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  1. Mmmm, black and maple. Nice! GLWTS.
  2. Sorry to learn you've had Covid problems, Simon. Hope things improve for you asap.
  3. Great catch, Andy. And, yes, that neck is to die for! (Sorry, duplicate post due to Submit button not working - or so I thought!)
  4. Great catch, Andy. And, yes, that neck is to die for!
  5. Love it! Seriously, if I didn't already have mine..... - but I'll certainly vouch for the quality. And that Birdseye Maple neck/headstock is gorgeous. GLWTS.
  6. This old girl is 32 today! 👍😎👍
  7. Excellent photos, WoT. I did see your original post about the Alan Hull doc and made a note to watch. Then, on the day, I had to go out (5od's law!) and didn't set to record (aaargh). So thank heaven for BBC iPlayer! I finally had a chance to watch it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very insightful and quite moving in part. I had the vinyl albums, Nicely Out Of Tune and Fog On The Tyne plus Alan's first solo album, Pipedream (which was also one of my favourite album covers). I really need to get those back into my collection! It also brought back fond memories of playing 'up north'. Through most of the 1980's I was a member of an Essex-based Country band and we played many Country music clubs and festivals around the UK. We had one agent based in Middlesbrough who would organize 7- and 10-day tours for the band in the North-East and we played many of the clubs in the region (South Shields, Sunderland, Guisborough, M'bro, etc.). One night we were booked to play 3 sets at a club and during the first break a guy came up to chat with us 'soft Southerners'. We had a good old chat and as we were heading back on stage he said quickly, "I bet you lads don't know a song by Lindisfarne called 'Run For Home'?". Our guitarist (who was a Scottish fellah from The Borders) smiled and looked at the rest of us. Although it wasn't in the set that night, we opened the 2nd set with it. I don't think we paid for any more drinks that night.
  8. Ah, thanks for the follow-back and my apologies, I should've looked closer at your last post 🙄🙂
  9. Hi Sylvia, you should be at 112 subscribers now. I have 4 channels (yeah, I know, I'm a sad old g1t that way) and have subscribed from all four. (I don't think any of mine are 'private'). One thing -- and forgive me if you've seen this -- but in the Damo channel, have you seen where you can set a custom URL? ( > Customization > Basic). I did this for the Landmarq channel a while back and it opens using: https://www.youtube.com/user/LandmarqOfficial I note that it also works where the word 'user' in the URL is replaced simply by the letter 'c' (maybe that's Youtube changing things again, but either way seems to work?).
  10. This bass looks so cool, it's giving me frostbite!! GLWTS.
  11. There's also... https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/451337-feedback-for-stingray5/
  12. My old 450B wanted to be one of these when it grew up!
  13. Very nice indeed. Also nice to have the extra pickguards, etc. Almost like getting three basses for the price of one! GLWTS.
  14. Hey @Seashell2, welcome back! Sorry you've had to start your account again (...I see your old account is still active).
  15. Pubs do seem to have stagnated around that £250 mark, give or take 50 quid, depending on the area. Part of the problem has also been with karaoke or even jam nights - both can be a cheap evenings 'entertainment' as far as the pub is concerned. I guess it also depends on whether the landlord wants to run a proper music venue or not. Regardless, it all comes down to takings over the bar. One of my previous bands was a 5-piece club/function band. In almost 20 years, I don't think we played more than one or two pub gigs. We had a large(-ish) PA and lights and just didn't feel pubs were worth it. On the other hand, private functions (i.e., weddings, golf club dinner/dances, masonic ladies nights, private birthday/anniversary do's, etc) were where we could make it pay (minimum was around £800). This would also be supplemented by playing social clubs where we could generally still get twice as much as the average pub. And of course, New Years Eve was the 'big' one (£1500 average), followed by Xmas Eve (£1K) and specials such as Valentine's Night.
  16. Yep, I hear you @drTStingray - on all counts. Mind you, I have to say a Bongo (though probably the 6-string) has been at the top of my own wish-list for some time now and seeing posts like yours simply adds to the GAS!
  17. That's just reminded me, I have a similar issue I've been meaning to ask about. Thank you. 👍👍
  18. @drTStingray - I have just one thing to say: "hubba-flippin'-hubba!!" 👍😎👍
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