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  1. Coming from a family of Yamaholics it was always going to be the way! I hope she’s serving you well! That extra string will always be the sticking point for some, but I love having a 6 in the arsenal for compositional purposes, and I’m sure the right person is out there lurking! Thank you for holding back, as you say, possibly the biggest career deal breaker 😂
  2. Always worth a try! pm me 👌🏻 T
  3. 8 ohms is not a problem, just hit the switch on the back. 2 ohms is the ohmage I'm unsure of it being unable to handle. Replying to your PM now!
  4. There definitely is one! Do let me know if you’re interested in it!
  5. Absolutely love my T900, wish I had had the opportunity to buy mine for £500! GLWTS
  6. I’m also a massive fan of the double P setup! Believe MTDs like my USA AG5 are dual reverse Ps under the soapbar housings...
  7. Tight, punchy and warm are the TC characteristics in my book (having owned an RH750, Blacksmith and BH250). Should make more of a difference than a cab change...
  8. What’s the going rate for kidneys these days? 🤔
  9. I would! Currently meeting a BC’er this week though so it may soon be gone!
  10. They really are custom-level instruments!
  11. I would say D shaped, wide and flat-ish-backed without being uncomfortably skinny. T
  12. Markbass Little Mark Tube 500 £400 £300 Priced a little under others on here due to the fact it is case-less, and has a couple more dings than those that have lived in a case all their lives. A super solid amp that never let me down over the couple of tours I did at the start of the year. Ideal for doubling and blending piezo and mic on upright bass which was where I used this the majority of the time. Rock solid and only a year or so since new, I've just moved to try the Eich stuff and have my Ashdown Little Stubby for all the tube stuff. Shipping can be arranged, collection preferred from Maidenhead (or Bath until October, by arrangement). Thank you for looking! T
  13. Yamaha TRB6pII £1400 Bought 2 years ago from The Gallery. It's a killer bass and super versatile with the piezo. The reason it's for sale is simply that I feel my MTD covers a lot of the ground that this bass covered, and I can't really justify having that many 'contemporary' style basses when they mostly get used in my own fusion project. It's in good condition, it was clearly gigged a lot before I owned it as the fretboard needed a good clean and I've gigged it quite a bit myself! A few dings particularly on the headstock from before I purchased it (I'm not sure how as I've never managed to hit the headstock on anything!). These can be seen in the photos. It's definitely not a 'light' bass, but something with this much wood really can't be expected to be, can it? Collection preferred, from Maidenhead (or Bath until October, by arrangement), but shipping is possible. It comes with a hard case, which I don't remember being original but I'll check (I never use hard cases...). Thank you for looking! T
  14. Apologies, busy times... Around 2 weeks time will be my next planned stay in Bath. PM me and I'll see what I can do! T
  15. You called the right man! Love my Little Stubby, it has some beautiful cleans available in it as well as plenty of dirt if needed. Very easily carry-able too, the from factor makes it possible just to hang it from one arm by its in-built handle. Let me know if you have any more specific questions, my video of it is up on youtube too.
  16. It is MIM, yes. The extra holes were just added for the tort pick-guard to fit properly, but are covered up by both guards. T
  17. I think it's a reputation based on the guitar gear of the past. Was discussing the brand with my Dad a couple of days ago who gigged as a guitarist through the 80s and 90s who effectively said "great Laney = Alright compared to most other stuff, alright Laney = terrible". I've always found the bass stuff to be very solid and punchy, but the tonal profile not to fit my needs.
  18. Based on this I would say Barefaced. They're the one cab that with the 12's I couldn't give you and description of their voice. They're just very flat, and I'm often really surprised at how different, different amps can sound with the same cab. The treble extension with the BT2 is also really nicely executed. The Bergantinos have probably more of the colour I prefer, but they are coloured, which isn't really what you're after based on that quote. Not much experience with the Vanderkleys, I was always recommended against them for one reason or another at the time of buying. Barefaced it is in my view!
  19. I've been using the Eich stuff the last 3 weeks ends up being smaller and more gig bag pocket friendly than the TC BH250 due to its lack of feet. It's been a revelation to be able to throw that much power and quality of amp into the front pocket of a gig bag with such ease, no need to jiggle it about, or fight with the zip. It's the first class D with which I don't feel I'm making a compromise. Great stuff, and your choice of power output too, they're all the same size...
  20. That was kind of what I figured, and the premise on which I bought it. Once it’s plugged in, you quickly forget about its weight!
  21. Both the AG5 and NAMM 2018 Purple went within 2 days of each other, which is good news for Mark and Co. and Bass Direct of course! Thank you! I may have a little little bit of a reputation for it round these parts... 😂 It is a lot of straight up noodle, which I thought arguably doesn’t make a great vid, but was literally a straight out of the box experience which was fun to capture!
  22. I played this combination on Monday up at Bass Direct, and by yesterday had convinced myself it was too good, and unique a sound to let go! I did my first ever YouTube live stream as I figured it's not every day you get to unbox world-class gear - so the video is attached below! T
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