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  1. Tower Of Power - Squib Cakes. Average White Band - Got The Love. MFSB - TSOP. And this....
  2. R.I.P Lyle Mays. He was a real favourite of mine... a wonderful, talented Musician.
  3. Sorry, just jesting... Enjoy the show. 👍
  4. Being a veteran of many professional pit shows over the last forty years, I can't remember one being..."the usual I V I V Fodder"...
  5. Also, Scott has a great session record himself. https://www.discogs.com/artist/63316-Scott-Edwards-2?limit=50&page=1
  6. The Bassist is credited - It's the great Scott Edwards.
  7. The opening comment on the YouTube link. "Redgremlin 2 years ago Any band with a pigeon bassist, is a good band".
  8. Hang on, Hellzero. Didn't you once start a thread about not reading posts before commenting?
  9. The tune is called 'Minneapolis 1987'...I think it is from a live gig earlier this year sometime, not live, 1987. Thanks for posting. It's amazing to think he is playing again after the terrible accident he had. A massive effort from him, mentally and physically. https://brianbromberg.net/bio
  10. A bit tenuous, indeed. But a thumbs up and a 'post like' for a top tune. 👍 Beyond The Sea (La Mer), from the same album, is pretty special as well. That Big Band arrangement is terrific.
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