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  1. Excellent congrats.. you wont be sorry!!
  2. I use the BB800 with a Supercompact and its a great versatile light weight rig for pretty much any genre 🙂
  3. That sounds like a really nice combination of head and cab to be fair... I'd be surprised if you find anything lacking there 🙂
  4. I concur with all the positive comments above... total workhorse, huge power on tap, warm, fat, punchy, easy to find a great tone for pretty much any genre... sounds great with any cab but particularly suits my Barefaced Supercompact... possibly a bit too dark if you are keen on really sheeny highs otherwise a fantastic little head
  5. I bought this very cute little short scale (29") fretless jazz on here earlier this year for using in an acoustic gig that never materialized and since I find myself needing a few bob due to other bass purchases I'm letting it go again. The bass is in great condition, the fretless conversion is excellent with very well fitted maple inserts, there are no dings or dongs and it plays very nicely, weighs only 3kg, balances perfectly and the replacement Alan Entwistle pickups sound great. Currently strung with newish Rotasound black tape wound strings so its got quite a woody bark to it. The original tort pickguard is included with the bass but I think it looks way cooler without it 😀 Overall if you fancy a nice cheap as chips short scale fretless for gigging or just noodling about on this is ideal... its also ia perfect travel instrument. Not pictured but I have a decent black leatherette gigbag that is fits into pretty snugly though its a tiny bit longer than the bass itself... Any other questions send me a PM... Oh and I'm in Ireland but I have the box and packing that it came to me in from the UK so shipping is fine, it will probably cost about 20 quid to ship to the UK 🙂 Body: Alder Neck: Maple Neck Profile: 'C Neck Lacquer: Matte Neck Construction: Bolt-on Nut width in mm: 39 Scale: Shortscale (inch): 29 Pickups: Alan Entwhistle JBXNīģŋ Hardware: Chrome Colour: Sunburst
  6. I think the BG208 plus a BC208 would make a lovey little stack, and I'm sure TC Electronic are hoping alot of existing BG208 owners will think the same... I dont own a BG208 but I'm thinking a pair of the new BC208's with any decent head should make a really cool and extremely portable light weight rig... at 150 quid a pop (at the moment) they wont break the bank either 🙂
  7. I own an love a Super Compact but reading rave reviews of the Two10 has me gassing for one now as I think it might be more what I'm after in the tone dept so kinda looking the opposite way to yourself đŸ˜¯
  8. Anyone on the forum using one or a pair of these yet? I've read a few positive reviews over on TB and on Thomann from recent buyers but I'd like to hear what Basschatters have to say? Price and weight both very attractive and I like 8's
  9. I've been looking at these for ages and would love one for busking.. the only thing putting me off is the price of the battery pack..â‚Ŧ200 for a battery seems excessive... its a 35v unit and I haven't been able to find a cheaper alternative... GSS seem to make very good gear though so I'm sure the quality is great
  10. Thanks for all the replies everyone, especially to those who have actually tried the combination... I dont have a One10 yet but I plan on getting one in the future and it sounds like I'm safe enough stacking it with my Supercompact as long as I'm not tearing the a**e out it volume wise... That wasn't the plan anyway, I generally dont require huge volume in the bands I play with so its more about the tone... in saying that I had a few louder than normal festival type gigs earlier in the summer when I really just need to move alot more air than usual so I committed the mortal sin of stacking my SC along with a non Barefaced cab, a TC RS210.. my head is a Quilter BB800... odd as it sounds the combination worked great, tons of volume but really decent phat and punchy tone too.. and I had the Supercompact sitting on top of the 2x10!! I had a ton of compliments about my bass tone from the other lads in the band with that rig, and they never give out compliments!! .. go figure
  11. I'm sure this has probably been answered somewhere but I cant find the post... Has anyone gigged this combination? Liked it or hated it? I have read that Barefaced dont recommend mixing the 10 and 12 " drivers etc but someone must have tried it anyway just for pig iron 😛
  12. I have a Quilter BB800 which I also love so I'm not stuck.. sometimes though I just love the tone from the RH450, especially with my old 70s jazz bass.. they just seem to be a perfect match.. lots of nice stuff out there these days and most of it is pretty good, even the cheaper end of the market
  13. yeah I dont want to spend too much on it... its almost 10 years old and has been heavily gigged... in fairness it owes me nothing but I'm still very fond of it
  14. Hopefully its repairable... I love the amp.. not many repair guys around here unfortunately so I'll probably end up having to send it somewhere
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