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  1. Not strictly a combo but by the time you've attached the amp to the underside of the cab to flip over, an Ampeg PF210/115 and a PF350/500 would fit the bill. That should come in under budget, I've seen the cabs going for £200 a piece second hand, and the PF350s at £150. Big old casters on the bottom too so it'll be an easier move than most traditional combos!
  2. True true! That reverse P and natural finish neck though 😍
  3. Damn that's tasty! If that had been a 5 string, I'd be jealous...
  4. I still think you may be looking for a solution to a problem which in practice doesn't exist. So long as the OP isn't running a 1000w full tilt, I think he'll be happy with the combination, which whilst maybe scientifically imperfect, does work incredibly well! I run mine with an Eich T900 at up to 50% on the master happily. Just be sensible and listen out for strain from your cabs, as always.
  5. I run my Super Midget and One10 together a lot. To be honest, the more you pump through it the better it sounds. The One10 can definitely take a lot more than the original 200w it was rated at, and I believe Barefaced have since upped its rated wattage - mine is the first made with a silver grill cloth. I really dug the time last time I used the combination and I always have. I very much would define it as having the rounded punchy sound of the One10 but with added bottom from the SM and a little more clarity from the SM tweeter. I actually think they compliment each other pretty well. SC + One10 should be very similar but with a little more natural bass response. Sounds like this would be a good video for my YT channel this week - I’ll see if I can get a SM + One10 vid recorded either tomorrow or Monday. I’ll post it here if it makes it to fruition!
  6. Oh not again 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Just as I was considering if I needed to check another one out... Would give me a chance to have a proper chat with you this time though! I’ll have a think over the weekend if it’s not gone by then!
  7. The MTD is, but also runs 2 batteries simultaneously. It's only the BB735A that's been on my gigs since I bought it from you though 😅 And running in passive for most sets, unless it's a slappy/80s style tune. Damn I just love the sound of that bass. Ridiculous! I'll probably keep it as is, I don't need more stuff to carry or forget to bring along/charge. Between iPads, Go Pros and appropriate adapters for the HX stomp etc. I think I'm fully cabled out. 😂
  8. I just feel like maybe I'm taking a risk when I'm playing 150+ gigs a year moving away from something I've always been well served by 😬
  9. I've never ventured to rechargeables - Are they sufficiently long-lasting? I can run my 9v in most basses for a year + - would that outweigh going rechargeable?
  10. I wished I had a passive option on the BBNE2 too, especially after finding out the way in which these pres let you know they're running out of battery! 😅
  11. Definitely, certainly not J style sound like the normally designated TRBs. Aguilar dual coil type of sound like Janek Gwizdala’s is what I’ve always thought one would be great for.
  12. They weren’t, I just went in there one evening pre-gig. It’s their policy at all times that they’ll offer the best prices (or so I was told). However I imagine there’s way more movement on the signatures (have you seen some of those prices?!) than on the mass produced basses. Worth getting in touch with them first!
  13. The natural TRBX has always piqued my interest. I sometimes pick up a gig at The Parrot in the Waldorf Hotel which is home to a Yamaha Music London Stage. They have a house TRBX505 available to play, but so far I've stuck with my 735A, simply because I want to be comfortable. Maybe I need to take the risk and see what one can do on a gig... 😏
  14. I was always disappointed that my TRB6Pii didn't have the punch that humbuckers would have given it, so sadly I only know through research after that experience. Very nearly changed them for Aguilar DCBs but ended up selling instead. TRBX are obviously entirely different, and probably more of the sound I want from a TRB-style instrument.
  15. They're all just single-coil pickups (with phantom coils to prevent hum) in larger housings.
  16. All of the TRB ranges are jazz bass pickups in unusual housings. So I guess that caters to that area for now, if you're Yamaha. Still, no passive option and I've never liked the TRB preamps.
  17. Their prices are no where near what they say they are. Speaking to them in store I’ve had Been offered the Attitude III for around £1.7k less than list price. And that’s just their offer without any harder negotiations. The sales guy said they won’t be beaten on price and will offer the lowest prices on Yamaha if you ask... Strange strategy to me, but makes making a deal with a real human the best option for once!
  18. I find solo J on these new BBs kills! In fact I did a recording session recently and inadvertently turned the pickup knob not the volume 🤦‍♂️ Tbh no one on the session noticed - including me. Still plenty of bottom with these new voiced pickups, something I rarely experience on a solo’d J.
  19. I don’t fiddle much either. I run 735 passive most of the time and then drop the EQ in for the odd slap bass part for some extra booty. The fact that’s it’s bypass-able with passive tone is what makes the active the best choice for me.
  20. There's some mighty low end from almost all of these on my Yamaha MSP7 Monitors in my studio! Worryingly liked the BBNE2 again 🤦‍♂️ I would have thought the Sadowsky PJ would win me over no question 😬
  21. Ah amazing! Great little stand. I don't go anywhere without it. Thank you for watching! Do report back if you go for the all switched option!
  22. I've just switched the saddle back around on my 735A on the B and it's made a massive difference to its punch and clarity. Crazy! I'm debating switching them all over, but that might end up being a bit too much of a clank machine for my liking on the higher strings. How are people currently running the setup on their bridges? What are your thoughts on the reverse saddles? T
  23. The way this thing just sits and supports a mix is incredible. Still super happy with my BB735A and it's heading off to Italy for a festival with me this week!
  24. Bass in an SKB bass safe. Chuck it in the hold. Take your laptop/phone/iPad and an iRig style headphone to 1/4 jack converter or a small audio interface in your hand luggage and you’re sorted for listening to what ever you need and hearing your bass back. I take my bass wherever I can if I’m away, even staying at friends. 10 mins maintenance a day keeps me fighting fit and ready. If I don’t play 1 day I feel it the next. If I don’t play for a week I have a lot of catching up to do! T
  25. My favourite Kiss bassline! The MTV unplugged version always sounded killer! Nice job and BB5000 too!
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