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  1. Indeed, very much guitar focused with some limited bass content.
  2. Yeah, I quite liked it as well. I guess there's weight issues with a Les Paul type of body unless it was chambered or something, but it did look pretty tho.
  3. Just got back after exhibiting at the guitar show in Brum after it made it’s return this year. Really good day out and I thought you’d like to see some selective bass highlights..
  4. I advertised this last year and didn't get any bites. Maybe it was up too cheap or it's too far to travel to come get it - either way, I'll give it another go! Apart from a bit of loose tolex and the badge missing off the front of the cab it's all here and complete and working. It's loud. Really flippin' loud. It's hefty as well so there's no way this can get posted. I'm just north of Peterborough, and I'm happy to travel a reasonable distance (100 miles ish) to get it to you if you are prepared to pay at or around the asking price (I've priced it a bit higher than last time on advice, and to allow for a bit of room to negotiate a drop off or collection). Either way, I need rid as I need the space back and it's just too heavy for me to lift about now after doc says to minimise heavy lifting.
  5. You don’t bury Rickenbackers. Burn them and then shred them - less chance of them coming back as undead that way. There’s nowt worse than a zombie 4003 in rottingfleshglo
  6. Presumably a left-handed course tho, with suitable bunkers to catch out the wrong ‘uns
  7. Or "FRFR: Yay, Nay, OOOft, or Huh?"
  8. Don’t worry, you can be chief grass gardener.
  9. There’s a vacancy for garage sweeper…
  10. Oh well in that case I’ll despatch a nice yellow sit on right away! Major Blank likes a turn on the old mower so I’ll make sure he’s well fulfilled. Sorry, that came out all wrong.
  11. Is this on? *tap tap* Hello? Can you hear me at the back there? Nod if you can’t. Right. Welcome. Hello. How goes it? @Frank Blank will fill you in, but if you are in need of any radiators or any sit on mowers then do let me know. @Raymondo, you’ve got some kebab on your jumper lad.. do tidy yourself up.
  12. Improved bridge? Pfffffft. The only way to improve your bridge is to have your house on it. That improves it no end.
  13. Came here to post this. Some days I feel like I’m not good enough to play the kazoo let alone the bass.
  14. You just can’t beat that split-coil P bass tone. But, if you like a thin neck then a PJ with a Jazz neck is def. the way to go - for a decent thin neck look for 38mm nut width.
  15. This requires unpacking in the DoI… @Frank Blank
  16. I don’t plan on adding any cheese to it… I might play a bit of cheese on it!! I gave it a 1200 grit wet and dry sanding with oil yesterday and it’s currently curing so little action at the moment I’m afraid. Should be another update in a day or two
  17. And here it is inside, after 2 coats of penetrating oil. There’s a sheen building on it now.
  18. Progress has been slow due to family etc. but it’s back on now. I’ve now put 4 coats of penetrating oil on, and I’m onto the high build oil. Gave the body a rub down with steel wool after the penetrating oil coats. Here it is after the rub down and before high build oil:
  19. We need you to run a special BC mission to rescue it. Black was always my favourite colour for Marathons…
  20. It had a BIN price of £6.5k as well which has been deleted
  21. I don’t know - you tell me. I shall certainly be withdrawing from this now. My reply was a comment on your choice of members to accuse of bullying rather than whether anything is OK or not.
  22. No, it had certainly never occurred to me at all. Perhaps you should hold the moderators to the same level of account as the DoI members, given that at least one has posted a similar vein meme on this thread already. I think that’s a suitable cue for exit.
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