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  1. Sold a Line 6 transmitter pack to Ade. Prompt payment and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks again 👍
  2. Dave bought my Limelight John Deacon Precision. As much as I was sad to see it go, it’s gone to a very good home indeed. I would have no hesitation in dealing with Dave again. Thoroughly recommended.
  3. Absolutely. My favourite is Tejas, but Eliminator was a huge success for them.
  4. ….oh, and barring his first three solo albums, all of Peter Gabriel’s solo material including So was released after his 30th.
  5. All of ZZ Top were over 30 when they recorded Eliminator.
  6. One of the most comprehensive rebuttals that springs to mind is Frank Zappa. He turned 30 in December 1970 with Over-nite Sensation, Apostrophe, Joe’s Garage I, II & III and many others ahead of him.
  7. This is where I’ve found platforms like JamKazam most useful. My most recent band is a rock covers affair. We’ve put together three x 1 hour sets and have been in a room together twice since we started last year. Our first gig is in three weeks time. As @ambientsays, the learning is done beforehand. We use JamKazam to get to the next stage which is making sure we’re all playing the right thing at the same time and we then use our valuable rehearsal room time for the final polish. It’s the first time I’ve been down this route and it does seem to work very well. We had a quick practice on line last night, running through the most problematic songs (Rush/The Who/Genesis) for an hour or so and then switched off when we were done. So yes, I think it can work for you, it just depends on which approach you take. Accepted it can be tricky if you can only rehearse face to face, but JK and the like are a useful alternative.
  8. Sounds like a cool gig you’ve landed yourself 👏👏👏👏 I get occasional dep work with a Ska band and it’s just nice to go out and play material you don’t usually play. Hope it all works out for you 👍
  9. I wasn’t having a dig at you personally, I just don’t get the commission thing. I can understand some people not wanting to use eBay and some also have an aversion to Facebook, but there’s not much that won’t sell on Reverb. But hey, it’s your money. I have no clue what the EBMM comment is about 🤷‍♂️
  10. The irony being that if it did now sell as a resulting of you mentioning it, you would still be paying 20% to BD instead of £7 or whatever it now is to Basschat. Each to their own of course, but I really can’t get my head around this giving 20% to a third party seller. With a bit of effort and patience, I’ve managed to sell every bass I’ve ever advertised either here or through Facebook Marketplace.
  11. I’m a big Darkglass fan. I upgraded my 900 head to the Mk2 and you’re right, they certainly pack a punch. A nice saving on the new price for an essentially new amp. Seller ain’t bad either 😜. Have a free bump mate. Hope you’re well 👍.
  12. That doesn’t excuse the poor communication. How long does it take to ping an e-mail to the commission seller saying ‘your bass has sold, but we are legally obliged to hold payment to you pending the prescribed cooling off period’. No time at all it seems.
  13. Don’t start him off, it’s not good for his blood pressure 😂
  14. Currently for sale at Bass Direct 🤷‍♂️
  15. I just weighed the Spyder in its case and it comes in at 3 stone exactly 😰
  16. Partygoer - "What, the blue one?" Trav - "No, the one next to it" Partygoer - "Yeah, you had that last time I was here!" Trav - "No, that's a different one...." Partygoer - '....Oh...." Trav - "That's a BB1024. The one you're thinking of was a BB1024X which is completely different" Partygoer - "I like the red one" Trav - "Yes, nice to have that back" Partygoer - "Was it stolen?" Trav - "No, I sold it and you'll never guess what...." Mrs.Trav - (to Partygoer) ".....The invitation was specific in that you wouldn't engage in conversations about bass guitars...." Partygoer - ".... It wasn't my fault, he started it...." Mrs Trav - (scowling) "Trav, the burgers are burning"
  17. #2 turned up recently. Another case queen. You're on the list of interested parties 👍. That TC looks great. I hope you're enjoying it. Just looked at that Kingpin at Bass Direct. Bit pricey, but looks lovely. Decent weight for an HH as well at 8lb 6oz.
  18. +1. Yep, not punk. Were around at the time of, but not part of.
  19. My lightest bass at the moment is this Fender 'Dusty Hill' Custom Shop Gold Top at 7.98 lbs. A beautiful slab body P with a lovely J neck. Fender Custom Shop at it's best right there. My heaviest, by some margin actually, is this Alembic Spyder at 12.4 lbs. I don't take this one out as the bass in its case is not only huge, but the whole things weighs well over twice what the bass alone weighs. If there was a sufficiently safe alternative to transporting this around, I might be tempted to rehearse with it occasionally since my rock covers band now has a Who track in the set 😂. A normal bass case on top of the Spyder case which I think must be lined with lead or similar. Below that weight, I have a couple of NAMM Stingrays that are both 10.5 lbs give or take a couple of ounces The rest of my basses are in what I would class as the generally acceptable 8/9 lb weight bracket. For me balance is more important than weight as I count myself fortunate in not having any issues with my back.
  20. Yes, I can't quite get my head around that. Doesn't seem possible, but I believe you 🤷‍♂️
  21. Ah, my favourite Rollins album…. ….I’ll get my coat 🤪
  22. A sheep in wolfs clothing if ever there was….but at £118, I can see the attraction. I wouldn’t buy one myself, but that’s me.
  23. Ah, yes - that was an error. Well pointed out Brian. Thank you. Should be £500 plus shipping. All finger and thumbs today!
  24. PLEASE NOTE - PRICING ERROR IN ORIGINAL LISTING. TYPO SHOWS £400 - SHOULD £500 - HAVE ASKED MODS TO FIX - APOLOGIES The irrational (b)itch that is GAS has convinced me that I need to own one of the new Mk2 Bergantino B|Amp's. To that end, I'm putting up for sale this perfectly brilliant amp to cover part of the guilt associated with the £1500 outlay this little endeavour will cost me. These Handbox amps are just fabulous as I'm sure some here will attest to. I've not have this long and it's in great condition. It weighs in at 21 lbs (9.5kg) and is 15" wide x 13" deep x 5" high (11.5" deep with the front cover removed). I was going to waffle on about the spec, but I don't need to as our very own @wateroftyne has kindly done it for me in this video. UK sale only. No trades for the reasons stated above. You're welcome to visit and try if you're close enough, or I will travel to meet to hand over where possible. I can also ship at your cost. Not sure how much that would be, but I can get quotes if you're interested.
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