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  1. A free Etherial (Celtic type) Harp VSTi. Kontakt not required for this one. No email address wanted or any of the sign up nonsense. Just a good old, straight forward download. Etherealwinds Harp (versilstudios.com)
  2. I just noticed this post in the comments.
  3. To me, on that OP video, it sounds like LJ is struggling a bit. Certainly not the 'live' powerhouse I remember hearing. I must say, one of my favourite slap players. I still listen to my Brothers Johnson albums quite a lot...And so do my two teenage boys. This live clip shows his classic sound and powerhouse thumping.
  4. Yes, my (big) mistake. The Beatles version is a cover as well. Herb Albert covered the tune a couple of years after them. For some strange (getting old) reason, I thought I had posted a link to 'All My Loving'...(which looks like Lanni Hall on the album cover). That's why I was pointing out that Lanni Hall, one of the singers on 'The Fool on the Hill' cover version, was Herb Albert's wife. Start Again.
  5. It's very odd that we have not seen @eddie_duff since the opening post? Maybe he is looking up and down the UK for a Peavey BW115 ? 😂
  6. You are wasting your time now, Stew. A good try though. The Peavey BW115 cab club are crawling all over the thread like an out of control, drug crazed Bebop solo....Never ending.
  7. Yet another ex Peavey (very tatty) 115BW user here. I have had a few 1x15's over the years. The Peavey was defiantly up there and could really pump it out. Of course, I sold it for an expensive Gas. *Boutique must be better' upgrade type of cabinet..
  8. This video has more 'Round Robin(s)' than a £500 Sample Drum Library.
  9. You may well be right. I did see him play this piece a couple of times, once on Fretted and once on Fretless. His fretted sound had more bite and that typical back Pup, DI metalic sound/slight clank. On the video between 01:12 & 01:14, I cant really work out if there are frets there or not. I did transcribe this back in my collage days and just assumed (sound wise) is was Fretless. Although, you've now put a big doubt in my head...
  10. Victor Bailey never particularly over stated the fretless sound...he just grooved away on the Bass..!!
  11. Hi mate, I noticed you mentioned the Jazz meets Classical album of Jacques Loussier (Bach Album). This absolutely terrific Album from Vincent Mendoza might interest you - 'Epiphany'. Top, top musicianship on it from all involved. Vince is a terrific Composer and arranger with a brilliant body of work behind him. Jacques Loussier on the Bach album
  12. I have that Album, yes it is great. Terrific playing all round, and like you say, top notch arrangements. Especially the harmonising on the Winds and Brass. 👍
  13. I'm not sure who's leading who, or if it's just plain ol' musical intuition but, Bass and Voice at times, are phrasing together. Terrific stuff.
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