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  1. 1983 - This tune became a serious earworm for me, so much so that I actually got myself a copy of the extended version on 12" vinyl (...yep, I've still got it! ) (p.s. - not my video )
  2. (Oops! Move along - nothing to see here).
  3. You may want to add the Grammy award-winning "Turbulent Indigo" to that list. And mustn't forget "Chalkmark In A Rainstorm". Both superb albums (imho).
  4. Silver Star - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
  5. Third and final 'Bish' number with a lush string arrangement. (Yeah, I know, I'm just a big old softie at heart!!! :D) Stephen Bishop - Looking For The Right One
  6. The short opener includes Ray Brown on upright bass and 'Bish' playing acoustic guitar and also 'tromblone'! The follow-on track includes vocal harmonies from THE voice - Michael McDonald. Stephen Bishop - If I Only Had a Brain / Losing Myself in You
  7. For me, Stephen Bishop is one of those singers blessed with a rare quality and purity of tone to their voice. And he writes flippin' good songs, too! (Guest appearance by Chaka Khan). Stephen Bishop - Little Italy
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