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  1. I was just saying what's possible. (I should have worded it differently) Personally, I think she is just an awful singer, so I have no intention of listening to anymore or her nonsense videos...
  2. This crossed my mind and maybe there could be a bit of mischievous, skulduggery at work here. Of course, it could just as well be a terrible, deluded vocalist at work. Using Variaudio, in Cubase, you can fine tune pitchy notes and play with the vibrato speeds and slides. The results are very good with few artefacts (if any) if used sparingly. Although, I haven't tried it in anger. you can also do some reverse engineering and turn an excellent vocal performance into a train crash, sounding very much like the OP video. Experiment, or not. To me, with an over the top vocal fail and terrible, amateur, student acting from all involved, including nods to Kate Bush and Sharon Stone from the top turn, it's all one big Urine take. Quite frankly, I can't believe I listened to it all the way through.
  3. Indeed, being Wooden, a totally different sound. In fact, using a large' Ethiopian Camel Bell' might get you a few strange looks.
  4. If you have to hump your Cow around with you, it's not a particularly mobile set up for Jam sessions though, surely?
  5. How do you fix the Cowbell on?
  6. Lovely playing. Well articulated and very fluent.
  7. If you have either Cubase or Studio One, both have decent tools for this. Cubase has VariAudio and Studio One has Melodyne. Although, Melodyne is a cut back version, but it works great on Mono Audio files. Both are used after the fact. VariAudio is excellent. Not only pitching to any percentage within reason but also controlling vibrato speeds etc. It can also create harmonies from the original file. Also, 'Waves Tune' is on a deal if you use the code: CREATE40 It works out at $35.99. Waves Tune Vocal Pitch Correction Plugin | Waves The Sound On Sound review is very favourable as well. Waves Tune Real-Time (soundonsound.com)
  8. Thanks for the share. He's certainly a character..!!
  9. I think most major DAW vendors have free tutorials up on YouTube these days. They would be silly not to really with all the competition out there. Steinberg: (373) Cubase - YouTube Presonus: (373) PreSonus Audio Electronics - YouTube
  10. This is what I like about 'Basschat'... variation..!! Personally, I'm here just here for the Lee Marvin tribute act posts.
  11. lowdown

    Which DAW?

    Ah, okay. I just used the F5 through to F10 keys for opening those various browser windows. One thing I think is a bit clunky is Midi learn for a controller. In Nuendo, I just right click on any knob/slider or parameter in any VST/VSTi and then click 'midi learn' and it's done. Although, I have just seen a video from that Gregor bloke showing a few steps for a Global set up of midi learn with a controller. Enjoying it so far and in the process of putting together some extra Macros for large track count management for my Orchestral libraries. Another plus is the neat score editor for midi editing. Very fluent.
  12. The great 'Gene Chrisman played Drums on quite a few tracks on that Jake Bugg Nashville album as well. He was a top studio player years ago and played on a lot of great southern/mid west sessions. Quite a CV including Elvis, Aretha, Dusty Springfield. The list is endless. I know he is getting on a bit but, he's still playing by the looks of it. Here he is this year with Dave Roe.
  13. lowdown

    Which DAW?

    I had some time this week, so decided to get stuck into both St1 and Notion. I'm blown away with the drag and drop work flow in ST1. Plus, the articulation management for sample libraries they are using is top class. Music symbols, articulations and music dynamics all combined under their system that they call ' Sound Variations'. Very easy to use and works a treat. The way ST1 deals with Track Presets is very good as well. Certainly saves time when hunting around for stuff. This morning, I noticed a new tutorial video on the PreSonus YouTube channel. Part 1 of two on drag and drop: But
  14. Very loud, very confident and very right...Otherwise, why bother? If you get 2 out of 3, questions start to get asked.... ****
  15. On that documentary video, Joe Zawinul said that when he composes, or when he improvises (because he composes after improvising - his words), he has in mind the musicians tone/sound who he is writing for. 'A Remark You Made', is a perfect example of that.... Jaco's tone and feel really shine out. Everything about him sings on that track.
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