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  1. Talk to me man.. talk to me
  2. Seymour Duncan 51 Precision Quarter Pounder SCPB-3 Classic single coil pickup for your 51P bass project! Unused - still has original length wires. £40 posted to UK Mainland
  3. 2012 Dave Hall VT1 Bass Preamp/EQ/Boost Valve driven, early model (2012) - no box, velcro on bottom but removable. A few marks on the back, and some of the silver felt tip writing is rubbing off a bit. Comes with 2 spare valves (untested) £100 posted to UK Mainland
  4. Godin A8 Electro Acoustic Mandolin Hardly played at all - very minor marks if any (you'll have to strain to find any!) Piezo Saddles and inbuilt mic system with EQ and jack output. Comes with Hiscox Case No Trades £450 posted UK Mainland
  5. Bass DI Pedals: Hotone B:Station - no box, has velcro on but it's removable - £70 posted UK mainland Dr J Sparrow Bass Driver & DI - no box, velcro on underside (but removable) - £45 posted UK mainland Eden WTDI - World Tour Bass DI - no box, velcro on underside (but removable) - £60 posted UK mainland Ampeg SCR-DI Bass DI - no box, velcro on underside (but removable) - £120 posted UK mainland No Trades
  6. Weight is just over 10lbs (approx 10.5) and string spacing is 19mm at the bridge centre of string to centre of string
  7. Could you perhaps keep the cites stuff out of a for sale thread pls?
  8. If they suspect it’s up to you to prove not or it’s destroyed. They send samples off to check the grain - they can tell
  9. Only for certain rosewood types. Brazilian is unaffected and still covered by CITES
  10. The Transition Logo applied to most L series - it’s seen from late 63 to mid 66, but it depended on what stocks of older or newer labels they had in at the time. As mass produced instruments the dating by specific component can be quite difficult
  11. Now sold. Crikey that was quick!
  12. On hold at the moment whilst the first responder gets back to me re costs and shipping.
  13. I've had some horrifying experiences with Brazilian Rosewood - never again!
  14. Will do - PM replied to!
  15. Hah! It’s basically a sophisticated P bass with a more flexible pickup/electronics arrangement. Stick it in passive mode and it basically is a P bass.
  16. 1964 Fender Precision in Sunburst All original, no modifications, no swap outs and no refrets. I purchased this from Andy Baxter Basses - I still have the original invoice in the case if you want to check it out for provenance etc. Neck date is showing October 1964 - this was likely assembled and finished late 1964. Showing an L-Series Serial Number. Brazilian Rosewood board, clay dots, reverse tuners. I'd say the pickup is a mid-range output for a bass of this date. Currently strung with Chromes. Action is low - just under 1.8mm top end to just over 2mm lower end. As with any bass of this vintage, it's the pictures that count.. I can take more if you want to see anything specifically. Comes with original case, and original bridge/pickup covers with screws. No Trades. No overseas shipments at all. As I'm out and about with work all over the place anyway (despite the current situation!) I will most likely hand deliver myself given the cost - but we can discuss. £5500
  17. ACG RetroB P5 Bought directly from Alan end of 2018. Has had very little use since then. Number 0282 - details on the site are here: http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0282-retrob-5-2/ Body is Alder with a Figured Maple top, Neck is 1 piece Birdseye Maple with an Acrylic Impregnated Maple board. Satin finish. Electronics: ACG PB Split Coil with an East P-Retro preamp - gives Stack1: Volume, Tone (active or passive), Stack2: Dual Boost, Frequency (active only), Switches for parallel/serial and active/passive. Pretty much unmarked - there's the odd tiny mark here and there if you go looking for it, but nothing substantial at all. Comes with a Hiscox hard case. No Trades. No posting outside the UK £1100
  18. ACG Finn 4 Natural Finish. This is a special number which was originally built for a charity Cricket event (I am led to believe). I acquired it from @Bigwan a couple of years ago. Lockdown clearout and a move to pretty much only playing Fretless (a la Shuker Uberhorn) means it's up for sale. It doesn't have a hard case, but there is a gig bag that came with it. Stack 1: Volume, Tone (Active and Passive), Stack 2: Dual Boost, Frequency (Active only) , Parallel/Serial switching and Active/Passive switching. Simple, good, solid, reliable handmade 4 string! No Trades. No Posting outside the UK. £600
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