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  1. I'm not that keen on the Drummer but, I like the Bassist though, a nice fluent solo.
  2. Yes... I think the arrangement is great. Must of been a hell of a job getting all that together to sound so tight.
  3. One of the better Lockdown offerings...
  4. WDR Big Band featuring Richard Bona, with Vince Mendoza conducting. Vince Mendoza arrangements. A good 90 minutes listening. .
  5. Yeah, terrific album. Nate Phillips plays great on it. Lovely tone as well (as always). Some serious players on it as well.
  6. The Bassist is Nathaniel Phillips. Worth Googling and checking out some of his work/credits. During the 70's and 80's he was quite in demand. He certainly had some chops as well.
  7. Great Bassist, great stories, and another winner from Rick.
  8. Oddly enough, I have just been listening to the Vince Mendoza arrangement of this piece. Sounds great, Andy. A lovely feel and a nice arrangement, also very well played. 👍
  9. Valhalla Supermassive - Reverbs, Delays and Modulation with a some SFX presets. It's free!! Also, no sign ups or emails required. https://valhalladsp.com/shop/reverb/valhalla-supermassive/ EDIT: I've just set up an arpeggiator pattern in a Synth and run through the presets in Valhalla. I must say, it's pretty impressive for something that is a free gift to the community. 👍
  10. Great work Bilbo. I love the album this track is from, probably one of my favourite albums. I remember when it first came out in 93/94 (I think), and I had to do a double take with a few others. UK's very own Chris Hunter was on Alto!
  11. The above has small RAM use as well. About 250 meg, I think. Meaning you can load up the entire Orchestra in one go. This link below has a few DAW templates for the BBCSO, Discovery version. All the tracks and channel routing. https://www.spitfireaudiothepage.com/posts/discover-templates
  12. There was a BBC documentary about 'Yacht Rock' a few months ago, and of course, chock full of great music. Unfortunately, it's not on iPlayer at present. Which is a shame.
  13. I thought Christopher Cross is now labelled under the term 'Yacht Rock', along with a bunch of West Coast groups and artists.? Dan, Boz Scaggs, Doobie Brothers and Michael McDonald.
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