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  1. Digital piano for sale. Good for starting out on piano! Does come with a stand, but I thought I'd wait to see if anyone's actually interested before going through the rigmarole of getting it out of the loft and assembling it etc. Collection only, it's really big and heavy!
  2. Close to the centre, behind the train station. I'll have to give that a go if I can find any lying round!
  3. Set of Ernie Ball cobalt flatwounds. I bought these thinking they would be like TI flats - they aren't. They're much stiffer/higher tension, don't really seem to have that 'honk' and in general have a bit more of a scooped sound to my ears. I've had these a couple of months, so they're hardly new, but they've not been used much. Only one of the strings was cut, and it was cut for a Jazz. I can measure it for you if you want to check whether it fits on your bass. £3 postage or collection from York.
  4. For sale is a delightful early 21st century TC Electronic RS 210 cabinet. Made in Malaysia, and Designed in Denmark, this lightly alliterative speaker enclosure has had one owner (me) and never been gigged - although I've had it for years and took it to university etc so it's certainly seen good use, and even has a characterful stain on its rear. Available to preferably pickup (and test first) in York, this can also be shipped at buyer's cost - but if I can't find a suitable box/packaging for it you might need to send me one. Will consider trades for a Phil Jones headphone amp (with cash my way) or a fretless Jazz bass neck (maybe cash either way depending on the neck, but I wouldn't want to go for something worth more than about £350). Maybe even a fretted Jazz neck if you have a Japanese one (I slept on a really nice looking Jaguar neck that was on here and missed out)
  5. If you're not set on a red one Thomann have black ones in stock
  6. So I've had it a couple of days. Quite into it, it's not quite the same as headphones but it's certainly more in that direction that my previous cab (which I am now going to sell). Put it on a stool so it's closer to head height. It can go unpleasantly loud and make things in the room vibrate. Eventually I'd like to mic it and also run the line in from the head and record some comparison clips.
  7. Do you just plug directly into them or go through a preamp etc? Anyway, I've ordered the C2. The price was right, and hopefully it'll be good for those times when I feel like I don't want something on my head
  8. Hi, What's the weight? Also how does the neck compare to the '62 RI? Thanks
  9. I'd prefer not to build, I don't really have the necessary tools or patience. PA speaker could be a good shout! Yeah true. I guess a more realistic expectation would be aiming for the kind of tone I get when playing bass through my (old and cheap) monitors. I might just get the C2 from Thomann and see how I like it, suppose returning is always an option if it doesn't work out...
  10. I've started to realise that I prefer the tone of my bass through headphones, and I'd quite like to try and get as close to this as possible through an amp. I currently have a Little Mark 250 and a TC Electronic RS212, and while the RS212 has a tweeter it's still a bit lacking in the clarity for me. Anyway, I was looking for a little cab to replace it. I only use this amp for practice, so it doesn't need to compete with anything loud. I saw the Phil Jones C2 and thought that might be ideal. And it's quite cheap! Has anyone got any experience with it or any other suggestions?
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