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  1. Bought second hand so no warranty implied at all.
  2. The real irony is, if it wasn’t my bass I’d be secretly hoping that the OP wanted to sell it so I could buy it
  3. Just ran a raffle with just your name in the hat Weirdly, Rick 4000 won it....
  4. Yeah. I take all the points raised. It’s a stunning instrument. It plays beautifully. It sounds immense - the piezo bridge being part of the fretboard gives it a deep tonality which is so rich - it’s not just deep and boomy, it’s very full and very rounded with some impressive overtones. Blend in the pickup under the board and it gains a midrange honk as well. And that should be enough to keep it, right? It probably is. But the fact that I’m asking the question worries me.
  5. I’m going to give that one a miss. Even 2” high action would be preferable...
  6. I’ve basically not had it for the last year so in some ways I already know what it’s like without it well enough
  7. Keeping it is edging it at the moment. I need to play it tonight to see how I feel about it. It’s been so long I’ve forgotten what it’s like
  8. It’s back home. Been a long journey. I’ve opened the case and had a look so far - that’s about it. It’s as good as it was before if not a lot better - you just can’t tell it’s been sick and at the hospital. So... Basschat world. Do I keep it or move it on??
  9. It did go a bit global on a Facebook group or three for a while...
  10. Is it famous for how it looks or because of the truss rod failure tho?
  11. Maybe. Who knows.. I’ll find out later in the week
  12. You feeling up my bass? Are you? Hmm? I’m going to start charging rent.
  13. Absolutely not. And TFFT as far as I’m concerned. It is, however, brilliant for Paul Young covers. Word.
  14. Meh. Coffee or GTFO. Tho the missus prefers tea.
  15. No need, I have the impact wrench plugged in and ready to go
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