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  1. Ah yes, that man Mike; he does get around! I must say I have to agree with @spectoremg - inventive and certainly looks the part. And the name 'Fauxrus' - just genius!
  2. Yep, my thoughts exactly. I'll be spending much of the time doing bass-related stuff and various other musical activities. But if I ever get bored with that (which, to be fair, is highly unlikely) I may actually and finally re-organize my sock drawer!!
  3. A guitarist friend of mine gave me the heads up on this yesterday and I went ahead and downloaded it. Excellent stuff and regardless of whether or not it's your cuppa java, musically, there's no denying the musicianship here, not to mention the gesture itself.
  4. Ready to sign once the petition has been checked and back online.
  5. I use bass pedals in Landmarq but to be honest it's a crude set up put together by our keyboard player. Organ bass pedals midi'd through a Roland processor and sent to the PA. Still does the job required though and when they grow up they want to be a set of Taurus pedals!
  6. Hey Bob, good to see you here. Enjoy!
  7. Phew!  Just made it!  Hiya Stingray5


    1. SpondonBassed


      I'm curious as to what you've just made.

      Is it; Just made it
      - in time
      - nice and fluffy
      - from recycled bottle tops

      Welcome to the forum Bob.

    2. Stingray5


      Welcome, indeed, Bob! Glad you made it -- whatever "it" is...! ;)

  8. Oops, you're absolutely right, @PeteHantzios, I obviously missed that little (but very relevant) detail...! 😕
  9. Just a thought, but your main headline at the top shows this as £1750, which is what folk will see first. Maybe you can edit the headline as your price drop to £1500 (or trade) is not immediately apparent. Just tell me to butt out if you've already considered this!
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