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  1. Just done a trade with Mark and what a really nice guy to deal with. I initially wanted just one of the cabs but Mark suggested a trade for both which actually suited both us as we had different needs. A pleasure to deal with, coms were great and timely. Lots of questions both ways and all answered to our respective satisfactions. A really nice guy, deal, trade with utmost confidence.
  2. The One, The Only, Late ( apparently he was always late ) Great Chris Squire His playing style was so melodic and the punchy gritty sound so unique at the time, but clearly inspired other players over the years. Bought a Tuxedo 4001S Ric new in 1977. I've been lucky enough to have several other guitars over the years but have never gigged with anything other than the Ric, I'd feel I was being disloyal..... In 42 years I've only ever used Rotosounds and for as long as I can remember then it's been the RS66LD Swing Bass set. They just suit the Ric and me perfectly.
  3. Just done a deal for Daryl's Little Mark Tube, picked up today. Really nice guy and easy to deal with. Would have no hesitation in buying from him again. Buy in confidence
  4. Hi Daryl, all seems to have gone quiet. Are you still selling this amp?? Happy to come down and collect. Let me know please Thanks Colin
  5. Hi Daryl. Happy to buy this from you at £250. Let me know email details so we can get the deal moving. Thanks Colin
  6. Rickytwo


    Have just swapped amps with Mark and what an easy straight forward transaction it was. From first contact late on Saturday to receiving our amps on Thursday and Friday then everything went as well as it could have done. Packaging was excellent with very little / no chance of damage in transit. Really pleased to have an MB back in the fold. Thanks again Mark
  7. Hi I've a GK MB Fusion 800, boxed, in mint condition and with footswitch. 3 x valves. Let me know if it's of interest
  8. Hi, does anybody have any feedback on these Italian amps please. I'm looking at the Dual 1400. It has two inputs which can be "blended" for want of a better word. I'm looking to split the inputs to the two outs and then use my stereo Ric, splitting the bass pup into 1 input and out to a 1 x 15 cab then using the treble pup into the remaining input and out to a 2 x 10 cab. Clearly there aren't too many shops selling this gear and the nearest is some distance away. Feedback on the gear good or bad would be useful.
  9. Lovely Guy, a pleasure to deal with. Very knowledgable on TE stuff. Sold a Trace Head and in talking also sold a Trace UV amp light. Communication on BC and text all good. Perfect transactions.
  10. Retirement Sale of unused equipment collected over too many years !! Flight case for Trace Elliot 4 x 10 bass cab. Owned and used by Yolanda Charles when touring with Robbie Williams, hence the livery on the cab. It is what it is and does what it does. Contact for dimensions if interested Collection or meet within 30 miles of Mansfield
  11. Retirement Sale of unused equipment collected over too many years !! Offered here is my as new 2006 Gibson Thunderbird Studio in Cherry. Manufactured in Nashville USA This is as "unplayed" and flawless for what is a 12 year old guitar. It's just been sat at home loved, but unplayed, which is a shame as it's so much more than just eye candy. Case is as new too. Collect or meet within 30 miles of Mansfield
  12. Retirement Sale of unused equipment collected over too many years !! Offered here is my Ibanez acoustic bought new in 2001 which has only had occasional and light home use since then. Guitar is in vgc as you would expect. Full model # is AEM 24B-BK-OP-01 Sale includes RokSak Collect or meet within 30 miles of Mansfield
  13. Retirement Sale of unused equipment collected over too many years !! Offered here is my Trace AH280 GP 12 SMX with separate 2 x 10 cab. Carpeted not tolexed. Good / Fair condition for age. Both come with flight cases Too heavy to post...... collect or meet within 30 miles of Mansfield Also offered for sale elsewhere
  14. Just purchased an amp from Chris. Great communication, well packaged, promptly delivered. A perfect transaction thanks.
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