!
  3. Absolutely - I dread to think given the RRP of the JP2 ?
  4. Definitely not this model! Check the closer pickup spacing as well as cutaways. Really liking this, would love it released as a signature model. Looks a little more feasible to make than the arch-top-style semi-hollow he’s been using the last few years.
  5. 7 years of my Sadowsky. I'm only 22 though! I love it on and off, but when I come to record it always somehow makes its way onto at least a couple of tracks...
  6. [u]TC Electronic RH750 w/ RC4 Footcontroller- £400 ONO[/u] Well gigged but with plenty of life left in it, I'm sure! I merely had a very good offer on a Markbass LMT and fancied a change. Supremely versatile head, I've gigged it for jazz, R&B, hard rock, country, and everything in between. Well gigged and it has the marks to show it. I've replaced the knobs with my own and matched the colour to the lights, but you can get more of the TC ones for free if you ask. The volume only recently went which is why it's without one. It also comes with the RC4 which is in good condition as it's rarely been used. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]I am happy to post it, drive to meet or have it collected from either Bath, Somerset or Maidenhead, Berkshire.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Thank you for looking! T[/font][/color] [url="https://ibb.co/iNqvWG"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/e42Lyw"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/emWPQb"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/kCdtJw"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/j2Gr5b"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/kW4YJw"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/cEAjQb"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/fonLyw"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/d3w8kb"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/gYpiJw"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/iDCsBG"][/url]
  7. [u]TC Electronic BH250 £75[/u] This head has been my companion through my university jazz course and a large number of the gigs I have done over the past 3 years. It's the perfect head for reducing your load, saving the need to carry a tuner, effects, DI etc. which is what made it ideal for me. Having done so much work, it wears the expected scars. It is fully functioning, but I have priced it low as I it has on one occasion been reported to me (by that evening's drummer) that on turning it on there was a large spark visible through the side of the unit. I have since used it and tested it and there is the tiniest of sparks if you look really really hard when turned on, but if it wasn't pointed out I doubt you would notice it nor look for it. However, I don't want to deceive anyone in the BC community so I thought it best to be upfront about it and price it lower as compensation for the potential issue. I am happy to post it (at cost), drive to meet or have it collected from either Bath, Somerset or Maidenhead, Berkshire. Thank you for looking! T [url=https://ibb.co/dofCvb][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/b0Veab][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/dmCE8w][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/ng0Cvb][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/mcybMG][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/fqtXvb][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/dZaqgG][/url]
  8. It's a great bass, no question! Now on hold!
  9. [size=5][u]Yamaha BBNE2 - White - £1650[/u][/size] At just over a year old (bought new from Wunjo Bass), this bass has probably been out with me on 40% of my gigs over the last year. The plastic is still on the electronics cover, no chips or missing finish. A tiny amount surface scratching is visible only if you look really hard and get the light on it in [i]j[/i][i]ust[/i] the right place... Super versatile, crazily highly quality of build and perfectly even tones across the fretboard. Pickup from Bath or Maidenhead (between Reading and Slough) is preferred, but happy to drive half way to meet people. Ideally I'd rather not ship, as with its beautiful hardcase, it's slightly too big for all of the boxes I have. However, I have shipped many-a-bass before so if that's the only option I'm open to discuss it! Trades wise I would be interested in:[list] [*]Musicman Stingray Classic 5s [*]Moog Sub Phatty/37s (potentially similar analogue mono-synths) [*]Lightweight tube heads (I know oxymoronic!) such as the Markbass Classic 300, Sadowsky etc. [*]High end tube preamps & DIs [/list] Photos to follow, but in the meantime here's a video of this very bass. Thank you for looking! T http://youtu.be/iCgJr-E1Tfg [url="https://ibb.co/eGhAr5"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/ncuOB5"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/etUqr5"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/iVnX4Q"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/gaUC4Q"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/b9REJk"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/dBR9jQ"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/kN46W5"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/gqXRW5"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/e43YB5"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/kfsh4Q"][/url] [url="https://ibb.co/ipqfr5"][/url]
  10. Basses for sale or amps for sale... Very dangerous really!
  11. Similar settings to those discussed above! See how those work for you, Joe! [attachment=254177:Cali76 TX TJS settings.jpg]
  12. Hey Joe, I found the perfect setting for my Cali76 TX this week with a P bass. I will post a picture once I’m back on the desktop this evening and let me know what you think! T
  13. Hi Hamstar8! Do you have any answer to the but width or neck profile questions? If you could find out I may be in contact! Best, T
  14. This is an absolutely stunning bass! I've not been anywhere near wanting anything new for a while, but have a bump as this deserves to be sold, beautiful!
  15. Just bought a 4 string version of one of these, tone is incredible, balance is perfect, and the instrument oozes quality. It is absolutely a different class to the Rockbass ones I've tried, It's really worth going custom shop! Incredibly tempted myself but there's little value in owning two... Someone do yourself a favour and buy it! You won't regret it!
