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  1. These are a clone of the Xotic RC booster, at a whiff of the price.
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  5. Just had a smooth and easy deal with Gareth. All super-duper 🤘🏻
  6. Fionn

    Matsumoku basses

    @Skybone The SB Special was made from 82-84, then superseded by the RSB line.
  7. Fionn

    Matsumoku basses

    Talking of lovely pairs ... The SB900’s last partner was more suited in the aesthetic sense (another ‘81 with walnut finish), but it didn’t stick. I’m a sucker for the passive twin pickups and that control set. Ahhh, I love that set up. I appreciated the SB1000, but wow, it’s not my thing. Horses for courses, n that.
  8. Fionn

    Matsumoku basses

    I took some better photos today. The fretless is in standard tuning with light strings, flat neck, and very low action. The black fretted one is the demon, tuned down to drop A, heavy strung and set up for a pounding. 1981 Aria SB-900 (factory fretless) 1984 Aria SB Special-II
  9. Hi there John. I’ve not really been on BC for a while. Did you end up moving to the Neuk?? I’ve had this for about five years, but I bought it here from a guy who goes by the name ‘Bamboo’. I think I recall you saying you were eyeing it up though. So far as weight goes, I can’t weigh it for you unfortunately as I don’t have scales, but it’s significantly heavier than the ‘87 Streamer I had (which is your kind of target weight, right?).
  10. Yes, it is ... And you’re correct about the controls. When the preamp is bypassed the pan becomes the sole tone control. Yeahhh, the twin-j pickup is a bit of a Pandora’s box. MEC did something very good there. Mine is one of the rarer early models with the wenge neck and single preamp (those are from the first year of production). Sometime in 1998 they changed to ovankol necks and the twin-preamps. Most Pro M’s are like that.
  11. Some uncluttered curvy goodness 🖤
  12. Superlative instrument, and worth far more than the price reflects. This one is a particularly nice example 👌🏻
  13. Fionn

    Matsumoku basses

    Halo again folks. I’ve been away from Basschat for a while, but I picked up another Matsumoku gem in the interim. Aria SB Special-II. I’ve read that only 1000 of these were made, between 1982-84. The SB Special came in single and dual pickup versions, in either black or sunburst. These were the pre-cursor to the more common ‘RSB’ basses, though there are a few defining differences. The SB Specials have ash bodies whereas the RSBs are alder, the necks on the SB Specials are clear-coated whereas those on the RSBs are painted. The most notable difference is the bridge pickup on the dual pickup versions. The SB Special-II has a MB-III unlike the RSB, which sports a single coil MB-J. These may be among the ‘poor siblings’ of the Matsumoku Aria output, but they’re truly excellent instruments none the less, well made, beautifully balanced, and just oozing with Matsumoku mojo. I find this one more comfortable to play than either of my ‘full-weight’ SB’s, and it sounds amazing ... really clean, bright, and articulate, super smooth tones, fat thru glassy, with the same control set as on the SB900 and SB-R80 so, yes, very versatile. I’ve got a ton of love for this bass.
  14. I use light gauge (40-60-70-95) Ernie Ball Cobalt Flats on all my basses. This gauge/ tension is perfect for me. I’d like to drop tune one of my basses to C-F-A#-D# (standard 34” scale). I love the specific character of the EB Cobalt flats, so I’d like to stick to this brand. I can’t use their 5-string set as their only available gauge is too high. Their heaviest 4-string set is 55-75-90-110. I wonder how this set would work at that tuning? Specifically, would the 110 go down to C without losing definition? I reckon I could live with that tension. Are there any other factors that I’m failing to consider here? I could switch brand and put the low-4 of a light gauge 5-string set on there, but I’d rather not. There’s no string like the EB cobalt flats. Just wondering what I can get away with, tuning down that heavy set. What do you reckon?
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