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  1. Stingray5

    Show us your rig!

    It's a different 'Class'!
  2. Another "welcome to the club" here, Rich. 👍😎👍
  3. I use both. I fitted Ernie Ball removable castors to my Trace 1x15 combo many years ago and also bought a good size folding/collapsible trolley from Wickes (not the smaller Rolson type) for my Trace 2x10/2x5 cab. Depending on the gig (if I'm taking both bits of kit out with me), I might leave the castors on the combo and sit the cab on top of the combo. Just makes it easier to move around, if required. Or I'll sit the combo (with or without castors) on top of the cab which, although the 15" is on top, still gives me a decent bass response. I'll also sit the whole lot on a Gramma Pad, if required. (See pics).
  4. Nice to find this thread here - even if am about 6 years late!! Anyhoo, here are my two Westone Thunder II's (c.1981). I bought the fretless in the mid-80's. I also had the fretted bass at the same time but actually sold it in the 90's. (Doh!). However, I found the same one on Ebay a few years back and snapped it up.
  5. Stingray5

    Show us your rig!

    Haha, fair point, but I have to say almost all of our gigs are ground level. On occasion where there have been stairs, we've even been lucky enough to have a lift. I know none of this is guaranteed in which case, where I know beforehand, I can always bring my lighter Eden combo instead. 💪 💪
  6. One more from the archives - not an exact replica, this is a 'tribute to Jaco' Jazz Bass made by a British luthier which I acquired about 10 or so years ago. Action and pups needed a bit of sorting for live work which I never did get around to doing. I eventually sold it on to a non-playing Jaco fan who wanted to hang it on his wall.
  7. Stingray5

    Show us your rig!

    Yes, indeed. Fortunately, we usually have a couple of roadies for all that humping palarva...!! I do also have my trolley for the cab plus wheels on the combo. Sorted.
  8. Yeah, that's nice! Not a million miles away from the TRB series.
  9. Ned Callan 'Cody' bass - converted to fretless, changed pup to DiMarzio, coil-tapped. This really is one from the archives, hence the slightly fuzzy pics. I had this bass back in the 70's (along with it's little brother, Ned Callan 'Cody' electric guitar). With my old Kramer 450b and HH Bass Baby combo.
  10. Here's an early Tokai Jazz (c.1981?). Originally fretted, the bass has a small issue with the truss rod so a few years ago, while the repair chap had it on the bench, I asked for it to be converted to fretless (now has a nice Indian Rosewood board).
  11. Ah, I had this 1a back in the 80's (not a great pic), also had a Thunder Jet for a short time, but eventually outed both of them after I got the Thunder 11's
  12. Westone Thunder II fretless (c. 1981)
  13. MusicMan Stingray 2001 lined fretless And without the guard...
  14. Stingray5

    Show us your rig!

    My feelings exactly
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