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  1. The soon to be released Brilliant Adventure boxed set has an expanded version of the standard BBC disc from this gig.
  2. In much the same way as Zappa changed his band many times, so did Bowie. I totally get it. A different set of musicians gives a completely different sound. I also think that at the time of recording, getting the big names in for blocks of studios time (Visconti being the exception) wasn’t what was working for DB given his deteriorating health.
  3. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Let's Dance. It's just not top of my list. If it works for you then it's all good 👍 I'm reminded of the first time I heard Bowie's cover of Springsteens 'It's Hard To Be a Saint In The City'. Being a huge Springsteen and Bowie fan, it's almost jarring hearing Bowie sing this whilst the song retains the DNA of Sprinsteen throughout. Absolutely love it. George Murray again on bass by the way @Jonesy.
  4. Crikey. I'm not sure I've met anyone who shares that view. I'll say that there are few examples of Modern Love being played live sounding anywhere near as good as it does on Let's Dance. Live Aid is probably an exception and that wasn't Rojas anyway. I know we always had a tough time with it and a lot of videos of Bowie playing it just don't sound right, even with Gail dare I say. Let us not forget Mark King's contribution to the Bowie cannon....
  5. The 'Low' album is also great with George Murray on bass. I really love his playing as it goes in some unusual directions. Alway love playing 'Breaking Glass', in fact the whole of Side A is just fabulous.
  6. This is one of my favourite Gail moments. Beautiful song with a lush arrangement with a few Gail-ism's thrown into the mix for good measure. When we learnt this song, it was this version we used a template.
  7. Ha ha. Yeah, I saw that too. I guess that is PJ approved behaviour 😂
  8. Ha ha. I thought it was the backing vocals that sounded like a different song 🤷‍♂️
  9. Funny enough, that was exactly what I looked at last night. I think there were four on their Ric page or something and none of them were currently in stock. I had a look on some other manufacturer pages and it seemed slightly less listed and a lot not currently available, hence my comment.
  10. Ha ha. I bet that conversation didn't end well for him 😂 I must have either been lucky or completely oblivious to any gear snobbery that may (or may not) have occurred in my vicinity then. Probably a good job really. I don't know why people have to be like that. I'd love to try one of those JAX-T4's, but I fear it would be too large an instrument for my frame/hands. They look fab though.
  11. I may have read the wrong thing into this. I'm aware that people used to take full advantage of Thomann's return policy in a kind of 'try before you keep' scenario and that's how your post reads (to me at least). If that's what you're doing, are you really surprised that the 'B' word has complicated that process? I've not used them since as I've yet to find anything I've wanted significantly cheaper than I could here. I also don't think their stock is anywhere near as comprehensive as it was.
  12. As others have said, I kind of get what you're saying mate, but the 'smug flaunting' comment rubs me up the wrong way a bit as that is far from the truth in my case, as I'm sure it is for others. These comments also sound a bit odd from someone who owns a JAX-T4.
  13. Very sorry to hear that. Condolences to all.
  14. This might be worth a look…. https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Fender_Jazz_4_Classic_Custom_shop_Honeyburst.html
  15. Mmm. I’m not sure I necessarily agree with that. There’s a fair chance you’ll get something decent, but not guaranteed, especially if you’re talking Fender.
  16. Yeah agreed. Unprofessional. I have to admit to issuing a terse exclamation of ‘NO’ from my side of the stage the weekend before last as one of the band members managed to skip a song on the large print set list right in front of them and started playing the intro (only one chord) of the song after it. Only lasted a couple of seconds and I wouldn’t have done it if I was confident everyone would have followed him, but I wasn’t. Funny enough, almost the same thing happened again on Saturday. Singer announced it was the last song of the first set and happened to look to his right to see me doing a very subtle head shake and he caught on immediately.
  17. He must be really pleased with how his video is performing. It already has 4 👎's.
  18. Damnation. I've been looking for one of these over the past few days. @pineweasel- If it falls through, please let me know.
  19. I thought it was Such as I'd never really questioned/thought about it. I'm actually not surprised it was McDonald at all. I'd be inclined to get that mentioned on the Wiki page if I were him 🤔
  20. An Octave pedal has been the most consistent effect I've had over my not inconsiderable years of playing. I foolishly sold my old OC-2 when I had Cog build me a multi effect box including their octaver, but that has recently gone a bit weird. It now sounds more like a distortion pedal than an octave pedal. I've now removed the whole unit from my board as there seems no chance of getting COG to look at it. Guess what? Now I actually need an octaver for some new material I have to learn. I fancy a punt at the Octabvre, but now looks like March 2022. What to do in the meantime 🤷‍♂️
  21. Ha ha. I was listening to that too. He said it is widely regarded as one of the most well put together bass lines. I have to say I agree with him. Always enjoy playing Livin’ On A Prayer - it’s that key change at the end that does it for me.
  22. I do like having a go at doing things myself, but this level of shenanigans scares the life out of me. Full of admiration for the craft @Andyjr1515. I shall follow with interest.
  23. I get it. Sorry you missed out mate. Bass Direct had one in yonks ago and it a hell of a lot cheaper than that eBay one. Wish I had tried it, but I have something very similar, so didn’t. Another one will appear someday I’m sure.
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