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  1. Just FYI - Jim Fleeting is now based somewhere in Stockport. Will report back with my experience of one of the other two N Yorks luthiers..
  2. After one of these in fretless but can't seem to find them anywhere! Has anyone spotted any?
  3. Just curious - what's the thing between the neck pickup and the bridge (2nd pic)? Edit: Nevermind - some googling says it's a brass strip between the bridge pup and the bridge for grounding.
  4. I had a few lessons with Dave Murray in Stockport a couple of years ago before I moved way. I thought he was a fantastic teacher. He was recommended by a fair few people on here which is how I found him. http://basschat.co.uk/user/15210-davey-one-visits/
  5. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1485112435' post='3221214'] Many moons ago, I owned a Mexican J, which was very nice. One day, cd_david lent this bass to me to try at a rehearsal (just for fun, 'cos I had no money). It was a genuine 'light bulb' moment - it sounded so bloody good... just full of life. I remember it like it was yesterday - I never looked at my Mexican J in the same way again. [/quote] Thankyou for the kind words! Bump
  6. Didn't manage to get sound samples as I'm still away from home - back next weekend so will do some then Bump regardless!
  7. [quote name='FilipBass' timestamp='1484738571' post='3217889'] ..any sound samples? Thanks.. [/quote] I'm away from home currently but I'll do some at the weekend
  8. [quote name='SisterAbdullahX' timestamp='1483652169' post='3209083'] Dave Wilson is a genius, by the way... [/quote] Yeah, the neck repair is really really good.
  9. [quote name='Bassman666' timestamp='1483194359' post='3205350'] I have a 78 in the exact same colour scheme and mine is also a tank, however it has an unbelievable tone and the slightly deeper neck is very comfy. Have a free bump! [/quote] Thanks! New year, new bump
  10. [quote name='cd_david' timestamp='1482450568' post='3200780'] Unless the pickups have been changed then yes they are original. I owned this from 87-January 15 [/quote] Cheers, saves me pulling them out to check!
  11. [quote name='alembic63' timestamp='1482248284' post='3198851'] What about the pups mate,are they original ? [/quote] I'm 99% sure they are, but I've never actually checked. I'll do so when I'm back on York on Friday.
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