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  1. lowdown

    Percussion - Reassure Me Here

    Of course, if a load of drunk Puerto Ricans and Cubans walk into the pub, they will love it...
  2. lowdown

    Bandlab analog interface help

    The Tascam is fine for the job. Just bare in mind though, ( I am assuming) the PC speakers will more than likely be running off an onboard sound card. If so, unless you unplug the speakers and plug them into the Tascam, you will be using the Tascam to send the Audio/Bass signal into the PC/DAW and out via the Onboard card for monitoring. Just a case of configuring the Audio signals for in and out in the DAW.
  3. lowdown

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    Ewan is a terrific player and a real natural musician. I remember going into some bar in Glasgow about ten years ago to see a Jazz gig, and there he was, swinging away on Double Bass. Will Lee’s line doubled by Greg Phillanganes (or is it the other way around?) makes for a real phat tone. Great, driving Bass line as well. 👍
  4. Looked everywhere to find out who the Bassist on this is, but no luck. But he grooves great on this.
  5. lowdown

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    Too many to mention for me. Guy Pratt had a tone I liked on this.
  6. lowdown

    Big stars, with their old guitars...

    Marcus Miller still uses his '77 Jazz Bass (around forty years ?).
  7. lowdown


    This may be of use to someone looking for a decent Orchestral library. One of my boys just grabbed the 'Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Ensemble' deal. He was going to use it for Orchestral layering, but a lot of the sounds hold up on their own. Hard to beat the quality sampling at this price. Check out the demos. 👍 https://audioplugin.deals/virtuoso-ensemble-kirk-hunter-studios/
  8. lowdown

    Interestingly different rehearsal....

    Not strictly true. In musical theatre, vocalists and choirs will do breathing exercises and then scale warm ups with a rehearsal Pianist or the MD, then onto any rehearsing or top and tailing. The band/Orchestra will be rehearsing elsewhere away from the vocalists. Then, everybody is grouped together for a Sitzprobe. This happens in Opera as well. So perhaps the band leader was referring to this, maybe? Although it seems a tad dramatic for the situation the OP had found himself in. The band could have arrived a bit later maybe?
  9. lowdown

    HEADS UP!! FREE Steven Slate Drums 5

    👍 There is also a Kontakt version of this on their site.
  10. lowdown

    A Breton tune influenced by an Indian musician!

    Good stuff....👍 I have the album that this track is from. The album is a very nice listen (Digor - Ouvert).
  11. lowdown

    Which Mac!! HELP

    Maybe you have just been unlucky. Are you using an Audio interface that's really not up to the job? Or possibly, you are struggling with the onboard sound card? Windows 10 and DAW's, along with VST's, is an extremely stable working environment these days.
  12. lowdown

    got a job in porn!!!!

    Says the man with a 'toneKnob'. I've never had any commissions for a porn film, but I have had three tracks synced from a library company for some horizontal jogging cues. (All EDM as well, not a Wah Wah in sight). Good luck with it all.
  13. Yeah, interview here, which is quite interesting. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/toto-xiv-steve-lukather-joseph-williams-interview/ He did seem to keep himself busy outside of Toto though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Williams_(musician)