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  1. lowdown

    Logic Users.

    Something of interest for you. Do you fancy talking to your DAW? I think this could be very useful (a shame that it is only for Logic at present...). http://voicecommander.net/introduction_to_voice_commander_logic_pro_video.html
  2. lowdown

    Get in to the groove

    Yeah, I remember that. Wasn’t there also a version by someone with a Balalaika in it as well?
  3. lowdown

    Get in to the groove

    Ah...I see, although you didn’t say featuring Sarah Ruba in the thread. (All this sampling is confusing me now) I was referring to the actual Sarah Ruba (sampled Fatback Band track) from a couple of years back.
  4. lowdown

    Get in to the groove

    I love Chaka Khan, one of my favourite singers. But isn’t this just a direct cover of the Sarah Ruba track (Bus Stop - Sampled) a couple of years back?
  5. lowdown

    Nick Rhodes - sequencer player

    Maybe he was a better musician than given credit for. It seems he could play at least two chords without moving his fingers....
  6. lowdown

    Jim Tavaré

    I watched the BBC feature this morning, it was quite a shock and very sad. Back in the 90's, I worked with Jim quite a bit. I was in the side band that would back him on CSE (armed forces shows) in various obscure places around the World. Extremely witty and funny man, with a great imagination. He was very serious about his music.
  7. lowdown

    Fender Jazz - a one trick pony ?

    Maybe he was searching for a certain courier company to take a Jazz Bass to Bavaria?
  8. lowdown

    July Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.... Voted and well done all.
  9. lowdown

    July Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Yeah, I have just tried to vote as well. A no go, poll closed.
  10. lowdown

    Incognito/Citrus Sun. Ride Like the Wind

    Yeah, a great tune. Although, not totally his composition, he co-wrote it with three others.... Looks like Christopher had some good mates that he dragged along to the session. Personnel Christopher Cross – lead vocals, guitar Michael Omartian – keyboards, synthesizer, string arrangements David Hungate – bass guitar Steve Lukather – guitar Eric Johnson – guitar Jeff Porcaro – drums Ernie Watts – saxophone Michael Boddicker – synthesizer programming Lenny Castro – percussion Paulinho da Costa – percussion
  11. lowdown

    Incognito/Citrus Sun. Ride Like the Wind

    Yeah a great tune, it's also a very good cover and well played. Although, vocally I prefer the (original) Christopher Cross vocals. Why have they missed out the (Michael McDonald) vocal answering phrases?
  12. lowdown

    Tips on weird time signatures

    I thought the gag was 1516? (Unless you want to get all irrational about it).
  13. lowdown

    Tips on weird time signatures

    That's a misplaced Mars Bar in 4/4.
  14. No, You're not losing your mind. There was (supposedly) some sampling going on with the AW track (from the single - She's a Fox). If there was some sampling going on, that might account for the tuning being in the cracks. (Also the horns sound like they are from an older soul track as well, so maybe there were samples from more than one source used?). I do remember reading an article, in which P-Nut said he put the backing track together for her, but others claimed along with album notes, that it was just a demo track. The interesting thing with all this was; P-Nut sued AW/Mick Ronson or the record company, won, and he was then credited... Sorry for getting busy on a tuning issue, but it's all out there on the World Wide Web. "Lonnie Youngblood & Jimi Hendrix - She's a Fox"