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  1. I should probably weight it shouldn’t I? 😂
  2. Pau Ferro/Morrado (I believe they’re the same thing?)
  3. Fender Classic 50's Precision Bass Fiesta Red - £600 £500 Owned since last year, 2017 build. Having to make some cash back on a new purchase, and this bass led me to buying a NOS '59 P, so it's a little surplus to requirements. In really good condition. Photos to go up tonight. A choice of gold aluminium pick guard or tortoise shell. Comes with original Fender gig bag. Bass is in Maidenhead, but it can be viewed in Bath by arrangement. Happy to ship. Thanks for looking! T
  4. Sadowsky Metro UV70 4 String Olympic White Tort £1500 Built in 2008, it's played a hell of a lot of shows between me and its previous owner. Pictures and more detailed description to follow later today once I'm back with the bass. Selling as it's just no longer my number one, and the jazz bass thing just isn't the tone for me these days. The bass is in Bath, comes with the Sadowsky Hard-Soft Case. Happy to ship, viewing may also be arranged in Maidenhead. No trades please - I currently have all I need! Thanks for looking! T
  5. Somewhere in that region for sure then... And I assume it was the 4 KT88s rather than 6x6550's?
  6. Haha! I honestly haven't weighed it. Heavy. I carry it up 6 flights of stairs to my flat, so certainly not immovable... I am 22, stupid and stubborn though... 😂 I would estimate it's around 30kg...
  7. Ashdown BTA200 (300w - Yes 300!) £550 After speaking to Dan and Mark at Ashdown, here we have one of the early prototype BTA200's - so much so, that it's actually a 300w amp! They reckon that they only made and shipped around 20 amps labelled as BTA200s. It has 6x6550s just like an SVT, all are pretty much brand new, having recently been re-tubed and having fewer than 30 hours' use. Super versatile, incredibly punchy, and as gnarly as you want - if you want! It has a few nicks in the tolex, but they are very difficult to see unless you're very close up to the amp. Other than those, it's in very good condition. It was purchased for the number of bluesy/americana/country projects I was working on, but the landscape has once again switched back to my own jazz/fusion/funk style gigs, so back to clean powerful class D's I go! Collection or delivery is the only real choice with this one. The amp is in Bath at the minute, but I travel a lot for gigs and can also arrange a viewing in Maidenhead. Thank you for looking!
  8. They apppeal also 😂 You know where I am, were that catastrophic series of events to happen 😉
  9. Nice! I’d love to own that, having been a big fan in my earlier teens! My 3rd fave P combination too!
  10. B15 is exactly what I thought when I had mine. Beautiful sounding combos. The only rig that ever tempts me to go back!
  11. Beauty! Maple top, ebony board, mahogany body?
  12. £600!!! If you're interested don't hesitate to drop me a PM!
  13. I just picked up a Pipeline today for that very reason. Beat the EQD Hummingbird for me. Demo of it on my Instagram combined with an OC2 and Aguilar Twin Filter. (It’s the last video!)
  14. Having sold my BB5000 to Jon-Inge in Norway I can assure you, you are dealing with a top class bass-chatter! Amazing communication, great personality and character, well informed and speedy with payment. What more could one ask for? Its been a pleasure Jon-Inge, and dealing with a BC’er of this calibre makes sending a bass outside of the EU a much more relaxing experience than one would ever expect!
  15. New pictures as the originals really weren't doing it justice! T
  16. I’m digging their headphones too! If one of my amps moves on ASAP I will seriously consider this as backup for my other 2 Ashdowns!
  17. I'm guessing... But smaller speakers are normally preferable for the reproduction of DB. However, I have full faith in Alex at Barefaced who says speakers' diameter really has no effect - and I use BF cabs so subscribe to this concept. I imagine it probably sounds pretty good no matter, it's a decent cab!
  18. Sounds like a great idea to me! I look forward to that too @CameronJ 😉😂 Thanks @Al Krow, the B string is decidedly out of tune listening back, but it’s all about the tone right? 😂
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