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  1. Jon Taylor. Great player and probably the unofficial most popular member of the band with teenager girls. Steve Harris. Pretty much the creative force behind Iron Maiden's best years. DD Verni (Overkill). If you were a thrash/metal fan in the 80s, then the image of DD Verni, BC Rich widow bass slung low and that bass sound. Tony Butler (Big Country). Tony bouncing around onstage, Black precision and a huge grin. That's my memory of BC on TOTP
  2. Hi, I have a 2001 Fender US Deluxe Jazz V I bought in 2003. I really love the bass and have modded it over the years - Audere 3 band deluxe preamp, refinish. I love the bass and have used it on dozens of recording s and gigs. The issue I have is that the low B sounds weak. Acoustically, it sounds fine, but amplified, the B is much quiter and really weak. I have a 1997 US Deluxe V that doesn't have this issue. So, my hunch is it's the pickups. Certainly the pole pieces on the B are much lower. So, what options do I have? The pickups are miuch narrower than a typical 5 string set. DO I opt for a newer set of the Noiseless pickups (N3?) or something else? I play in a prog metal band, but I'm looking for the character of decent Jazz bass rather than loads of output or bottom end. Can always dial in a fatter sound (i.e. not sure quarter pounders are for me) Any recommendations gratefully received.
  3. Early teens. Metallica - One. Their first music video Landed when I was 13 and was the song that got me into thrash and metal. Late teens. Soundgarden. Outshined. Masters of Reality. Domino Danzig. Twist of Cain.
  4. Hi. where in Central London and could you do lunchtime or late afternoon collection? Saves me a weekend trip into town
  5. Andertons Music is selling a 2nd hand Carvin. Fretless 5. Unlined. For £399! Still on their website. I'd have been tempted if I didn't already own a Grendel/Stadium fretless 5.
  6. Purchased GK MB Fusion 500. Nice, friendly transaction. Item is in near mint condition. Thanks.
  7. Hi. Where in Belgium? Driving to Gent on Friday.
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