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  1. lowdown

    Anyone recognise this melody? SOLVED

    If you do try Dorico (there is now a demo version), it is worth trying the demo of ‘Note Performer’ with it. Realistic articulation playback and It really does bring you scores to life (feel & soundwise). Articulation & Dynamic markings control the CC#'s/Velocity etc. https://www.noteperformer.com/
  2. lowdown

    If you can't Slap Mime and look cool

    That’s an interesting read. I thought I read that LJ was the Bassist, but that was on Wiki, so not to be trusted I suppose. Strange one, as it really does sound like a Stingray Bass as well. It does say Abe Laborial here as well. https://forum.amcorner.com/threads/rise-herb-alpert.14758/
  3. lowdown

    If you can't Slap Mime and look cool

    Miming to the original track. 'Soul Train' very rarely had anything live. Also, why would Herb wanna play the same duff note again? 😂 (Louis Johnson playing Bass on the recording)
  4. lowdown

    RIP Matt 'Guitar' Murphy

    Sad news. R.I.P.
  5. lowdown

    Bill Withers

    That’s James Gadson. He was the guy back then, he certainly did a lot of sessions in the 70’s and 80’s. I think he was still gigging locally in the LA area up until a couple of years ago. A nice little read about his career here. http://www.drummerworld.com/drummers/James_Gadson.html
  6. lowdown

    Chris Dave Trio...Erm..

    Yeah, some lovely stuff.
  7. lowdown

    Chris Dave Trio...Erm..

    I am no better at maths, I am just the messenger boy...Lol....
  8. lowdown

    Chris Dave Trio...Erm..

    Yeah, the pattern changes all the time, but he is saying that the pulse is always on the 3rd 8th note (not random). It’s only maths really, and I think it sounds like it (just my opinion of course). 😄
  9. lowdown

    Chris Dave Trio...Erm..

    No doubt, we know that they are both very good players, but I just can't get into the (Trio Combo) Bass Ostinato with the Drum/Sax impro over the top (although great internal clock from Foley). Someone kind of summed up what was happening in 'Love Supreme'... "The rhythms... make sense. If you count 8th notes (or 16ths, not sure, depending on metre) over foley's bassline and count every third note, Chris Dave uses that as his pulse (his quarter note)".
  10. lowdown

    Chris Dave Trio...Erm..

  11. lowdown

    Jon Hiseman RIP

    I think he has been unwell for a while. Very sad. R.I.P.
  12. The second part of that Bass higher register phrase/riff reminds me of the guitar line in 'January by Pilot'...Well a little bit....😀 Good stuff.
  13. lowdown

    The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    Terrific groove from David Hungate and Jeff Porcaro (love the swing 16's Hi-Hat pattern).
  14. lowdown

    Fours in Jazz jams

    Buddy Rich in all his glory at Ronnie Scott's. Love him or hate him, he could deliver to the audience. His solo starts at 3:00. I must say, I think the band sound great (also a wonderful arrangement).
  15. lowdown

    Learning notation

    @lowdowner If your Flute reading in treble clef became second nature, you will be familiar with rhythms. They won't change in Bass clef. The only thing different in the Bass clef will be the register/octaves. You just need plenty of practise with Bass Guitar/Double Bass charts. Read, read and read on a daily basis. There are a ton of accurate, transcribed Bass charts here (Link below). Get stuck in and work your way through them. They are free.....😀 https://freebasstranscriptions.com/transcriptions/ Example PDF. ABBA-Dancing-Queen-2018-edit.pdf