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  1. After deciding to plonk for an MTD last March (a hell of a waiting list) I finally recieved pictures of my custom build from Daniel over at MTD. The spec I have gone for is 534-24/19mm poplar body, myrtle burl top with blue burst finished. Maple or grade b birds eye fretboard Matching headstock, truss cover, slap ramp and knobs Here is a picture of it as it nears completion! Can't wait to get this over here. I will update when the finished article is ready.
  2. Hi! Selling my ungigged and mint (for a roadworn anyway!) Fender JMJ Mustang. It just doesn't get used enough and I know someone will get a lot more out of it than I. It's a great little bass and makes a lot of noise for sch a small thing! Is very fat and round too. It comes with a gig bag. I can send this at the buyers expense but I would much rather a collection. I live in Exeter but work weekly in Cardiff so can meet anywhere between or around the two if something can be organised. Thanks!
  3. Have a read of my old thread here in regards to a Warwick Infinity that I got that turned up with a severely twisted neck. It ended up being fixed and came back flat as a pancake. John Williams of Noiseworks was the guy who fixed it. not sure whether he is still going https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/243973-want-to-see-what-an-ebay-seller-regarded-as-a-small-neck-twist/
  4. 😂 To be fair that's a good comparison as the Coupe de Ville is pretty much like the Rick of the car World; tacky and awful. But hey, again, each to their own! If you like them then more power to you
  5. haha sorry. Each to their own and that but I think they are just amazingly awful.
  6. I didn't think it was possible to make the ugliest of basses even uglier but that has somehow managed it.
  7. Want!! Just a shame that my Old Smoothie hasn't gone yet or i'd be all over this in a shot
  8. Funnily enough, I know someone who had a 5 string in the finish and it had flaked off everywhere!
  9. Hey! I switched to the nickels a while back and much prefer them. find them a lot less aggressive and I would say the nickels have the warmer tone with my basses. My two main basses are Warwicks though so they are naturally quite aggressive sounding.
  10. If you wanna sell the other one then let me know.. haha. I have actually a MTD Nebulous custom order on the way which should be arriving any day now so can't wait to play it! GLWTS
  11. Sorry just seen you meant pickup covers. For some reason I read it as pick guard / scratch plate!
  12. Oh really? That would be very surprising as the other two color variations of this bass both have white pickup covers (butterscotch and choc burst)
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