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  1. The Nordstrand NJ4SE..... are for myself his finest pickup.... AS I've owned all of the NJ4 series.... These SV' s are also fine pup's..
  2. The Groove Regulator was the first filter & the GR2 has various upgrades including internal dip switches.. & Wet & dry function blend ability... Of course there are many filters on the market' its all subjective' Checkout the American Talkbass site for the Gr2s reputation among fellow bassists.... Its a winner!!!
  3. I've owned the 3Leaf GR2 for about three years now' & its just a great sounding' filter. I've had V2 Proton & V2 Wonderlove.... (Neither come close). The GR2 is highly sought after & they rarely come up for sale' If so they command high prices £££ For a pristine example in its original box in excess of £ 225.00 & in my estimation they are worth it.. Fat'& Funky.. Squelchy Vowel like envelope sounds' achieved with minimal tweaking' Extremely Versitile ... All in all a tremendous pedal.
  4. Hello' Cali 76 has the superior ((Sound)) for myself over the others.... Its expensive but' you get what you pay for & the H. P. F feature is superb. I've tryed & owned others.... Although they work well.. Compression is a dark art" & you have to use your ears & work with it.. extensively' for its benefits to be fully realised. As for boosters I. M. O forget it... Save your cash.... the one's in your above script are only so-so... Paulo.
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  7. LEHLE SONIC SPARK.... do not be fooled' this is an exceptional unit that has multiple use's...
  8. paulo m

    EBS Micro Bass 3!

    Let me be clear about my take on the microbass units' for myself the MB2 remains a superb piece of engineering & I use mine all the time on my board' both channels together EQ pretty flat' mids 500hz with a hair of boost' tube sim engaged' with a suggestion of drive ( I have recently aquired a Lehle Sonic Spark which is astounding for adding a tube like drive' if so desired' but that's a different unit which I strongly champion' & their bass preamp is of an unbelievable quality also) the MB3 could not replicate this.. & the sound for myself ( which is subjective I totally agree) is Thinner!!! & sterile & doesn't have the warmth & fatness of the MB2' earlier in this thread I stated my apprehension about this MB3 being superior too its brilliant predecessor.... & for myself it isnt' & global sales will be its measure... Let's see..?
  9. paulo m

    EBS Micro Bass 3!

    Hello.. Ive finally got my hands on a MB 3 & just what a disappointment!!! the sound is far thinner'compared to the MB 2. After an A&B comparison it doesn't for myself even come close' they have more knobs to twiddle & a reduction in sonic quality' their R&D dept must be shooting for the distortion bass sound that the metal guys use'... The components must be inferior to its predecessor' the tuner & the compression are the additional GIMMICKS although they work well ( and so they should at this price) and along with the conversion of the drive system which appears to be the priority of the unit'..... also their is two of them for sale on this site both as new'... I rest my case ( & both are still for sale..?)
  10. The T.C Electronic Dreamscape pedal is a winner for bass also.....its CHORUS' FLANGER' VIBRATO' & then you have a myriad of toneprints available from all of the CORONA' etc..
  11. The finest transparent compressor' on the market.... Worth the investment.
  12. Every time I've used this gear... (the yellow peril) it sounds okay' then the band starts & the sound dissapeer's somewhat... Also the livery of it all... is an aquired taste.... One of which I havent!!!! All of these endorsed artists are just that... & the equipment is made available to them when on tour..... Who would turn that down..? But to purchase I myself' would look elsewhere.
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  14. JACO Pastorius as he swore by these strings... Saying they had something that other strings simply didn't.....pure harmonic Content... & WHO could argue with the tone he brought to the musical world...
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