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  1. Nothing. It's another tool to have in your toolbox for when it's needed. I usually find it's the same 'type' of player that complains about slap..😂
  2. Hi! It was ordered through bass direct so I didn't pay any taxes myself. Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys! I have dropped Tim a message hopefully he will sort.
  4. Morning! Was eonering if I could get some help as there's bound to be people more knowledgeable than me on here. I recent;y sold a Fender JMJ Mustang that was in near perfect condition and never been gigged. The seller has messaged today with this picture which shows the spring and screw missing from one of the saddles. No idea how it has come off as it never really left my house I am going to order replacement screw and spring but I have no idea what parts I would need or which ones are correct for that bridge. Does anyone on here know what and where I would need to order? Here is a picture of the bass with the spring and screw missing from the A string saddle. apologies about the quality, that's all he sent me. Also, the description bass is as follows: Bridge: 4-Saddle Mustang Bass Strings-Through-Body
  5. Hey! That's good! I find the preamp so powerful I have to be careful with the EQ! I play with the mid pot and bass pot just up over half way and the treble rolled off. I really don't like too hear too much treble at all when I'm playing so I have the mid range cut switch completely down for the lower mids. I absolutely love the sounds of this bass. It's absolutely killer! Playing it through a DB751 head too which is making it sound even more ridiculous!
  6. Had the pleasure of making a swap deal with Walshy for a DB751 and my Old Smoothie stingray. Very quick delivery, communication was great and a lovely chap to boot! Deal with utmost confidence Thanks!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Hi! you certainly can. I just weighed mine at home and was 4.2kg.. it also states here on the same model that it's the same weight. Hope that helps! http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Musicman_Old_Smoothy.html
  9. Thankyou! Looking to move the Old smoothie and JMJ on but in no rush they just won't get played
  10. That's an Infinity. and no, I love my Warwicks and wouldn't move them on ever. This MTD plays better than them though. For me anyway.
  11. Finally after a year of waiting I finally received my custom order MTD. Can quite safely say it's the best instrument I have ever set my hands on. Playability, tone is unreal and it looks incredible. Also incredibly light! I am now hooked.. already scouring the web for more...
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. After deciding to plonk for an MTD last March (a hell of a waiting list) I finally recieved pictures of my custom build from Daniel over at MTD. The spec I have gone for is 534-24/19mm poplar body, myrtle burl top with blue burst finished. Maple or grade b birds eye fretboard Matching headstock, truss cover, slap ramp and knobs Here is a picture of it as it nears completion! Can't wait to get this over here. I will update when the finished article is ready.
  14. Hi! Selling my ungigged and mint (for a roadworn anyway!) Fender JMJ Mustang. It just doesn't get used enough and I know someone will get a lot more out of it than I. It's a great little bass and makes a lot of noise for sch a small thing! Is very fat and round too. It comes with a gig bag. I live in Exeter but work weekly in Cardiff so can meet anywhere between or around the two if something can be organised. Thanks! UPDATE - looking for a trade for a nice 410 cab. Preferably an Aguilar 410 but open to ideas!
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