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  1. Hi. Are you prepared to post the head? I rarely make it to manchester.
  2. Feedback for Silverfoxnik

    Nick just made me a very happy man by selling me an SWR Triad. Nick was also kind enough to bring the cab with him on a trip into town so that I could collect it. Thank you.
  3. Should add that years ago my bass rig consisted of a pair of these with a sm400 and later a 1200w class d amp and psa1. My experience is that they sound lovely (assuming hi fi is your bag) but simply couldn't cut through a loud metal backline and drummer I have no such issues with my current band thankfully.
  4. Hi. Would like to take this off you. Are you able to meet part way if i cover your fuel costs? Say somewhere around Petworth?
  5. Am interested in a straight purchase.
  6. Withdrawn for now

    Pm sent
  7. Eden Metro 2 x 10XLT combo £375

    Hi. Is this still available?
  8. UK distributors for Audere.?

    I bought an Audere for my us deluxe jazz 8 years ago. Iirc, no soldering required, even with a side mounted jack. I think I fitted it in under 10 minutes. The preamp is v versatile. I have the jz3d in 2 band (vol/vol) and 3 band (mid/blend). I much prefer the 2 band as volume is more consistent.
  9. 8 hours waiting for 25 minute gigging

    Kids of today. I've had to load in at 10am for an all dayer. I'd take a book, packed lunch, korg pandora and headphones and be sorted for the day.
  10. [color=#000000]You are bidding on a unique, heavily customised American Deluxe 5-string Jazz bass.[/color] [color=#000000]The core of this bass is a 1996 50th Anniversary Edition American Deluxe 5 string with an alder body, graphite reinforced maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The 50th anniversary hologram sticker is on the reverse of the headstock.[/color][list] [*]The bass has been professionally refinished by Insanarty Custom Art with a unique airbrush ‘bowling ball’ paint effect and lacquered. The refinish is super tough and looks stunning under natural and stage lights. [*]The stock pickups have been replaced with Fender Noiseless Pickups, which are much less aggressive sounding than the original pickups and suit the instrument. The pickups are less prone to hum than the originals, so you can solo pickups. [*]The stock preamp was, IMHO, noisy and very poorly constructed so was replaced with an Audere Deluxe Jazz retro fit preamp. I specifically chose the dual volume 2-band EQ model over the 3 band/pickup pan model as the buffer on the latter model resulted in the pickups being much louder when soloed. This bass sounds fantastic – it has that Jazz bass ‘nasal’ quality and sounds great played fingerstyle, slap or pick. The combination of dual volume, 2 band EQ, pickups impedance selector switch and passive tone provides a huge range of very useable tones. The preamp also has a useful battery indicator. [*]The stock Gotoh tuners have been replaced with Hipshot ultralite mini cloverleaf tuners. These look much nicer and improve balance. [/list] [color=#000000]The instrument has been well cared for.[/color][list] [*]The bass has had a professional Plek fret dress and fret ends nicely capped. [*]Fingerboard is in good condition and the neck set very straight with a low action. The bass is strung through body with Fender superbass strings. [*]It comes fitted with Schaller straplocks, a Fender USA moulded hardshell case and truss rod adjustment tool. [*]The only notable marks are a couple of chips in the lacquer, which do not affect playability and a ding on the end of the headstock. There is very minor buckle rash on the back of the body – you need to look at it under a strong light to see it. [*]It has spent the last 2 1/2 years in a case in a warm room. [/list] [color=#000000]I have set a fair asking price. I have two similar basses and am selling for a genuine reason. One too many band breakups, new job and a new found love of cycling means I want to sell this bass and put the money towards a shiny new time trial bike.[/color] [color=#000000]I do not want to post instrument due to the logistics and risk. I am willing to deliver within 25 miles of KT6 for the cost of petrol, or you can collect it. There will be a cup of tea/coffee and, depending on the day of the week, some homemade cakes or biscuits as reward for your journey.[/color] [color=#000000]I will also be listing my bass rig - A Tech Soundsystems TVM350 rackmount head, Tech Soundsystems TVM600 in Lizard Skins bag, Tech Soundsystems ND410S 4 x 10" bass cabinet (1200Watts) with custom padded cover and various other items.[/color] [color=#000000]Thanks[/color] [color=#000000][attachment=132536:WP_000600.jpg][attachment=132537:WP_000602.jpg][attachment=132538:WP_000603.jpg][attachment=132539:WP_000605.jpg][attachment=132540:WP_000606.jpg][attachment=132541:WP_000607.jpg][attachment=132542:WP_000597.jpg][attachment=132543:WP_000598.jpg][attachment=132544:WP_000599.jpg][attachment=132545:WP_000601.jpg][/color]
  11. Back

    Hi, After my last band folded in a particularly embarrassing manner, I felt I needed a few months away from playing music. so I stuck my bass back int he case and spent the summer cycling and settling into a new job. Anyway, I feel the time has come to start making music again and, as fate would have it, one of my former bandmates got b ack in touch a few weeks ago and things look very promising. I can thoroughly recommend a break now and again. You come back feeling very refreshed.
  12. I want you to use a pick ???

    I've asked drummers to close their hats, turn their sticks round, stick a coin to their bass drums, try wooden beaters. I've suggested tuning down a step to help the singer stand out more, switching to standard tuning to give the songs more bite, the list is endless. The point is there are two ways to interpret your keyboard players request 1) Take offence at his temerity in asking you to change what you do 2) Be happy that he cares enough about the sounds of the band and your bass to suggest you try something diffferent.
  13. Versatile Bassist reqd for Metal project.

    Hi, could you PM me with some more info?
  14. [quote name='Evil Undead' post='1273548' date='Jun 18 2011, 10:45 AM']However, I guess it's along similar lines. Please don't bite me! Anyway, I'm curious. If you went to see a metal band, and the bassist was playing a white Squier P bass, would you think (s)he was any less metal? Also, if you were auditioning a bassist, would you turn them down for playing the above bass? I'm talking more death metal, black metal or thrash, rather than nwobhm or hair metal.[/quote] Alex Webster, bass player for Cannibal Corpse, used a white precision on their first two albums and up until he switched to Ibanez basses. If the bass player in a gore-obsessed death metal band can get away with using a white precision, I'm sure you'll be fine.