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  1. I use a T. C Electronic John Petrucci Dreamscape( Digital) ... Chorus' Flange' Vibrato & Tone prints available.. Pretty Good considering you can use all the Corona Chorus Prints also' I did have a Boss BF-2B Flanger (Analogue) that had been modded with the John Fromell mod' to make more T. C ( S C F) .. But the T. C J P pedal does so much more... Just remember Not too much effect..
  2. Interesting combination from the custom shop... I've never seen anything like this & I have an Original 76 Jazz made of the same woods & finished in Nitro'. It must be one of a very limited number & Does fender explain why it has a darker neck colour than the body..? G. L. W. T. S
  3. This Pedal will most probably be a winner for Boss' in a very competitive market.. But for myself like many others it leaves you slightly puzzled as to.... is the OC2 mode analogue ? & The Poly mode digital... & when combined are they mixed together as such..
  4. Check out Jonathan Herrera's review of this pedal on the Moullon Forum 😁
  5. I bought five sets of Fodera Nickel's 45 - 105 & I found them to be of an excellent quality & long lasting with even tone' & bright fundamentals... If I got dud strings from ANY manufacturer & I have had.... They go back... The only company I've had bad service from was D'ddarrio the rep I spoke to was a complete A-hole & very uncooperative.
  6. I've tryed a few' Sadowsky' Tech 21 Q 'Strip' Lehle IQ DI' Aguliar Tone hammer But for myself nothing I've tryed better's the EBS Microbass II For functionality & quality sound' build quality' & a myriad of applications.. In this price range.
  7. Lee is a great dude to deal with.... Buy with Confidence...
  8. Hi Lee' firstly thankyou for your reply most informative & very interesting as to how to utilise & get another performance out of these pedals. The Q Strip is additional E Q & is a very accurate one also' I use the H P F & the L P F on the unit when I'm playing through my smaller combo's a SWR Spellbinder Blue or' a SWR Basic Black to filter out those lower frequencies when using the Octave especially'. The HOF I use infrequently mainly with a fretless & the tone prints in the Chorus... which work well together. I shall experiment with your suggestions & maybe even reconfigure the board ' Thanks again for your input most kind' Paulo.
  9. The Q Strip works really well..... Big suprise.. & this board is really quiet' very little noise' which is always a bonus!! ( Can some kind person please explain how the flip' to use the effects loop on the GR2!!) Thank Q in advance.
  10. The Nordstrand NJ4SE..... are for myself his finest pickup.... AS I've owned all of the NJ4 series.... These SV' s are also fine pup's..
  11. The Groove Regulator was the first filter & the GR2 has various upgrades including internal dip switches.. & Wet & dry function blend ability... Of course there are many filters on the market' its all subjective' Checkout the American Talkbass site for the Gr2s reputation among fellow bassists.... Its a winner!!!
  12. I've owned the 3Leaf GR2 for about three years now' & its just a great sounding' filter. I've had V2 Proton & V2 Wonderlove.... (Neither come close). The GR2 is highly sought after & they rarely come up for sale' If so they command high prices £££ For a pristine example in its original box in excess of £ 225.00 & in my estimation they are worth it.. Fat'& Funky.. Squelchy Vowel like envelope sounds' achieved with minimal tweaking' Extremely Versitile ... All in all a tremendous pedal.
  13. Hello' Cali 76 has the superior ((Sound)) for myself over the others.... Its expensive but' you get what you pay for & the H. P. F feature is superb. I've tryed & owned others.... Although they work well.. Compression is a dark art" & you have to use your ears & work with it.. extensively' for its benefits to be fully realised. As for boosters I. M. O forget it... Save your cash.... the one's in your above script are only so-so... Paulo.
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