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  1. I'm looking for a cheap bass to leave in the studio and for spare, the BB234 seems like a good option but how does the neck play? I'm looking for something similar to a jazz bass which is what I've played for many years (that and a corvette which is about the same), looking at photos and string spacing in the first frets it seems probably closer to a precision?
  2. Cheap basses with jazz-like necks

    Up to 200 quid or thereabout.
  3. Cheap basses with jazz-like necks

    Looking to buy a cheap bass for spare, I use a MIA Jazz Deluxe as my main bass and looking for a bass that plays similarly on the neck. What are my options besides Squier?

    Only the Bass Juice left!
  5. £510 *IMMACULATE* German-made Warwick Corvette Bubinga fretless

    On hold for a week for sale outside of Basschat, but still message me your interest in case it falls through.

    Still available!
  7. £510 *IMMACULATE* German-made Warwick Corvette Bubinga fretless

    Squier sold, Warwick still available.
  8. Cone rattling from vibrations even if cab unplugged

    Yeah I've emailed them trying to get a discounted driver. Let's see how it goes... Thanks for your help!
  9. Cone rattling from vibrations even if cab unplugged

    Wow, that's quite a find! I do have that number sticker! It's way past warranty though and I'm not sure it's the same issue... I don't see a loose connection and it rattles even when unplugged. The only thing I can see is that if I press either of the silver wires going into the cone, the rattling stops, but so it does if I just press the cone with my finger, I think it's just the wires pressing on the cone like my finger, same effect... Anyway, seems like I'll really have to take it to someone to have a look at it...
  10. Cone rattling from vibrations even if cab unplugged

    Ok, so here are my findings: I don't see anything touching anything inside, or loose or dangling, everything seems fine. With the cab unplugged: With the cab resting on its back, speaker pointing up, if I play a low note the cone rattles with the vibrations in the room. If I pull it out of its hole and rest it on top the cab (next to hole, pointing up), vibrations stop. If I start lowering it back into the hole, when I get to about an inch of it resting in place, it starts rattling again. With the cab plugged: It just farts no matter what as notes are played. If I put my finger on the cone, it stops. Looks like the speaker is blown, right?
  11. Cone rattling from vibrations even if cab unplugged

    Cheers guys, I'll give that a shot. If I shake the cab I hear something that seems to be dangling inside (like a cable), but that might be the cone itself I suppose... I'll report back.
  12. Cone rattling from vibrations even if cab unplugged

    Hmmm, is it tricky to open a cab up like that, or is it only a matter of unscrewing and screwing back on?
  13. Cone rattling from vibrations even if cab unplugged

    Thanks, most of those checks are above my technical capacity though... From GK tech support's input, it seems a replacement may be necessary. I'm in touch with the Bass Gallery at the moment to get it checked and replaced if necessary...
  14. Using one pedal as a combined Volume and Expression pedal

    I haven't noticed any switch noise on mine. For the record, I've had the Nano POG, the PS6 and the Pitchfork. The Pitchfork (which is on my board) wipes the floor with the other two in terms of tracking and warble IMO.
  15. As I said in another post, one of my GK Neo 112's has a cone vibrating noisily even when unplugged, just through sympathetic vibrations. May need to replace the speaker. Where can I get it checked in London or Essex?