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  1. I'm not sure he was an 'unknown', I thought he was quite highly regarded out on the West Coast? Certainly his long time gig with Ben Harper's band, then onto 'Innocent Criminals', along with his associated sessions were well documented. The big man was a real cool player with a great groove. I remember when he passed away last year, it was quite sad really. Juan Nelson, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals Bassist, Dead at 62 (spin.com) Here is something from his more melodic side of his soloing. He starts off with some scat vocals.
  2. Actually, twenty minutes. It seems old age is catching up on me...
  3. I started on Bass Guitar in the late 60's when I was twelve. At sixteen, my parents got me a Double Bass and hooked me up with a Bass tutor - A chap called Joe Mudele. He was quite a well known Jazz player at the time, he also played in a few TV Orchestras and on regular studio sessions. He was a pretty serious musician, so I took onboard his advice when he convinced me to take up Piano. Leaning theory and the sight reading side of things from Piano lessons set me up for touring and theatre work on Bass and a career as a musician. Joe encouraged me to learn the show tunes (standards) on the Piano which was a great help with my ear training. So yeah, leaning Piano really helped me as a Bassist in a few different ways.
  4. You ain't seen nothing yet...wait to he starts playing the Spitfire Labs 'Foghorn' with his feet.
  5. Personally, I don't think there is good or bad music - only music you like, or dislike. The video offers you nothing, that's cool. We all know what we like and dislike. Who knows, I might really dislike you offerings and it's not for me, or, I may like it, but that's what music is all about...just opinions. As it happens, I think the player in question has writing and arranging skills as well. Obviously not to your liking, but they are certainly there and to me, he does sound like he knows what he is doing. This piece of his could be played by any combination of instruments:
  6. Are you referring to this place? If so, it brings back some funny memories of this forum a few years back...
  7. This is a decent album from Lalo Schifrin: Some line up as well..!! Dizzy Gillespie - Trumpet.... Lalo Schifrin - Keyboards, Arranger, Conductor.... Oscar Brashear, Jack H. Laubach - Trumpet.... Lew McCreary - Trombone.... Jerome Richardson - Flute.... Ernie Watts - Saxophone.... James Horn - Saxophone, Flute.... Sonny Burke - Piano, Electric Piano.... Charles E. Spangler - Synths.... Ray Parker Jr., Lee Ritenour, Wah Wah Watson - Guitars.... Wilton Felder - Bass.... Ed Greene - Drums.... Paulinho da Costa - Percussion....
  8. Re the Scott Devine video: Once again, I suppose we all hear things differently. From my ears point of view, most of the solos Scott showcased and dissected where brimming with very tidy, musical, lyrical phrasing. Scott has a great pair of ears and I like his enthusiasm for the detailed breakdown and nuances of the players. Two of my favourites as a bonus as well: Dane Anderson and Jeff Andrews.
  9. You may not like the piece and plenty don't but, for me, there is plenty of melody there, along with good chord changes and inversions, and in the middle, a nice descending chromatic Bass line. It clearly showed that Jaco knew his stuff when it came to harmony and theory etc - Just my opinion of course and I suppose, we all hear things differently. For instance, I've just listened to a live, John Entwistle solo, and found it painful. Others probably love it. Out of interest, was the Bass player a Musician called Dave U.....?
  10. Yeah, so do I. Plus a Güiro mixed low. There is also a busy metallic sound going on, probably a tight, closed hi-hat. To my ears, it's just some auxiliary percussion underneath the Bass Rhythms. It's like some kind of 7/4(?) hybrid Flamenco thing (probably in keeping with the Spanish flavouring of the piece).
  11. Absolutely... He's actually a very good Pianist as well, plus he's done a good bit of time in the trenches with bands, tours and sessions, so defiantly not a novice regarding the shenanigans of a working musician. I believe he has over one million subscribers to his YouTube channel, so clearly has a very good target audience. I noticed he has other things on the go judging by his links below. Good luck to him.
  12. I think he plays great. Musically, he quite easily keeps my attention throughout his videos. Plus, he keeps them at a sensible length.
  13. Notable Deaths 2022 - Page 29 - Off Topic - Basschat EDIT: Sorry, Mickeyboro (above) has just pointed the thread out.
  14. The late, great, Mike Lang on Piano. He played on over 2,000 film scores, so you've probably heard him play at some point over the years.
  15. An excellent 'free' synth called 'Asper'. No email sign up or any other nonsense, just download the .dll files (x32, x64 and x64 VST3) and place them in you VST folder(s). You can just delete the .dll file(s) if it doesn't appeal to you. The rundown and download link: Asper by zOne.sk - Synthesiser Plugin VST VST3 (kvraudio.com)
  16. Seeing as Fender now own 'Presonus', maybe they will ditch their Guitars and Basses in favour of Virtual Guitar VST's inside of Studio One...
  17. 5th August 1992. R.I.P Jeff Porcaro, one of the best.
  18. If anyone can make room for a 'Foghorn' in this months challenge... Spitfire Audio have released one for their free 'LABS' library: LABS Foghorn
  19. We use Nuendo and there is always a pop up window asking for sample rate conversions into project settings when importing (if needed). Same for video frame rates...Surely Pro Tools has the same, or something similar? I thought most DAW's would have the different options for importing/exporting? You don't really want sample rate miss match going on. In this day and age, it's a bit naughty of 'Zencastr' not mentioning that there had been an update to the App. Especially if you use monthly subscriptions.
  20. Same here. I never tire of listening to either, especially Lyle Mays.
  21. Sorry... I meant Audio devices for PC, as in Windows machines (as opposed to Macs). Macs use Core Audio.
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