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  1. Favourite Movie Music

    Yes, Jeremy Soule is pretty amazing. I went to concert in Germany about 10/11 years ago. The Orchestra played an entire performance of some of his game scores. (mainly The Harry Potter series).
  2. Favourite Movie Music

    Alongside John Williams for the big, traditional, Cinematic Symphonic styles was Jerry Goldsmith. Like Williams, he always seemed to hit the spot. Terrific composing skills & certainly one of my favourite film score composers.
  3. Favourite Movie Music

    Some great cues on 'Black Hawk Down'. Although my favourite piece of music from that score (Gortoz A Ran) was not composed by Zimmer and his team, but the amazing Lisa Gerrard & Denez Prigent. Just perfect for the film. Another one of my emotional film score likes is written by Dave Grusin. His composition for the main theme from 'On Golden Pond' is just beautiful.
  4. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    Or maybe set fire to the band? Back in the 80's (during the Brixton '85 riots), someone run into the pub that we were playing (In Peckham) and threw a Molotov Cocktail at the stage. Not sure if it had anything to do with the riots, or because we were a ten piece Jazz Funk band, complete with Mullets and Caribbean shirts.....
  5. Our Fascination With Fretless

    Seen his videos before, an excellent player. No tickling the strings with his playing, he really attacks the notes. Nice, clean playing with plenty of articulation...
  6. Hello From The Bass Gallery!

    I haven't been there for a while, but it used to be a regular place for me to buy stuff. A long time back, I remember going in there to try an Amp with my Sadowsky. Martin said " That's the highest action I have seen, can I do something with it?" Proper Bass shop, long may it continue.
  7. March Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    All these Bear jokes, are they really a necessity?
  8. Although Rebecca is terrific, (a decent singer as well), I think the OP is after UK players.
  9. Yolanda Charles - Top Dollar. But.... you might have to prize her away from the 'Hans Zimmer' touring gig !!
  10. Singing bass players

    My fave, Richard Bona. His albums are stuffed full of terrific vocals.
  11. Quincy - Oh dear!

    That's interesting, because he flirted quite a bit with those styles on two of his albums, "Q's Jook Joint" & "Back On The Block". Both good albums (IMO of course).
  12. Singing bass players

    Trevor Horn.