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  1. ACG RetroB P5 Bought directly from Alan end of 2018. Has had very little use since then. Number 0282 - details on the site are here: http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0282-retrob-5-2/ Body is Alder with a Figured Maple top, Neck is 1 piece Birdseye Maple with an Acrylic Impregnated Maple board. Satin finish. Electronics: ACG PB Split Coil with an East P-Retro preamp - gives Stack1: Volume, Tone (active or passive), Stack2: Dual Boost, Frequency (active only), Switches for parallel/serial and active/passive. Pretty much unmarked - there's the odd tiny mark here and there if you go looking for it, but nothing substantial at all. Comes with a Hiscox hard case. No Trades. No posting outside the UK £1100
  2. ACG Finn 4 Natural Finish. This is a special number which was originally built for a charity Cricket event (I am led to believe). I acquired it from @Bigwan a couple of years ago. Lockdown clearout and a move to pretty much only playing Fretless (a la Shuker Uberhorn) means it's up for sale. It doesn't have a hard case, but there is a gig bag that came with it. Stack 1: Volume, Tone (Active and Passive), Stack 2: Dual Boost, Frequency (Active only) , Parallel/Serial switching and Active/Passive switching. Simple, good, solid, reliable handmade 4 string! No Trades. No Posting outside the UK. £600
  3. This thread has brought back some baaaaaaaaad memories
  4. Stop looking in the mirror, lad... it’s not good for you!
  5. You can watch all you like, it all depends on what you actually see.......
  6. There is a bit of me that would actually let the 64P go and use the money to get a stupidly expensive fretless - something like a Fodera or a Wal or summit. It's just sitting here on the wall at the moment not getting played. Which is actually pretty bloody tragic.
  7. You got eyes for the green 51P huh? It's currently got a one off ric-o-like single coil in it which is properly rude and naughty.. but suits it very well
  8. Heh - yeah he is.. It's a great bass - lightweight, and has a unique tone being hollow. It cost very little actually - I'd say probably about £300 all in including some custom hardware and a hand wound pickup. It does sorely need de fretting tho....
  9. Ah you're a comedian.... Here it is once I'd bolted the stick on it..
  10. I reckon it had about 6 coats on. Cut back in between and buffed. Nice and satin. It's actually a great bass. Got Grainger hardware on it and a custom wound split coil 51P pickup. Funnily enough it would be No.1 candidate for a fretless conversion.. hmm...
  11. If you leave plenty of drying time between coats and let it build then it does a good satin finish. You could go gloss, but it would take a helluva time!
  12. The truss rod was of an older rather odd two way design. It decided to dump its weld and split - the tension in it kicked out and cracked the back of the neck. The new rod can’t do this, and it actually keeps the neck a lot straighter anyway - pretty much transformed it’s playability
  13. I hate to admit it but that does look really good mate. You’ve learned some valuable lessons on spraying and next time you do a build you’ll use tru oil 😂
  14. Really interested in how you approached it and what you did mate.. I am quite tempted to try a de fret and see how it works out!
  15. Yes, agreed. I think I'd have gone for anything other than a white pickup cover tho!
  16. That's not a looker, to be honest...
  17. Wet rag and quick play didn't go well then?
  18. If it doesn't work out I'll have it and de fret it as a project. I'll be getting the turps on that headstock tho
  19. I’ve posted a WTB ad for a fretless shed. I’m not holding out much hope tbh so maybe I need to get the yacht varnish out
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  21. Good on you! I’m looking for a fretless shed I can fettle not a decent acoustic to butcher
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