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  1. Hi, Markbass Little Mark II amplifier. 2008 Date of Manufacturer. Borrowed from a friend years ago and it stopped working so I was obliged to replace. Likely to be power supply board. In good cosmetic condition. One of the Made in Italy models with 4 band EQ and VLF and VPE controls. If you are able to repair it for a reasonable amount and feel so inclined, then a small donation to DEC would be appreciated. Collection only from KT6 area.
  2. You might get away with a 4 string set with a heavier E, like Billy Sheehan rotos. Or dadarrio exl160bt would probably fit bill perfectly.
  3. Two ways of playing that part All on E, which is pretty straightforward two finger right hand technique. E and A, which is trickier but sounds cleaner, esp as you can leave open E ringing. I use ring finger in addition to index and middle for lines like this. It's a case of technique and speed. Repeat playing it along to a metronome at half speed until you are 100% happy with your technique and sound of the notes. Then, start increasing the tempo.
  4. Not a problem I've experienced. Bridge pickup full, neck pickup 50-75%, tone 50-72%, push low mids, add some valve overdrive and there's plenty of bottom end and it cuts right through.
  5. Pays to do a bit of research before you post. Less chance of making a fool of oneself.
  6. https://reverb.com/uk/item/24535232-starfire-eks-jazz-type-bass-entwistle-pickups-upgrades Take the 1 off the beginning and the 0 off the end and it's a pretty good deal.
  7. We're a single guitar band too, but more classic metal than Stoner/Doom. The MXR bass fuzz might be a good fit. It's a pretty fearsome fuzz circuit that is certainly OTT for me at anything past 12 o clock. However, with drive/fuzz at around 10-11 o clock, tone at around 12 o clock and dry and wet signals balanced to suit you can lay down a really thick layer underneath the guitar. The Cloven Hoof on the other hand really nails the Geezer Butler NB tone and works very well with an octave pedal but really doesn't play nicely with modulation or filter pedals wherever it is placed in the signal chain (IMHO of course) As for overdrive, I run sansamp with drive at around 12 o cclock pretty much all the time as it really helps bass cut through. I find pushing overdrive too much just makes my amp sound like I'm pushing it too hard (paarp). Granted, that sound may work for some people/scenarios, but not for me. I've got a variety of basses - Active Fenders, reissue passive jazz, active fretless, 8 string, dingwall. The bass that sounds best with any of the effects is a passive bitsa fretless P bass.
  8. If you take a look at his career to date and philanthropic work, you realise the world would be a better place with more Blunts. And fewer Nugents.
  9. Fuzz and overdrive do very different things to your sound and even two fuzz pedals will not only sound different, but will change the way other effects behave. I have an mxr bass deluxe fuzz and earthquaker devices cloven hoof. Both completely different. Also, where do you intend to use overdrive, distortion or fuzz? If you intend to use it a lot, you might consider a bass fuzz that allows you to blend wet and dry signals.
  10. Seeing as we've strayed into Black Sabbath influenced acts, it's only right I include the mighty Brown Sabbath
  11. Getting quite rare now. Still a great piece of kit. Korg lost something of the charm of these in later versions. I still use mine quite a lot. GLWTS.
  12. Low starting price and no reserve. This could be quite a bargain for someone. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aria-Pro-II-CTB-Series-Fretless-5-String-Bass-Guitar-/125083883386?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  13. If only this was posted 4 months ago. I was staying with a friend near Borth and we went to Portmerion for the day. I'm sure the family would have understood.
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Boss-SP-1-Spectrum-Equalizer-FREE-NEXT-DAY-DELIVERY-IN-THE-UK-/203639042513?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Are these really that desirable? Boss have reissued the first 3 compact pedals, including sp-1, in a fancy box for around £750.
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