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  1. Pete mentioned above about checking out Gary Karr (highly recommended) Somewhere on YouTube there is a video of him in his front room playing the Rachmaninoff piece, 'Vocalise'. I think it's the last of the romances he composed (14 in all). It's stunning. Very moving the way he plays it on the Bass. I believe he was 73/74 when he played it and still had his chops together. A couple of wobbly bits, but a lovely sentimental performance.
  2. Yeah, he is a pretty special player. Beautiful tone as well. I noticed that there is a notation PDF download as well for the pieces. Another terrific solo player to check out is Renaud Garcia-Fons. A piece called, Palermo, is particularly nice. He also plays some lovely Flamenco Bass, along with guesting in a few Ethnic style duos and trios.
  3. 1968 'Wet Dream' - Max Romeo. Romeo claimed that it was about a leaky roof. Make your own mind up. https://genius.com/Max-romeo-wet-dream-lyrics
  4. I didn't click on anything, I was just letting folks know what happens if you clicked on the icons. People were talking about the site in question a couple of weeks back on Facebook. That's where I got the heads up. IIRC, the photos kept changing or vanishing as well.
  5. Clicking on the social media icons (top right), takes you to your own social media sites...
  6. Did the keyboard player use Bass pedals?
  7. What about a Surbahar...(Bass Sitar) ? https://chandrakantha.com/articles/indian_music/surbahar.html
  8. An interesting little read here about how the games industry has helped the music industry. https://www.theguardian.com/games/2018/aug/22/video-games-music-industry
  9. Music plays a big (massive) part in the games industry these days. The animations and sound tracks/cues go hand in hand. A very big earner for musicians and composers. A game quite often has a sound track sold on it's own merit. Everything from Orchestra, Hybrid and Rock music (even though it's finished). A small selection. https://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/periods-genres/video-game/video-game-music-15-great-computer-game-scores/monument-valley-2/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Greatest-Video-Game-Music/dp/B005QW1FB0
  10. I don't know how young they were, but at 09:37 on the 25/05/2019, at least 28,472 had listened to drills. The extended compilation album seems popular. Eight hours of drilling, and very varied it is. Is Power Drill the new Power Rock?
  11. Probably one of the UK's most prolific film composers. A pretty amazing career really. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Barry_(composer)
  12. Yep, epic!! Narada Michael Warden co-wrote the tune and it was Orchestrated by Michael Kamen with Jerry Hey on Trumpet!! Gladys Night just absolutely nails the whole thing. Everything about the 80's music is in there. Although it's based on the Brass line theme from Goldfinger, it's still probably one of my favourites along with John Barry's OHMSS theme. Patti LaBelle's, 'If You Asked Me To', was an added bonus playing over the end credits.
  13. David Arnold's Orchestral take on that classic theme.
  14. These seem to mirror the various figures I have seen. "EBU give the organizers about 5-6 million euro (which is a registration fee from the participation countries). Rest of the budget is covered by the host broadcaster, advertisment partners and the host state. So in this case sky is the limit, but EBU directive is usually 10–20 million euro. So about 15 -25 million euro is the average budget for the show. Some budgets from the past 2018, Lisbon ~ 20m euros 2017, Kiev ~ 30m 2016, Stockholm ~ 14m 2015, Vienna ~ 26m 2014, Copenhagen ~ 25m" And EBU figures before the above years.
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