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  1. Just been studying the manual and getting a headache lol From what I understand, the Effects Loop is positioned in the signal chain AFTER the compressor so that being said, I'm guessing if I connect the Full Send to my DI box then it will include everything There is no substitute for actually trying this out, I just wanted to get a little advice before I actually did it!
  2. Hi guys Yes, I should have been more specific, it is the Peavey-era AH1200 I have. 'Old' Trace did an AH1200SM head that was extremely rare and ridiculously powerful but I've only ever seen 1 in the flesh so-to-speak. Thank you for the info, I've been trying to figure out another way of getting the full range signal to the PA without having to use 2 channels. Would connecting the Full Send out to a DI box then to the PA work??
  3. Hi folks I have a quite wonderful TE AH1200-12 however I have a quick question that I'm sure one of you knowledgeable folks can answer: I have configured the rather extensive Effects Loop to create a crossover where the low frequencies are sent to the left power stage and the high frequencies are sent to the right power stage, my question is this; when DI'ing to the PA, would connecting one of the Post EQ DI outputs still send the whole signal (ie both low & high frequencies) to the PA or would it only send the corresponding low or high frequencies depending on whether I connected the left DI output or the right one? I would appreciate any help with this as I would prefer for the PA to receive a Post EQ signal rather than a Pre EQ signal! Jay
  4. Hey, thanks for the feedback guys Seriously I'd love to go all out Trace-style with four cabs however I won't survive the beating I'll get from my bandmates lol Incidentally, my amp does happen to be a Trace Elliot...! That's why I asked the question; in my mind if I went for 4 Ohm cabinets I could utilise full power from the amp but with only two cabs but then at the same time I like the flexibility of the 8s in that although using only a single channel I could always add if I wanted to... Still undecided!
  5. Hi folks I have an amp with 2 x 600W power stages that can drive down to 4 Ohms each side. My question is this, would getting two 4 Ohm cabs be more advantageous connecting one each to each channel or getting two 8 Ohm cabs for better flexibility? I'd be interested to hear opinions! Jay
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  7. Hi folks Last night at my gig, I unpacked my trusty RH750 head and discovered that the bass eq control knob had split in two and fallen off, does anyone here know where I can get replacements? I've had a look on everyone's favourite auction site but to no avail...any help would be much appreciated!
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  9. Hi bass folks I have a TC Electronic Blacksmith head which I love to bits which I run through a TC RS410 cab but it is lonely and needs some other cabs to keep it company :) The question I have is this; as the Blacksmith can be switched down to a 2 Ohm load rating, you can run up to 4 of the RS cabs from it but what I want to know is would the following configuration be possible: Blacksmith in 2 Ohm mode connected to 1 x RS410 and 2 of the K-Series K210s I love the look of the K-Series cabs and I intend to get 2 K210s to pair with an RH750 to use for smaller gigs but for bigger ones I would prefer to use my Blacksmith with the above combination of cabs if possible. I know that TCs Ohm ratings and cab combinations have been a topic for many years on here and I hope that one of you learned folks would be able to answer my query! All the best! Jay
  10. This is such an awesome rig but I can already hear my back complaining lol Are you willing to sell the amp by itself or will it all be as one package?
  11. Cheers guys...I'm kinda torn because with my sensible bass playing hat on there's probably no scenario realistically that I would need to run two channels at 4 Ohms other than for pure self-satisfaction but I quite like the idea of having the option if I wanted too! I currently run a TC Electronic Blacksmith that has the capability of running at 2 Ohms (potentially using four 4x10s) and it is a very very good piece of kit but I've always loved Trace gear and I miss that tone. I had a mid-90s AH600SMX head which had 2 power amps just like the AH1200-12 and that was a beast and I regret parting with it to this day... By the way the amps I am looking at are the newer Trace ones not the old vintage stuff so I'm hoping that the newer ones are just as loud!
  12. Hi bass folks I've been hankering after one of either the TE AH600-12 or the AH1200-12 heads and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of either them in terms of tone, quality, reliability etc and whether having 2 separate power sections of the AH1200-12 are actually needed or would the 600W section of the AH600-12 have enough beef? I'm assuming that tone-wise, both would be the same. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Jay
  13. Hi folks I've just acquired a fantastic Blacksmith head and literally love everything about it :) I want to flight case it but I'm not sure what size rack unit to get for it, a 4U or a 6U, anyone know what size it takes?? Jay
  14. For Sale Ibanez SR1300-NTF Premium 4-string bass. Mint condition and a complete joy to play with a killer sound thanks to the Nordstrand p/ups! This bass' reputation preceeds it in terms of its verstility, playability and cratfmanship. Comes with Dunlop strap locks installed on the bass and on the accompanying strap. Also comes with the Ibanez Premium-branded fitted case (a cross between a soft case and a hard case) and the Ibanez toolkit. Inbox me for any further info and pics! Please see the link below from the Ibanez website which will tell you all you need to know! [url="http://www.ibanez.com/products/eb_detail17.php?year=2017&area_id=3&cat_id=2&series_id=51&data_id=70&color=CL01"]http://www.ibanez.co...d=70&color=CL01[/url]
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