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  1. Beauty! Maple top, ebony board, mahogany body?
  2. £600!!! If you're interested don't hesitate to drop me a PM!
  3. I just picked up a Pipeline today for that very reason. Beat the EQD Hummingbird for me. Demo of it on my Instagram combined with an OC2 and Aguilar Twin Filter. (It’s the last video!)
  4. Having sold my BB5000 to Jon-Inge in Norway I can assure you, you are dealing with a top class bass-chatter! Amazing communication, great personality and character, well informed and speedy with payment. What more could one ask for? Its been a pleasure Jon-Inge, and dealing with a BC’er of this calibre makes sending a bass outside of the EU a much more relaxing experience than one would ever expect!
  5. New pictures as the originals really weren't doing it justice! T
  6. I’m digging their headphones too! If one of my amps moves on ASAP I will seriously consider this as backup for my other 2 Ashdowns!
  7. I'm guessing... But smaller speakers are normally preferable for the reproduction of DB. However, I have full faith in Alex at Barefaced who says speakers' diameter really has no effect - and I use BF cabs so subscribe to this concept. I imagine it probably sounds pretty good no matter, it's a decent cab!
  8. Sounds like a great idea to me! I look forward to that too @CameronJ 😉😂 Thanks @Al Krow, the B string is decidedly out of tune listening back, but it’s all about the tone right? 😂
  9. Darkglass B7K (USA) Preamp DI £185 One of the USA made models when they were being built in conjunction with 3 Leaf. I was bought this on my 18th Birthday, which makes this 4 1/2 years old. Killer distortion, I just need the cash and I'm running the model on the Helix, which gets me most of the way there (though definitely not fully of course...)! It will come in its original box, it has a couple of tiny dings on it, but it was gigged fairly frequently in its first couple of years of ownership and the dings definitely do not reflect accurately the number of shows it saw. Collection preferred as always, from either Bath or Maidenhead, but shipping can be arranged too of course. Thanks for looking! T
  10. Warwick Streamer LX Fretless German Pro Series 4 String Natural Finish £725 The usual supreme Warwick build quality and an absolutely amazing feeling bass. It has a sweet tiger-stripe ebony fingerboard, cherry body, MEC PJ pickups and a 2 band active preamp. I've used it on a couple of recordings and a few gigs but that's pretty much it. It's 2/3 years old and was bought from Bass Gear new. Selling as my double bass normally gets the call if it's the kind of gig I would do on a fretless and i'm saving up for Fodera no. 2. Comes with one of the upper end Warwick Rockbags, and the beautiful tools Warwick supply. Collection preferred as always, from either Bath or Maidenhead, but shipping can be arranged too of course. No Trades please, unless as a make-weight in a Fodera 5/6 string purchase. Thank you for looking! T
  11. Yamaha BB5000 White - £1000 White Yamaha BB5000, bought here a couple of years ago. I'm a huge Nathan East fan and have been on a big Yamaha quest over the years as a result. However, I still have my Yamaha TRB6PII which covers the majority of that sound for me, and I think my voice on the instrument really belongs on a Fodera. So with sadness it's time to move this legend on and get saving for Fodera no. 2! It's the first ever production 5 string bass, and Yamaha did a damn good job doing it for the first time! I was fortunate enough to play this at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios and it sounded absolutely phenomenal DI'd through the monitors. In fact it's the only bass that I've regularly received praise from even the grumpiest FOH engineers, so maybe I'm a fool for moving it on! It will come with a hard-soft case a lot like a Sadowsky. Collection preferred as always, from either Bath or Maidenhead, but shipping can be arranged too of course. Short YT demo attached, headphones/monitors definitely required! Will try and get round to a full demo in the next week if it doesn't sell before then! Trades unwelcome unless you fancy a BB5000 as a make-weight in the purchase of your Fodera 5/6 string! Thanks for looking! T
  12. You guys play quite a big part in that respect! 😉 Your T-shirts are also pretty killer, so thank you on that front!
  13. As promised. Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to get it right! I think it sounds killer and doing these demos always teaches me something new about gear I own! T
  14. Definitely can't let this go after all I'm afraid, not sure what I was thinking when I listed it! Others will go in its stead, but this one is now withdrawn... Thank you to all who showed interest!
  15. Now £650! Please do take this off my hands, you won't be disappointed!
  16. You must be rocking some killer other basses! Just when I'd convinced myself I didn't need a 5 string jazz... Good luck with the sale!
  17. Open to offers, bought a few too many amps recently! Oops...
  18. Happily stood up to a big band today with the volume around half, through a Barefaced Super Midget. Warmth for days, loving this head!
  19. The Puth track is a keys part played into Spectrasonic’s Trillian Total Bass vst with their Hofner emulation used as the sound. It was then passed through the Waves CLA Bass Plug-in which has a very specific speaker emulation tone which gives it a lot of the character of its attack. It also has a very heavy compressor if desired and a sub (much the same as an Ashdown sub down) and chorus element to it. I find the fact that it’s so liked interesting, but I too totally dig it and it’s very much right for the track. I only have super specific knowledge in this one track as I emulated it in the production of a different track for a different artist as part of my masters, and the bass sound is so distinctive in adding timbral colour. On a note relevant to this thread: I’m loving my recent switch to Ashdown amps, and it’s totally the sound I was heading towards in my head - but it does need the flat button on the ABM-pre pushed in to get there! T
  20. TC Electronic Blacksmith with RC4 Footswitch £600 I’ve loved this amp and used it for many years with never a problem. It has more power than I’ve ever needed, I’ve played festival stages and dared not turn it up any louder than 12 o’clock. With my Barefaced BT2 it simply makes the house shake. Super versatile probably the best power to weight ratio amp out there. It has a coupe of dings which are photographed and I’ve replaced the knobs on it because the TC ones really are a lot of hassle. However, I’ve never asked for any replacements for this one, so you’d be very much entitled to a set from them of the free to replace the originals that were on it. It will also come with the RC4 footswitch which I find is an essential part of the setup (and much pricier than I had thought!) Collection preferred in either Maidenhead, Berkshire or Bath, Somerset, but I have it’s original box too so not a problem to ship it. Thank you for looking! T
  21. Ears are open for offers! I was supposed to be having a cull, but currently have more gear than I ever have! 😂
  22. So... For the impatient amongst you I have a little video! It's just what i've been working on composing today, so not incredibly real-world for most players and just on an iPhone. However, plug in some headphones and you get an idea of some of the warmth and the cleans it produces. I will do some proper/more in depth but talk-free demos, as per the rest of my channel, later this week! T
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