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  1. Yeah, I have always liked GV. Enzo was a great drummer and died far too young. I loved his playing with Frank Gambale in the 90's. For some reason YouTube won't allow this video to embed. You have to click on the link (no Ads, so that might be the reason). https://youtu.be/R-9EQV9B0FQ
  2. Yes, I forgot about that album... Absolutely terrific..!! Mike Miller's solo on 'Brother to Brother' is fantastic. Actually the whole album is.
  3. As far as I know, there isn't any Cockney rhyming slang for 'Something'. You could make up your own, I suppose, guv.
  4. There was a remastered release in 1998 with it on as a bonus track. I think it's also on the DVD audio quality release as well.
  5. This wasn't on the original album for some reason.
  6. Another favourite of mine: 'Sinatra at the Sands' - With the Count Basie Orchestra, conducted/arranged by Quincy Jones (1966).
  7. Various Artists - Casino Lights, Live at Montreux Jazz Festival (1982) Al Jarreau - Live in London (1985) Pat Metheny Group - Travels Michel Camilo All Star New York Big Band from "Live in Altos de Chavón" (Video).
  8. And an opinion I agree with... Musically, I think it works very well with the video. It's kind of dark and comedic in places as well. I also like the metre change at 04:02, when it syncs with the beach ball shenanigans in the square. Excellent all round really. 👍
  9. I've just been listening to more of the album. The playing from the Horn Section is outstanding. That combination of three Brass and two Woodwinds has all been voiced and arranged so well to give it a punchy, funky, 70's influenced sound. I also noticed that the section parts were jointly arranged by Cory and (all of) Dirty Loops band. Excellent stuff.
  10. Yeah, this is a great album. Oddly enough, I was listening to his 'Streamline' earlier today. Which was released about three or four years later.
  11. I posted this a few days back in the groove thread... Terrific, tight playing all round but, hats off to whoever arranged the instrument and vocal parts. Outstanding writing.
  12. You might like this old video footage, B5. I saw it years ago and I didn't think it would still be up on YouTube. But it is..!!
  13. They had it all...good tunes, good vocals good production, along with great playing and top arrangements. I really liked Voulez-Vous, the only track they recorded outside of Sweden. The music track was recorded in Miami. The band used were called 'Foxy', with Arnold Paseiro on Bass.
  14. After playing around with it and the ease of playability, I should think the Roli would be great to use with it. The 'Mute' options available are excellent.
  15. I thought this might be of interest. It's certainly grabbed my attention and I am going to give it a try. It's in it's early days and it looks like you can only convert audio to midi files of ten seconds in length. But I suppose it's just a case of chopping up longer files into smaller bar lengths. The website and link for download: Edit audio samples with AI - Samplab
  16. And another terrific freebie (Kontakt full). A solo Trumpet. https://www.norrlandsamples.com/ It's very playable and sounds quite realistic with no key switching required. The articulations can be engaged via midi learn and CC# control on your controller. There is also an option for a donation if you feel it's worth it. The free download link is about halfway down the page and easy to miss. The reaction over on VI Control is very encouraging as well... https://vi-control.net/community/threads/free-norrland-samples-solo-trumpet-for-full-kontakt-5-8-1-or-later.113720/ Edit: If you have a problem downloading, Fluffy Audio posted this: "The issue regarding the cart downloading from our store is probably due to AD blockers doing their job and preventing cookies to be enabled. Cookies are necessary, because the cart ordering system needs them to work properly. This is also true for a lot of e-shops. Also it could be useful to run the browser in “incognito”/“privacy mode”, to make it work".
  17. And.... the superb Russ Stableford pinning it all down. A brilliant sketch.
  18. A World Instrument freebie for Kontakt (full version) - KOTO. Koto | FluffyAudio
  19. Sad to hear. R.I.P Charlie Watts
  20. "Can I have the strings a bit earlier in my headphones....". I think that was a Clem retort to an engineer back in the day. A session legend. A two part interview below...
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