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  1. Sorry, mate. I've only just noticed your PM and have replied. ๐Ÿ‘
  2. Well played and....well remembered..!
  3. It's a good job this isn't 'Jazzchat.co.uk..' The thread would go full circle five times.
  4. There are so many that I think are 'Beautiful', and all from different Genres. I like this one a lot from Amos Garrett:
  5. If you are talking about the chart in the OP, charts with remarks like that are quite common in Pantomime scores or Comedy shows. If it's not on the original printed chart, during rehearsals an MD might ask you to pencil in a remark like that. I've seen things like that requested in manic, slapdash chase scenes on stage, where they might want an over the top (or wild) ad lib solo going on from one (or several) of the instruments.
  6. Lets just keep our fingers crossed that there are no descendants of Le Pรฉtomane lurking on Basschat. Because, that's an invitation if ever I saw one.
  7. It was about ten years ago. Although, come to think of it, he might of been thinking the same as you, so selling the old Precision might have been a way out..!
  8. Although I'm a Londoner, the last few years I've been living in a little place called Canvey Island. I believe Eddy and the Hot Rods were a Canvey band. Dr Feelgood were another Canvey band. In fact, the original Bass player (John Sparks?) is a tradesman down here. He did some work on my roof over a couple of days. When he noticed I had a small studio and was a Bassist myself, we had quite an amusing chat. ๐Ÿ˜ I do remember going around to his house to pay the bill, when he showed me quite an old Fender P Bass he was thinking of unloading on eBay. ๐Ÿ˜
  9. That competition was rigged. 'Melodyne' easily beat 'PinkPantheress'.
  10. "To Beam or not to Beam". It's not a problem as such, but a basic rule of thumb for clear and concise sight reading. You shouldn't really 'Beam' across a beat (or a bar line) when arranging or copying. When notes are not beamed across a beat, you can instantly recognise the beats in the bar. Regarding Bar lines. If you place a beam across a bar line. You could lose the emphasis of the meter (time signature). The bar in question, (or beat and a half on show that is) should read as below: (I have filled out the rest of the bar as a guess)
  11. Maybe it's not playing ball with anything other than Apple? I've tried both Android and Windows 10 with no luck. I live not far from Leigh and I think I saw the young chap before Christmas. If it is him, yes, he plays well.
  12. I'm also getting the same error as above on my Desktop (W10 and Edge).
  13. Very odd, Gareth. I get this when I click on the link. This is Android on the Opera Browser...
  14. Here we go once again. Who said loads of them? Although released late 1976, by 1977/78, the Jaco album was a talking point among some musicians in the UK. Well, certainly in my circle(s). Apart from Jaco's contribution, there were top, known players on that album as well. Granted, if you were not listening to fusion and such at the time, then the album and musicians on it, wouldn't have possibly gained your attention. Musician Credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaco_Pastorius_(album)
  15. Fretless Rock Bands back then? Bad Company? The Band? Jack Bruce? Probably more. By 1978, Jaco clones were well on the up as well.
  16. Blimey, my dad had just been made redundant as a Lighterman and paid for my Birthday present out of that. I feel guilty now for moving it on.
  17. Where did I say the Tag was from Len Stiles? I believe @Hellzerohas a thread on reading a post before replying.๐Ÿ‘ - Rip the pick guard off what?
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