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  1. Spencer's work is excellent... I've enjoyed every filter I've used live.. & look forward to finding a Chromatron..
  2. Simply for myself his GR2 remains his best sounding filter to- date... So easy to Dial in usable sounds & I've owned his Protons & Wonderlove's..... he just kept adding functionality' to his later filters.. the Core Sounds & Wet Squelch of the GR2 is the finest I've heard.
  3. Funny' do you ever remember D'addario's XL Reds..? they marketed those as copper coated..? The outcome was Green & black finger ends... 😝 they briefly returned as EXP's but then dissapeered forever... These E.Bs Cobalts are expensive strings & if they don't sell in global figures.... They may hold the same fate...??
  4. For people whom suffer from corrosive sweat ( shall we say) or people whom can make a set of strings become very dull & very dead quickly.... These strings fit the bill....
  5. They turn green & become disgusting under your fingers.... E. B will probably stop manufacturing these strings it is a common issue & their are many other strings on the market that will serve you better.
  6. paulo m

    3leaf GR2 help

    These settings should work fine...
  7. paulo m

    3leaf GR2 help

    Try these settings...
  8. paulo m

    3leaf GR2 help

    Hello' just how do you have the internal dip switch's set...? this could be the issue..?
  9. The Microbass 2 is a superb unit... Try combining the channels' engage the Tube sim & adjust the drive to taste..? I personally have the main volume maxxed & use the boost to taste... ( You can back off the main volume & use the boost for varying driven tones) I also run the unit with the 10db pad engaged... All in all this unit has a multitude of applications' unbeatable build quality... The sound is pretty much "baked in" but I've found it doesn't impart any unwanted "Colouring" of your sound unlike the Tech 21 stuff... Of which I've found to have a synthetic quality' in saying this I have a Tech 21 Q strip for additional EQ... which is neutral sounding & adds very little hiss indeed.... Explore the MB 2....i won't part with mine.
  10. Excellent Sound Sample's & real quality filter sounds... 👏👏👏🙏🙏
  11. Not a lot to choose between any of em' really.... Its a personal nuance.
  12. At this price they are in direct competition with the Cali 76 compact' which is the best I've heard & used.. Interestingly they have the H. P. F in a side chain also... I do like the monitoring illuminations.... Will have to demo it sometime.... & they have added a grit/ grind element which I find interesting also.... it all comes down to our ears in the end & just what we find a pleasing fatness if you will.
  13. I use a T. C Electronic John Petrucci Dreamscape( Digital) ... Chorus' Flange' Vibrato & Tone prints available.. Pretty Good considering you can use all the Corona Chorus Prints also' I did have a Boss BF-2B Flanger (Analogue) that had been modded with the John Fromell mod' to make more T. C ( S C F) .. But the T. C J P pedal does so much more... Just remember Not too much effect..
  14. Interesting combination from the custom shop... I've never seen anything like this & I have an Original 76 Jazz made of the same woods & finished in Nitro'. It must be one of a very limited number & Does fender explain why it has a darker neck colour than the body..? G. L. W. T. S
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