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    Left to right 1. Relic'ed ESP jazz fretless. Lindy Fralin pickups. 2. 1996 MIJ 75 ressiue jazz. Natural Ash. KioG0n custom wiring loom with series switching on tone pot. 3. 2001 MIA Deluxe Jazz V. Alder body and maple neck. Custom purple refinish (Originally translucent red) . Stock preamp replaced with Audere preamp with vol, blend, bass, mid, treble and passive tone. 4. 1996 MIA Deluxe Jazz V (50th Anniversary). Alder body and pau ferro fingerboard. Custom blue finish (originally 3TSB). Stock tuners, pickups and preamp replaced with Hipshot Ultralites, Fender SCN pickups and Audere preamp with vol, vol, bass, treble and passive tone
  2. Stadium 5 string fretless. Super light body with thick wenge fingerboard. 35" scale, Bartolini pickups and 2 band EQ. For those wondering, Stadium was the brand used for a series of instruments licensed by The Bass Centre and manufactured in Europe by Michael Tobias Design in the late 90s/early 00s. Some of you may remember the highly regarded MTD Grendel series, which were much the same. ESP LTD Made in Vietnam reliced jazz fretless. I don't know whether the whole bass is an ESP or just an ESP neck on an alder body. The relic job is very good. The neck is lovely. Chunky '74 jazz profile with a thick rosewood board. I swapped pickups for some Lindy Fralins with bridge rewound to vintage spec by Bare Knuckle and it sounds lovely now.
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    Show us your rig!

    Could you post some more pictures and info of the Acoustic rig to the left?
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    Show us your rig!

    Tech21 Landmark 300 head into a GK Neo 212 cab. I have a second matching cab for large gigs/showing off. Channel A is the RPM preamp - I set with a higher gain sound with plenty of presence and roll off bass. Channel B is the RBI preamp - I scoop out 1kHz and back off treble for a smooth, thumpy tube sound I mostly run it with both channels mixed Pedal board covers all of the sounds I need TC Electronic polytune > MXR Bass enveope filter > MXR Bass octave Deluxe > MXR BAss Cmpressor > EHX Bass Clone > Earthquaker Device Cloven Hoof or MXR Deluxe Bass Fuzz If I can't take my amp, I bring my Sansamp Bass Fly rig instead and use that as my preamp stage.
  5. NG3 5 string in Mopar Purple. Sitting next to what has been my main bass for 18 years. Both variations on purple. 5 strings, maple necks, alder bodies and active, but the similarities very much end there. I've had the Dingwall since last Thursday and I'm gobsmacked by how good it sounds and feels.
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    The bridge is no more incongruous than the four screws holding the neck in place. IMHO.
  7. Worst purchase. Obviously opinion rather than fact, but I bought a Bacchus 5 string from Ishibashi Music whilst on a business trip to Japan in Feb. It was a very well made bass, but I simply couldn't get on with it - string spacing, neck profile, sound and just stuck it back in the gig bag and forgot about it. I finally took the decision to sell it and luckily made a few quid on the deal. Best purchase A few weeks ago i bought a MIJ 90s reissue 75 jazz from the forum. I remarked tp a friend that I spent 25 years trying to get the sound I wanted in 5 string active basses and i found it in a 25 year old passive 4 string. Runner Up I bought Happy Jack's Dean 8 string back in the Summer. It's so much fun.
  8. Highly recommended bit of kit. Mine spends half its life as DI into my audio interface and the other half on my pedal board providing preamp/DI into PA. Very versatile
  9. A number of pro players will opt to use a cheaper East European or Far East version of their high end instruments for touring. Ian Hill from Judas Priest for example. His Signature Spector bass is a US through neck model but he apparently tours with the Czech bolt on models. On the guitar front I've seen a number of players use cheaper models for touring. Given the horror stories you read of instruments being damaged by airlines or equipment theft, taking a Mexican Fender, Indonesian Ibanez, LTD ESP on the road instead makes good sense.
  10. Definitely the jazz for me. Unsurprisingly. The Stingray has that unmistakable Musicman HiFi sound but lacks the natural growl of the Fender.
  11. Does this occur anywhere you use it or only at home? Do you have LED lights or lights on a dimmer switch in the house?
  12. Another recommendation for Aaron at Armstrong pickups. Turned around a repair to a Lindy Fralin pickup pretty much same day. Very reasonable price too.
  13. Bought a set of jazz bass pickups. Very friendly transaction; Biro handled an issue with one of the pickups in a fair and professional manner. Recommended Basschat member.
  14. Get a 4 channel interface as a minimum. 2 channel interfaces are limited in terms of routing options. You then have various choices including Stereo output from desk into 2 channels of audio interface. Route a pair of outputs to a separate headphone mixer amp 2 channels independent of mixer desk to record vocals, guitar, bass, keys direct As you can see, the shopping list gets big pretty quickly...
  15. Bass into a sansamp bass fly rig and XLR out into Scarlett 2i2. Simple and effective. I mainly use built in compressor as it's good enough for most occasions, otherwise will use my mxr bass compressor. Only other piece of kit i may add is a parametric EQ to strip out a tight band around 1kHz. Been looking at the Sine Effects micro para for just this purpose.
  16. I reckon he's been told to sell it as 'it' s just sitting roumd gathering dust'. He doesn't want to, so he has priced it not to sell.
  17. Hi, would you be able yp send me the dimensions? Interested in them for my us deluxe jazz Thanks
  18. Are you sure volume isn't push/pull? I missed that minor detail on mine until I was changing the knobs.
  19. You got it for a good price. I won't tell you what I paid for mine 😉
  20. Nice example of one of the Philippines made basses on ebay for a reasonable price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264794030902 I picked up a Bacchus 5er on a recent work trip to Japan. It's an excellent bass for the money. Will post a few pics on a separate thread.
  21. For those of us fortunate to be able to work from home, we've seen the change it has made to our lives. Less wasted travel time being the obvious one. Gigging is no different. Driving to a venue. Scrambling to find a parking place and pobably having to fork out loads for a parking meter. Hanging around waiting for the headline band to arrive so setup can start only their drummer/guitarist is late as always because it's rock and roll/he's an unprofessional silly billy (delete as appropriate). What's not to miss? Actually, I can't wait to get back to gigging and if you have any shows your band doesn't want, send them my way..
  22. Jon Taylor. Great player and probably the unofficial most popular member of the band with teenager girls. Steve Harris. Pretty much the creative force behind Iron Maiden's best years. DD Verni (Overkill). If you were a thrash/metal fan in the 80s, then the image of DD Verni, BC Rich widow bass slung low and that bass sound. Tony Butler (Big Country). Tony bouncing around onstage, Black precision and a huge grin. That's my memory of BC on TOTP
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