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  1. Bought a EHX freeze pedal from Tony. Very quick delivery and very easy process. Deal with confidence! Thanks
  2. Ah yes that will be it! It's out of a Streamer Stage 1 CS that has a BN
  3. Weirdly though I just checked the MEC site and this is the dimensions listed for the MEC soapbars dimensions: 32 mm x 108 mm http://www.mec-pickups.de/?&c=35352344224&lang=en&smk=1&modul=shop&site=article_details&article_id=D0495272001472736695A26427&article_category=D0444805001389959557A15&collection_id=D0064424001343134120A2868 I have no idea why this would be so different. I measured them with a ruler. Anyone care to shed any light??
  4. Hi! Just measured and it's 34mm width x 117mm length x 20mm depth
  5. I am selling a pair for MEC soapbar pickups taken out of my Warwick Streamer Stage 1 5 string bass due to an upgrade. In good condition and all working as they should.
  6. This is a MEC 3-WAY ( I think) preamp from a Warwick Streamer Stage 1. Fully working and was only taken out as I changed to an Aguilar OBP3 preamp. The three pots are bass, middle and treble. The stacked volume pot was kept in my bass. Thanks!
  7. Sold a wireless system to Ilian. Good comms, polite and easy to deal with. Would happily deal with him again.
  8. thats a stunner mate! Is that a ramp between the neck pup and fretboard? hard to tell from the angle... Sorry to take 18 months to reply but yet it is. I don't like a lot of depth behind the strings when double-thumping so had an ebony ramp made.
  9. Bought some pickups from Leon and was an extremely easy process. Very friendly, quick to respond and happy to answer any questions I had about the transaction.
  10. This is a custom A/B pedal I had made that was used to swtich between wireless and wired when gigging live. As you can see, I had the two options for 'wireless' and 'wired' (connected to my Smoothound wireless system on the pedalboard) which I would simply change if I needed to go wired for a particular gig. Can be used as just an A/B box. No PSU included.
  11. I am selling my used SmoothHound classic wireless guitar system plus a custom guitar cable I had made so that you can clip the tooth end into your belt or pocket. It's all in very good condition and has a few scratches etc you would expect from being gigged but nothing major. Included: transmitter, receiver tooth, PSU and custom tooth extension cable to plug into the guitar. Thanks
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