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  1. lowdown

    Clear B string

    Might well work for you, BRX, but 45 -105 works for me, just fine. I tend to play with a high action, so maybe that contributes to a tighter feel? What I don't understand is, if the combined gauges are not a good tension together, or not compatible, with the B string being woefully under tension, why on earth have Warwick been selling them for years? (45-135). I suppose we all get different things out of different strings, with different Basses, depending on touch, technique etc... Thankfully there are plenty of gauges and tensions available these day to please most of us.
  2. lowdown

    Clear B string

    I have been using these for years and love them. Medium gauge, 45/65/85/105/135. The 'B' seems like a very heavy gauge to some, but it works great on my Basses. Very tight, clear and well defined.
  3. lowdown

    Fender Jazz V

    The Skyline is cheaper, but not the USA series. Although a bit pricey, they are lovely Instruments to play. https://www.lakland.com/product/usa-series-55-aj/ https://www.lakland.com/product/usa-series-55-60-vintage-j/
  4. lowdown

    Fender Jazz V

    Back in 2003 I had Gas for a Fender Jazz 5. I tried several and couldn't find one I liked. Then out of the blue on a gig in Germany, a Fender USA Marcus Miller 5, was the hired in Bass for me. That was it, I found a Jazz I really liked. Soon as I was back in the UK, I ordered a new one. It was more than I wanted to pay, but played like a dream. I still have it and use it now, so a right result. 👍
  5. lowdown

    Deps that let you down

    Sometimes maybe, but when schedules are changed by other people, it's out of your control and not bad planning on your part.
  6. lowdown

    Deps that let you down

    For me, that's the sensible approach. Don't blow a good singer out totally, you might be in a similar situation again, and she is the singer to save the day at short notice. Time is a healer and you might feel different towards her a bit further down the line.
  7. lowdown

    Deps that let you down

    It all depends on the situation really and what the better offer was. Pulling out of a dep gig to go and dep on another gig, for a few quid more, like you hinted at, isn't good form really. You might have taken on a dep or two over a weekend and out of the Blue a show run comes in that clashes, or scheduled rehearsals on something else you had lined up, are pulled forward. Or someone else has pulled out of a tour at short notice and you are asked. Although a pain, one does understand because you have been in the same situation. It's how it's handled is the key. A suitable, top class replacement is the only answer, agreeable between yourself and the band leader/fixer/MD etc. This didn't happen in the OP's situation. But, pulling out of gigs/shows at short notice is not unusual and does happen, with happy endings (well through my experience, and probably others).
  8. lowdown

    The Police

    Haha...Yeah, I know who it is. I subscribed to Christian's YouTube channel a couple of years back (for his Big Band stuff), and landed on that little get together with Sting - It's actually a good listen.
  9. It all Starts in 'D'...... Then, "Give 'em some Alison", up a half step for the Banjo solo. Then a half step again, after the 'Cage' solo...Excellent.
  10. They even chucked in a half step, key change, after the 'Cage' Piano solo...Brilliant spoofing and very well done.
  11. lowdown

    Stephen Bishop.

    I really like Stephen Bishop's voice, he has recorded some real cool tunes. Love this duet with Yvonne Elliman
  12. lowdown

    Dee Murray. Elton John.

    Dee Murray was a great player. He really nailed the Philly Sound & feel on Elton's 'Philadelphia Freedom' Dee and Drummer Nigel Olsson were a terrific rhythm section for Elton. Such a shame he died so early (45).
  13. She's certainly nailed that! I've heard her sing a few times, and she always amazes me with her vocal chops Terrific musician.
  14. lowdown

    Classic ITV Theme Tunes

    There is a great YouTube Channel, where most of the musicians are listed for a lot of the American TV themes. Just click on 'Show More' (below the video). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7USgS7s7MTzOshd7xaPvNw/videos
  15. lowdown

    Classic ITV Theme Tunes

    Seeing as 'ITV' was just used as click bate, I will throw in a Bill Conti composed classic. Ray Pizzi on Alto and Ernie Watts on Tenor. As tight as two Saxes together can get! Plus: Dennis Budimir (guitar), Mike Lang (keyboards), Lee Sklar (bass), Steve Schaeffer (drums) and Emil Richards (percussion, tympani) . Trumpets: Jerry Hey & Gary Grant.