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  1. EHX Operation Overlord Allied Overdrive, T-Rex Bass Juice

    Fly Rig sold, two 2-channel distortion pedals left!
  2. Growl is the word, I'd keep it if it wasn't fretless...
  3. Both basses are IMMACULATE, no scratches or dings anywhere, like new (the Warwick has some light string marks on the fretboard from being played, unavoidable). Good setups and new-ish strings in excellent condition. Warwick Corvette Standard Bubinga Made In Germany - £530 Bought new in 2009 to go with an acoustic radio gig, then only used it to practice playing fretless at home. Left the house 2 times total! I love this bass (tone and build quality are sooo good and it looks cool!) and have looked after it with great care, but I have no real use for this bass in my bands ever, so it's just been sitting in a corner for ages, which is a waste. Hopefully its new owner will make it fulfil its potential! Comes with the original gig bag and all accessories and documentation inside. The strings on it are Thomastik Jazz Flatwound 43-100. Squier Vintage Modified V - £200 Bought years ago for a project that never took off. Impressively well built (I'd say better than my MIA Fender Deluxe Jazz!!!). The wood pieces even join right at the middle of the body as you can see on the back, which is not always the case! Have been waiting for another band where I'd need a 5-string but it never happened. Comes with a cool vintage-looking hardcase. The strings on it are Fender 72505M Nickel Plated Steel Long Scale. Collection only, from East London. Sale preferred but will consider trades for an interesting fretted 4-string bass on the cheap side. Any questions, just ask!
  4. Recommend me a cheap, small, good passive DI box (without a preamp)

    [quote name='elephantgrey' timestamp='1509526422' post='3399572'] I use a fender microDI. It's tiny, has a cab SIM, and a boost/attenuator switch. Its size means no space for batteries, but if you already have a power supply (a daisy-chain/trex type box/gigrig type system) then I'd doubt you will find a smaller Di. Edit: sorry I completely missed the passive bit of title. [/quote] I have to say though, that is quite tempting.
  5. Recommend me a cheap, small, good passive DI box (without a preamp)

    Good to know, thanks!
  6. Recommend me a cheap, small, good passive DI box (without a preamp)

    Looks good... Do you think the Samson one I posted would not be as good? (it costs half)