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  1. Quite a big update today (V5.1.0). As well as bug fixes, quite a few new additions. 👍
  2. You should have kidnapped the Tutors partner in exchange for a Battery.
  3. Third party VST support for the 'Artist' version is now available in version 5. https://www.presonus.com/products/Studio-One/compare-versions
  4. Your .amr file plays back in the VLC Media Player. If you want to convert the file to mp3, there is a free online converter below. In return they ask you to share their link on social media (but there is no need, you can just download with no problem)). https://www.onlineconverter.com/amr-to-mp3
  5. I don't think she is condescending and, she sounds sexy...It's just a shame that she has cloth ears. I've just tried running your audio clip through 'Shazam'. No luck. The annoying thing is that it does ring a bell from the past. It must be an oldie. It has a middle eight... I'm on a mission myself now, it's driving me bonkers.
  6. Her solo at 39:10 on the Gibson is lovely, with a nice tone too. Like you say, the Trio gigs are a good listen, the Piano Player, Rafał Stępień, plays great..!! Her dad (on the video - Drummer, Irek Głyk) is also a very fine Jazz Vibes player.
  7. Seventeen Strings you say ? That's nearly Eighteen strings...
  8. Funny you mention that. My two boys were doing some research on the area I'm from and they showed me this... 👍 http://www.britishrecordshoparchive.org/a1-records.html#
  9. One of my favourite singers...Although I have seen the documentary before, I watched it again. He was certainly a class act. All those 'Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes' tunes he was involved with are absolute classics. (Not forgetting the studio musicians and arrangements as well..!!). The band should have been called..."Teddy and the Blue Notes"...
  10. I know it's about musical opinions but, Yep, I agree... This current version is doing my head and ears in.
  11. I don't care one way or the other, I don't normally listen to Tributes/Tribute bands full stop. But, I suppose with a lack of playing time for most musicians this past few months, it's a chance to get together with other players and do a bit of playing, even if it is remotely.
  12. I think the OP had the Skyline version and he is right, sometimes, the quality is a bit suspect with them. The USA Laklands are a different Beast altogether. Price and quality wise. https://www.lakland.com/product/usa-series-dj-4-darryl-jones-signature/
  13. R.I.P Certainly one of my favourites from the early 70's onwards... I thought things were not so good when he posted this over the Weekend.
  14. I like it..!! Excellent playing all round from a very tight band. Top marks for the very mature Brass arranging as well. 👍
  15. Ferrum - FREE Trailer Percussion for both Kontakt versions. If you are only using the free Kontakt player, you will get a license for use. It also has very good step sequencer for building up your own rhythms as well a bunch of rhythm presets. https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2020/08/05/keepforest-ferrum-free/
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