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  1. Over at VI Control there is usually some kind of moan going on about the 'Sine' player. Eventually when they get it right, it will be a good 'un. It seems like the transition from Kontakt over to their own Sine player is not going as smooth as the Spitfire moving over. Although, both still use Kontakt at the moment. VSL and their 'Syncron player' is way ahead of them both with features and being problem free (more so Sine). Although, if you don't have a VSL or Steinberg key it leaves you out of the game. Although, sometime time this year they are both ditching the 'Dongle' protection. Probably using Cloud/Computer based or online, dongle free iLok accounts. Shame really, as VSL have a great free library and it is nice sounding - 'Big Band Orchestra'. The idea with it is you add to it what you want at modest prices. FREE BASICS - Vienna Symphonic Library (vsl.co.at) The expansion packs. Every month through the year, there is usually a sale on for one of the expansions. BIG BANG ORCHESTRA - Vienna Symphonic Library (vsl.co.at)
  2. Yes, also the 'Wish list' in your account page. Quite often they will give you anywhere up to 40% off the main libraries.
  3. It's been like that for a while. Full libraries, LABS and any updates for anything available. They also seem to update the App on a regular basis as well. Although their libraries seem expensive, they are an excellent company that always have some kind of deal or bundle going on regularly. 👍
  4. Mean while, over at the the Spitfire Audio Kitchen, they have baked up another delicious offering in their free 'Labs' serious - A basic, but rather usable Percussion library. Go on, Dad...You know it makes sense... LABS — Percussion (spitfireaudio.com)
  5. All rather odd and sorry to here of your woes, Dad. I can't comment on the Reaper situation but, as far as myself with Nuendo and my lad with Studio One Pro, Sine works like a dream. We've managed to set up the different mic outputs into separate channels/buses. Great for refined control, sound and room placement While the download speeds were not great for us, it certainly was not the bad experience that you unfortunately seemed to have had. I'm guessing you are on W10? When downloading, I was offered the choice of changing location for the download. Although, like I said above, it did try to point me to it's own choice. 'Sine' did remember my choice though, and all further Instruments were directed there without defaulting to it's original choice. I was able to 'tick all the mics, leave all well alone, go away and come back when it was all finished. All 'unpacking must have gone on behind the scenes. To be honest, I didn't seem to notice that and there wasn't any residue zip (or other folders hanging around for deletion. (It must have happened automatically). I have copied the whole Shebang onto another drive for safe storage in case I need to install again at some time in the future. (I usually do that with libraries anyway). I must say though, a rather strange folder tree structure. 'Location/Orchestral Tools/ then the individual Instrument folders are given random three digit numbers instead of names'. But saying that, they show up as Instrument names in Sine and not the folder structure numbers.
  6. I love this bit... There are still sessions to attend to in LA, with Covid tests in the car park for anyone taking part. “Film and music studios are considered essential to the economy here – you’ve got to love that, right?” he laughs. “Mind you,” he says, “that’s better than Britain telling you if you’re a musician or an artist you might have to look for a new job.”
  7. Tim Langedijk Trio. The Bassist is named Udo Pannekeet.
  8. The Olympic Runners were a decent (mid 70's onwards) UK Disco band. They had a bit of success State side as well. Delisle Harper was a good Bassist. He did a bit with Gonzalez (and a few others). He was also a good arranger as well. Although composed by 'Biddu', Delisle arranged the Strings and Brass on this Film track theme (as well as playing Bass). Delisle and his Drummer sidekick, Glen LeFleur, were quite an demand studio session team during the 70's.
  9. This really is a Mr Bean thread...Priceless..!!
  10. I've just stumbled across this little gem for use in your Computer Browser (or phone/tablet/laptop etc). It's just a String section arranged in triads. No extended chords. But it's quite useful when away from your instrument for putting chord sequences and scratch ideas together. You can then download as an Audio or Midi file for use in your DAW. The Epic Online Orchestra 1) Just click on a chord for chord sound. 2) Simple or advanced sequence mode. 3) Change tempo and save as a DAW song file. From from what I can make out (apart from the tempo change), this is just for Studio One. 4) Various style demo chord sequences 5) Click on a chord and this will insert into line #6 for making up your sequence. 7) Functions. 'Export' is for downloading as a Midi or Audio file for importing into your DAW or whatever you use..
  11. I love the first YouTube post....👍
  12. Apart from the (annoying) slow download time, everything else was just fine for me. Also, I was given an option to direct/change the downloads to a drive of my choice. If I remember correctly, it was originally pointing towards: This PC/Windows(C)/users/my name/AppData/Roaming...(if that helps to locate your samples).
  13. Yes, the only downside. And I do have a very fast service. But, the quality and programming are excellent. It's an ongoing project, so there will be more free instruments on the way. I think in the longer term, they will be introducing single Instruments to buy as well.
  14. In the same vein as Spitfire Audio and their free Sample player and free Instruments... Orchestral Tools are doing the same. Once downloaded and you open the Sine Player, you will find some extra (basic articulations) String Sections available. https://www.orchestraltools.com/free
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