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  1. My normal take-out for gigs has mostly been 'old reliable', my '89 5H. Never let me down whatever genre I'm working in (Prog, Jazz, Country, Rock/pop, etc). Along with the 5 I will usually take my fretless 4H. But for a while, I was taking my 5H plus my '98 Jazz (see pic) but have to say the Jazz only got minimal use as the Ray just did it all. (Not that there was anything at all wrong with the Jazz!).
  2. Anyone who knows me will know why I have to give this post a much-deserved bump! And from one Steve to another, good luck in the big apple and I hope you find a nice 'Ray5 stateside.
  3. I worked in record stores for many years (70's to early 90's) and was a manager for 12 years. At the time, I think the deck-of-choice in most of the stores was the good old Garrard SP25 MkIII. Amps, speakers, etc., varied greatly depending on the particular store. I stopped buying/upgrading hi-fi a long time ago but do have a decent enough system -- for me -- mainly comprising of Technics separates (e.g., A900 Mk2 amp, SL-P770 CD player, Systym speakers, etc). However, I also still have (and use) two original bits of hifi kit that I bought around 1972/3 - a Pioneer PL12D deck and a pair of Leak 2020 bookshelf speakers. Both still going strong.
  4. Found it. Looks nice and, yes, less common to find them with the perspex covers. Here's me with my 4040, purchased new in 1973 for the princely sum of £155. Only thing I have left now is the receipt.
  5. Yes, indeed, as mentioned previously, Judee Sill was a unique and exceptional singer-songwriter -- almost coming close to the queen of all of 'em (imho)... Joni Mitchell.
  6. Hifi - right, then - I've still got my Pioneer PL12D record deck and a pair of Leak 2020 speakers, bought new in 1974 (46 years ago) and still going strong. You just try telling that to the young folks today and they won't believe you!
  7. My thoughts exactly, 'specially as I had the very same amp years ago.
  8. I always fancied a Kubicki X-Factor and was reminded of this when I saw Little Feat in Atlanta years ago. Kenny Gradney was playing one and I have to say it sounded pretty good to me.
  9. I had this Goodfellow 'Player' bass on loan for a while. Hand-made by Bernie in 1987, Herringbone finish and came with a Goodfellow case. £1695.
  10. My Ric 4001 bought new in 1974 from Sound City, London (£325 w/case). Had it 7 years and sold it on for pastures new. Why, oh why???
  11. Two drummers? Hah, that's nothin'...!
  12. I've been following these on Youtube myself. Lee Sklar is such a wonderful bass player and quite obviously a genuinely nice bloke. I particularly loved the recent Livingston Taylor vid (day 62) - after all the great bass parts he's shown, including the Billy Cobham Spectrum numbers, Toto, Jackson Browne (that phrase in Doctor My Eyes!) - and he goes and messes up on what is essentially "a nice easy country number"...! Thanks also to @NoirBass for starting and maintaining this thread. It makes for a great reference tool.
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