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  1. Oddly enough, I had another listen and yes, it hurt my ears, but I think you have made a few decent points there. I must be getting old as well.
  2. lowdown

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Soundtrack to 'Havana' by Dave Grusin.
  3. My first ever CTI album, and a good one too.
  4. Ronnie Jordan's Acid Jazz cover was a bit of a Dance-floor favourite in the early 90's. (apparently). https://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/ronny-jordan-guitarist-whose-version-of-the-miles-davis-classic-tune-so-what-became-an-acid-jazz-9084262.html
  5. lowdown

    The Art of Drumming - Sky Arts

    Yeah, I thought those three might have been in a Drummers list. Although oddly enough, JR Robinson seems to pass many by.
  6. Old ones are still there, funkgod. Once you have found them and used them, they stay at the top of the menu under ‘recently used’. ‘The Yoko Motion’ (I think it has been posted before).
  7. Yep, it would be nice... Although, if anyone really gave a Sausage, it could be amended to read “Bratwurst“....
  8. Agreed. That's why I enquired earlier as to why it was the worst song. The actual tune is not a stinker, lyrically maybe not a gem, but hook wise it does the job. There are a couple of decent covers knocking around as well (IMO of course).
  9. You can set up a publishing company in the way that BRX said. However.... If you want PRS/MCPS to collect any royalties for publishing, you will need to join them first. Check out the 'Music Publishers Association' for some good advice. https://mpaonline.org.uk/mpafaqs/how-do-i-form-a-music-publishing-company/ Joining MCPS as a publisher. https://www.prsformusic.com/join/publisher/what-you-need-to-join-mcps Joining PRS as a publisher. https://www.prsformusic.com/join/publisher/what-you-need-to-join-prs
  10. Of course and agree. Also, it depends on what inversions and voicings are being played elsewhere in the band or Orchestra. The arrangement dictates where & when to play up there, along with taste, of course. It can be a very lyrical area to play in, the fretless loves it up there (melody wise). Lee Sklar's Bass part in 'Theme From Mahogany' worked a treat starting up high in the intro, then dropping down for the 2nd part of the verse.
  11. A video from a post over at VI control. Orchestrating Video Game Music (a very enjoyable watch too...)
  12. In my opinion that OP video is just drivel. Why is 'Imagine' the worst song Lennon ever wrote? Just curious really. I think it's a decent tune, although I prefer performances by a couple of others who have recorded it.
  13. I use two. One weighted Keyboard for playing keyboard parts in (VSTI's) - A Yamaha P71 (88). I also have a Nektar Panorama P4, which I use for all my parameter/automation controlling, along with CC#'s etc on Virtual Instruments. The pads are also good for Percussion & Drums etc. All my Orchestral Instrument parts are played in with this as well. It's semi weighted, but I prefer it for the Single line Instruments.
  14. lowdown

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    I think I read somewhere that Joe Sample might have played on that album. Tom Scott and Joe Sample used to work together along with Max Bennett before LA Express. So possibly, Max Bennett? Why not send Tom Scott an Email? https://www.tomscottmusic.com/contact-us