  16. My first 6 string was bought here: a Yamaha TRB6II. It cost me £500 or so and has been my gateway into playing 6. I'm currently playing a TRB6PII which would be slightly over your budget secondhand, but a very similar bass to the original 6. The TRB6II is 19mm spacing but 35" scale. However, for me the scale makes a difference to the B string definition, and worth the tiny amount of extra stretch required! I think it's worth hunting for one! Otherwise Ibanez do seem to offer some compelling looking basses at great prices...
  17. Between the Trinity & Rockschool books and exams, the differences are mostly the pieces you play. With Rockschool they're pieces written by educators to display certain technical aspects within different genres and are potentially a bit cliché as a result? However they still serve their purpose! With the Trinity books you are given classic pieces that sometimes have slight edits to make them a little more technically challenging, but things like "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick", "Havona", "YYZ" are ones I remember from the Grade 8 exam. With RGT (my best friend teaches RGT Guitar) it's a much more divided course which really focuses in on technical ability and doesn't require you to play and whole songs. It instead focuses on scales, arpeggios, reading charts etc. which are all crucial aspects to your development and applicable in the future. However I would say it's the most difficult to start out with! For me I would go with (and went with) Trinity as it's developing your repertoire for future gigs and is also easier to get a grasp of, by listening to the original versions of the songs. Listening is key in all aspects of learning music and making that as easy as possible in my experience increases the likelihood of success!
  18. [u][s]Fractal Axe FXII (mk1)[/s] [s]£1500[/s] [s]£1400[/s] [/u][u][b]MFC101 [/b][/u][u]£300[/u] Axe FX now gone - looking to sell just the foot controller! [s]Supremely versatile and with some crazy quality effects! The bass amp models are for me very close if not spot on to tube amp feel through my Barefaced BT2.[/s] This one was on tour with Rudimental and so it's been used a decent amount and has a few dings and scratches as you'd expect. Collection preferred from Bath or Maidenhead on arrangement, but happy to ship! Thanks for looking! (Edit: MFC photos added and price drop!) [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/D18774E7-DCD4-4835-9AF1-551D60EA8D59_zpsfutxi3e2.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/8E29D421-9FD5-450E-B1E8-3FBDB7B077A9_zpsyrc18jbn.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/C254F27C-80E3-4D43-95BE-E820940F70DF_zpsarhomsgc.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/4D50BE52-6D93-4A06-848C-BBA54CE1D36F_zpsuvkq4ejj.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/CED2AB09-DC8E-4771-8741-EC4972296AEF_zps7njr33jb.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/9D030645-C468-42DD-A8EC-E76973F1AC3F_zpsdn3z6tmz.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/98562FA8-E4F0-42D2-9FD3-FCE78B15F3BF_zpsh55fhsdo.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/AC7B1FC0-58AF-43CC-B60F-1AFF4BD6D9B9_zpsz8tcyd1s.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/50E4FAD6-C2DF-4C22-9136-8F67B71BF052_zpszvt0xlnr.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/6F3D68B0-3EC8-491A-B75B-91F6CA25891B_zpso6uei6xu.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s157.photobucket.com/user/Tjspice95/media/BDD75DC9-EF15-4DC2-AE5C-15A6C53592B2_zpslnqb4jla.jpg.html"][/url]
  19. I use the Axe FXII for my bass effects live. The 90% of the effects on it are truly of stunning quality, though I agree that the drives aren't amazing on bass, they're more than enough for live. However, as everyone else has said bass is a secondary concern when it comes to the functionality of the system, and as a result you do have to spend a little longer dialling in your sounds - but this doesn't mean it's any worse, just slightly more time consuming. Pitch effects down are the only place where it seems to lack for me, octaves up and harmonisers are great, but tracking down is really not quite there in comparison to my MXR BOD for example. AX8 vs FX8 I'd go with the FX8 into a good amp. I end up running my Axe FXII into the front of my amp simply because it gives me an easier eq tweak on the fly if needed. I unfortunately never tried the Helix when I was comparing, having been told it was s*** by the sales guy at Andertons... I personally think it looks like a great device to me though, and the ability to tweak with the screen looks much simpler than the Axe. In the end I went with the Axe based on the known quality at the time and the amount of processing power available (specs wise it blows the Helix away, but that brings to mind the old Android /iPhone argument - they aren't everything).
  20. When I picked up my Sadowsky UV70 I immediately felt I played better. It made me try things there in the shop that I didn't think I could play, and it gave me the confidence to do so and seemingly execute them. More recently my Fodera YYS (I guess this should be expected!) is the bass that makes me play without having to think about the bass itself. I was fortunate enough to be able to take both home with me!
  21. Thank you! Looks great, from his website - much appreciated!
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