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  1. I don't like the MM You Tube promos for these. Just awful.
  2. I think last night is the first time we've sat through the whole thing from start to finish. We downloaded/printed the official scorecard this time and each selected the 11 countries we thought were the best. I only managed to get 3 of the top scoring countries in my 11. The best score was my son's girlfriend who managed 6 out of 11.
  3. I joined in '86, so retired under the old scheme. As did Mrs.H. The shift work never really caused me any issues. There were a couple of close calls and several dates where I had to take my gear with me to work or I wouldn't have made it in time. Fortunately I had some excellent and accommodating leadership throughout and towards the end I was in a position where I could make sure my gig dates weren't compromised.
  4. If not for the current situation, I don't think Ukraine would have even been on the left side of the board. Come to that, I don't think the UK would have either. I don't begrudge them the win, but next years contest will be interesting. Political and as meaningless as ever.
  5. Couldn’t have put it better. Did my time and finished 6 years ago this November. May you enjoy many gigging years to come 🤟
  6. Another great reconstruction. Bravo 👏
  7. Great video. Thanks for creating/posting 👏
  8. Sorry to hear about your job Daniel. I’m sure this won’t be around long.
  9. I’m still in. I can’t say I haven’t been looking, but I haven’t parted with any money so far this year.
  10. When you're struggling to bring a tenth of your basses in a family sized car, it then becomes a problem you'll have to put some serious thought into 😂
  11. Lovely and if it was a 4 string we could have done business. GLWTS.
  12. Excellent advice, but could I add that unless the case you have for the instrument is perfectly moulded for the instrument in question, you should make every effort to pack around it inside the case as well to reduce any movement. I have received a few basses that have not had this done and the case and/or the bass have been damaged as a result.
  13. That may be me you are referring to. Here is the thread….
  14. If you’re editing for spelling, it’s Charing Cross not Charring Cross 😂
  15. I guess we all experienced what it would be like not to gig for an extended period of time courtesy of Lockdown #1. Personally, it turned out to be the creation of another new band for me and we’re really enjoying it. We rehearsed ourselves to gig readiness on JamKazam and were ready to go by the time restrictions were lifted. Glad to hear there’s lots of positivity for gigging. I do have an occasional worry about how long I have left as a gigging musician, but if the gigs keep coming in, I’ll keep turning up.
  16. Yes, balance is very important. I've had some killer drives already this year, but the reception at the other end of them made it all worth it. We stayed over on one a few weeks back and we had another gig on home turf the following night. So I had a long drive home on Saturday, quick change and out again for another 6/7 hours. I felt that one 😂.
  17. Yes, it's really weird that this year is busier than the few years immediately before the Big C. I'm also getting a fair bit of dep work as well. I'm not quite sure why this is happening, but I have gigs with 3 new bands I've not played with this year, plus some Ska dates. I have by no means gone out of my way to seek these out, they've just fallen in my lap, so I guess quite a lot of bands are busy. Either that or a lot of bass players have given up gigging 🤷‍♂️
  18. Created as a contrast to the 'I Hate Gigging' thread, in which some of the comments I find utterly depressing, I would like to think that the majority of Basschatters do actually enjoy the gigging experience. I get that there are some that cannot deal with getting up in front of a crowd or prefer to make music behind closed doors and that's fine, but let's leave the hate out of it. I for one certainly wouldn't do a single gig that I wasn't looking forward to. I don't understand why people would, unless of course they have to for financial reasons. Through 40 years of gigging, I cannot recall a single date that I haven't looked forward to. There have been a few that I've been a bit nervous about for one reason or another, but in the main, those days are long gone. There have also been a few gigs that once I've arrived at the venue, it has become clear that it was not what any of the band were expecting which can be a bit of a buzz kill, but I think we've all had a few of them. For me, gigging is about putting smiles on people faces and getting them moving. I don't do it for the money (although it's a nice bi-product) and I certainly do it for any kind of adoration; it's just a great thing to be able to make people happy and then leave feeling like they've been entertained for an evening. I'm not saying I wouldn't find it a strain, but I would be out every night if I could. Let's hear it for the love of gigging.
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