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  1. Currently shopping around, looking at RCF, QSC, Yamanha, the cheap ones (Headrush, Alto)... What RCF model do you recommend? It seems people who have 10 inch models are happy with them and don't feel they should have got 12 or 15?
  2. I've read this about the mic preamp before, but why would the mic preamp make the Alto less good for guitar/bass? A mic preamp should be flat anyway and I'm guessing it would add power and volume to the signal, so why not? Unless if it's a cheap preamp which worsens the tone?
  3. Haha was going through it right now. Also, would like people's opinions on whether the Alto / Headrush 12 inch speakers do a good job. And are they the same?
  4. I'm thinking about replacing my amp and cabs with just using amp sim on the Helix going into an FRFR speaker. Has anyone gone this route? What speaker do you recommend?
  5. It's a brilliant pedal and the filters on the HX Stomp don't even come close 😁
  6. Corona Mini Chorus and Bass Octave Deluxe sold elsewhere, no longer available. Two pedals still available.
  7. Yes, as neutral starting points they're definitely more useful!
  8. Oh increasing level on the output block is a good tip, thx! I struggle with understanding the balance between channel volume and master volume, any tips on that? I'm not using this for live, just to play and record at home.
  9. Ok I've tried all those settings. Couple of issues: First of all, they're too quiet and make playing with headphones straight from the device impossible. So I plugged it to an audio interface so that I could increase volume and play with headphones from there (I'm using quality studio monitoring headphones btw). Secondly, if you set amps with barely any gain, you're killing a great deal of their preamp character. So these settings make all amps sound very similar and uninteresting. Apart from a couple of exceptions, it's like they're all the same generic amp with slight EQ changes. I'm pretty sure Line 6 did something wrong with these (I doubt you can't go above 2 or 3 gain out of 10 on a real life Ampeg SVT or Mesa 400 without getting lots of drive), but these settings aren't really a solution for me. I prefer to use the solid state models for now, which don't distort with cranked gain.
  10. What the hell is the Cartographer? I don't have that one...
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