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  1. Ha - you beat me to it. Was just going to name check you 😎
  2. Crikey, you’ve just reminded me that I have dealt with PMT more recently than I thought and it was at PMT Romford! I popped in there with a bass I wanted to p/x, not really knowing if they would be at all interested. I walked out with a Fender Am Deluxe (just before they turned into whatever the face lifted model was). They had three of them in the shop and the Olympic White one was the best of the them. The guys in the shop were super helpful and gave me an excellent deal on the p/x. The Am Deluxe is a bass that I still have and is a keeper.
  3. There was nothing offensive or rude in what @wateroftyne said, unlike your retorts. No need for it towards any member here, Mod or otherwise. I can't understand how PMT are still in business. They're nothing like the company they used to be. A friend of mine used to work for them and the mind boggles at some of the stuff that went on. Don't get me wrong, I've shopped there in the past and they've had a bit of money off me, but not for many many years. Good to hear it's all working itself out though.
  4. Well, you didn't ask for my opinion either, but as it's a forum and you've posted the thread, I'm entitled to have one. The way the thread reads (although I note you've edited it, so I don't know what it said originally) is that you've quite rightly taken issue with the condition of the bass and then rung them. I for one would have made the call first and included that in your first post. Right to reply and all that. I know he's a bit more thick skinned than most of us, but I think you were a bit harsh or @wateroftyne. Calling out a Moderator on a forum he helps run for you is also not classy.
  5. So are you saying that the information on the database is incorrect?
  6. Well, that's a first for me: being offered money NOT to play a gig!

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    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Yes @Rich, they're a great bunch of lads with a good reputation. To be honest, I was quite chuffed that they asked me in the first place. They must have been really desperate 🤣

    3. Cat Burrito

      Cat Burrito

      I struggle to get paid for the ones that I actually do on occasions! If you want me to not do it for you, I can send bank details! 

    4. Daz39


      Cor - getting paid for not doing your job. You should run for Parliament!

  7. Mmm, I've never noticed one on mine. I shall have a look and report back. Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated 👍.
  8. I kept all of mine from my longest enduring band (about 20 years). It’s all in date order in a filing cabinet, but I rarely look at it to be honest. I have too much going on with my current projects.
  9. As you mentioned before, it's rare, but it can happen. I depped for a popular rock covers band around these parts just last month. There were two gigs back to back and a dep guitarist had been drafted in for both. We get to gig #1 and the alarm bells went off as soon as words started coming out of his mouth. I was hearing all the wrong signals about parts in various songs he hadn't played before. The gig wasn't a disaster, but we had to drop a few tunes and he blagged a couple of the others. A post gig conversation ensued regarding gig #2. Early afternoon on the Saturday I get a call saying a different guitarist has been roped in for gig #2. He doesn't know half the set, but he's supposed to quite good. I get to gig #2 and this guy turns up. About half my age (git) and is the polar opposite of the guy from the night before. It's clear he is not familiar with a lot of the set, but he says he'll be right next to me and will be watching for keys/cues etc. He played an absolute blinder and I very much doubt anyone sober or otherwise would have known he hadn't been in the band for years. His name is Robbie Blake from The Karma Effect. Their album is jolly good too.
  10. Absolutely. There are quite a few scenarios I could imagine where saying that would be detrimental to one’s playing career.
  11. Anyone know if Barefaced silver cloth cab fronts are easily removable?
  12. Quite right and as described by the OP, it's a conversation that has been had many times by the sounds of it, which is a lack of respect.
  13. I think I'd probably factor in how the band sounds as one of, if not the most important things. If guitard doesn't get his act together = game over.
  14. ….and I really don’t get this ‘it depends what you want out of it’ train of thought. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be in a scenario where they have a guitarist that can’t be bothered to put in the work. I’d end up hating every minute I was in their company.
  15. Yeah, I probably assumed it was the OP’s band. I’d be leaving or firing the guitarist either way.
  16. Tell the guitarist his services are no longer required. If that causes the singer to leave, then so be it. I cannot tolerate someone else in the band that does not put the required amount of work in.
  17. ....and I've never tried removing the grille from my Barefaced. Do they come off easily if going for the wrap around option?
  18. Or another reason for the rest of us to be glad that you did? I know we're in a bit of state, but comments like that bring out the patriot in me 🤷‍♂️.
  19. @stewblack do have photos of how it fixes to the cab front. I'm not sure I particularly want to stick one side of velcro to my cloth grille.
  20. I don't think it was the G50 though.
  21. Ha ha, only scanned the last few comments. Probably not 🤣. Confused myself. On a serious note, I do know someone who experienced drop out's with their Line 6 receiver. I think I'm right in saying that there are two ways to power it? With a USB type cable and a mains cable. I believe the USB type port was at fault. There was no issue when using with the mains cable.
  22. I highly recommend contacting Shure. Thoroughly excellent Customer Support in my experience.
  23. @AndyTravishas a couple of great Stingray 5’s for sale if you’re looking to buy.
  24. Strangely, in my rock covers band we do Mirror in The Bathroom which is great song and there seems to be a bit of a reluctance to play it in this ska band. Not sure why 🤷‍♂️
  25. Very similar. I'm a bit confused as to why my lot don't do Israelites. That would seem to be a ska standard as far as I'm concerned, but I'm far from an expert. Nite Club makes an appearance now and again and I'm a bit sad when it's not in the set because I love playing it. There's a couple in there that I'm not familiar with, so I'm going to go and have a listen 👍.
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