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  1. Yoda

    Feedback for ToneFree

    Jeff responded to my 'Fender American Deluxe P Bass' ad almost straight away. How lucky I was! Great seller, good description & fast delivery. I'm really pleased with the bass...and rather like Mikkel-S, it's almost like it was meant to be... Thoroughly recommended!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. My current family [attachment=233535:DSC_4534.jpg]
  4. Please leave feedback here for me. Thanks
  5. My Father was an extremely good piano player and both my parents sang in a choir for years, so my early year were all classically influenced. Learning an instrument (first piano, then trumpet) was actively encouraged although I didn't stick with either instrument as the music I listened to was all 'electric'. I took the bass up some years afterwards in the late 80's. Put it down for over 20 years, and started up again about three years ago. My decision to take up the bass initially was purely my own as it was the instrument I'd always [i]listened [/i]to. I'm not really a natural, I can't read a note of music and have no idea what notes I'm playing...but I do this for my own enjoyment. That's it really
  6. 1972. Playing the piano, badly. Making Airfix models. Discovering The Beatles & Slade for the first time after an upbringing on mostly classical music. First tryout for my long and committed relationship with smoking fags would've been around this time. Also around now was when I first got (properly) pissed. The on-set of a misspent youth beckoned...
  7. Great seller to deal with. I recently bought a 5 string bass from him and he couldn't have been more helpful.
  8. Wow! That's a beauty! You should add a "NSFW" tag to the heading...
  9. Shame you're so far away from me.
  10. Yoda

    Ibanez Porn

    SR 500 bought new a couple of months ago [attachment=225493:DSC_4145.jpg]
  11. My Squier... [attachment=225491:DSC_4155.1.jpg] ...which I decided needed to be replaced with a proper one, last week [attachment=225492:DSC_4175.1.jpg]
  12. I've just bought a Fender MIA Precision from Geoff. Friendly & easy to deal with, lots of photos & an accurate description with swift next day delivery...you can't ask for more. Many thanks, George.
  13. I've just bought a second hand MIA Fender P bass from a seller on this forum...it's a red one, but hey, I'll have to live with that! I'm hoping that this'll scratch that itch. After some thought, I realised that if i went for a MIM Fender or the Squier CV I'd spend all the time I had it wondering what the MIA would be like. So thought it would be best to just dive in...it's not [i]that[/i] much over my initial budget...really. Thanks to all that contributed to the thread.
  14. [quote name='thegummy' timestamp='1470574750' post='3106796'] The more expensive second hand ones will be MIA. If not then the seller is taking the piss. The MIM standard P-Bass is okay. I preferred the Classic 50s when I compared the two but it is a good bit more expensive. According to a lot of people, the Squier Classic Vibe 70s P-Bass is better and cheaper than the Fender standard P. That wouldn't surprise me if it's true, especially the pickups, because Squier CV guitars have better pickups than standard Fenders. It does have "Squier" on the headstock though which may or may not matter to you. [/quote] Thanks. I'll have a look at the Squier more closely. I've already got a Squier P bass (1996 era) which I put flatwounds on, but it just doesn't [i]feel[/i] quite right if I'm honest. The other problem (haha) is that I recently bought a Ibanez SR500 which completely overshadows the P-bass. I'd just like something a bit nicer to put my flats on The Classic may just do the trick.
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