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  1. Exactly what I’m after! I’ll most definitely take that. Messaged you 👍🏻
  2. Fionn


    Withdrawn Boss RC-300 Loop Station This is the daddy of all loopers. If you’re reading this you’ll know that though. If you’re not sure, there are a huge amount of reviews, articles, demos, forum discussions, etc online. Corporate blurb: https://www.boss.info/global/products/rc-300/ Condition: It has virtually never been used, so like new. Original box and PSU are included. I’ve misplaced the manual, though it can be downloaded from the Boss website. I can post the manual when it turns up anyway. I’m happy to post within the UK, fully insured, using the Parcelforce 48 service, for an extra £10. Trades: I could trade/ part trade for the following... Fender Precision Lyte, Sunn Mustang Precision, Markbass NY121 cab .... or try me with something else. I’m open to trade offers.
  3. Fionn

    Feedback for Pow_22

    Paul is a good honest guy to deal with, no doubt 👍🏻
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  5. Thank you. I’ve sent you a PM
  6. Sold Hohner Arbor Series P-Bass Decent 1980’s medium weight Precision Bass copy. All original. It’s set up nicely, and has just been given a thorough clean. Everything works as it should. The truss rod does its thing, the neck is straight, and the frets are excellent. The neck is definitely more typical of Jazz Bass profile/ width/ thickness. Cosmetic condition is good, just few minor marks on the paintwork, the lacquer on the rear of the neck is discoloured with age. All within the realms of mojo. I’m between Lewis and Fife at the moment, but I can post anywhere in the UK for £15. I’ll remove the neck before packing, for safer transportation.
  7. I know he played bass in what was arguably the biggest/ best known band of all time. I know that a few top players rate him for such strengths as ‘melodic sensibility’, ‘appropriateness’, etc, but why do I hear his name so often when ‘bass greats’ are being spoken of, always seeming to rank highly on these relentless ‘best bass players of all time’ lists that proliferate? I would never argue that he wasn’t a fine musician, a good song-writer, and solid multi-instrumentalist, and I don’t find his bass playing to be offensive in any way. ... just a bit ‘meh’. He sounds to me like a guitarist playing bass typically does. I can’t hear any innovation or great imagination in what he did, nothing special at all. He may have been a tuneful, solid player ... but I certainly don’t believe he’s one of the greats of the instrument. I believe him to be highly overrated in that regard. Am I spectacularly missing something here? I’m interested to hear what folk have to say, McCartney fans especially. Give me food for thought. I’m always open to another perspective.
  8. I’ve relocated, so you might want to edit my location. I’m now in the Outer Hebrides (still furthest north though). I’ll help out anyone in the islands, sure .... provided I’m not the only bass player here 🤔 Anyway, I can do set-ups, fingerboard/ fretboard/ fret work, basic electronic repairs, certain types of refinishing, and my forte ... metalware/ hardware modifications. I’ve been confidently working on my own basses for the last 20-odd years. I’m a silversmith by trade, so I’m familiar with working to high technical standards 👍🏻
  9. Bought a nice set of flats from Chris ... all good, very happy, etc. cheers man! 🙂
  10. Thank you 🙂 Oh! I never noticed that was there. That’s my partner’s clip-on Snark tuner. She plays acoustic guitar around there.
  11. Set of 4 machine heads from a Squier VM Jazz Bass. They’re in perfect working order, everything tight and solid, with no distinguishable wear whatsoever. I bought them on here last week, but won’t be needing them. Sold
  12. After another bout of tweaking, this is where my board is at. It’s set-up to have two basses (fretted & fretless) plugged into the Preamp simultaneously, with 3 programmed tones (2 Clean & 1 Overdrive) for each bass. All the other pedals are linked through the internal FX loop of the SansAmp. The pedal order works for me, I’m delighted, although a few compromises were required for the greater good. The chain goes ... Preamp (SansAmp Bass Driver Deluxe) >>> Tuner (Korg Pitch Black) >>> Compressor (MXR M87) >>> Synth/ Octavers (Markbass Super-Synth) >>> Fuzz (ZVEX Mastotron) >>> Envelope Filter (MXR M82) >>> Chorus/ Flanger (MXR M83) >>> Phaser/ Ring Modulator (Ibanez PM7) >>> Delay/ Reverb (Boss RV-3) >>> Volume/ Wah (Hotone Bass Press) >>> Boost (Mooer Pure Boost) >>> Looper 1 (TC Electronic Ditto) >>> Looper 2 (Boss RC-300 *not shown*) >>> DI/ Out (SansAmp again) ... Elsewhere on the board, the PSU is a Diago Powerstation, plugged into a 3-port extension socket (adapted with a right-angled female kettle socket) . The 12v Markbass PSU also plugs in there, with a free socket available for my amp if needs be. I just plug a kettle cord into the board and I’m totally powered up and good to go. The patch leads are Bespeco. These have been totally reliable and are noise-free. The whole board operates very quietly and cleanly. The 3 buffered pedals are all good. Also in the case is a wee box for bits n bobs; earplugs, spare patch lead, spare battery, capo (yes, a capo), and a couple of mutes. I made raised plinths of various heights to attach some of the pedals to, so that they’re all accessible/ easily clickable. In addition to this board I use a multi-track Looper (Boss RC-300). It’s about 2/3 the size of my pedalboard, so it lives separately. That unit has its own FX section, though I only use the delay function. Very handy when looping, as the delays are synced. I’m satisfied with this for now, but you know how it goes ... I’m already thinking about putting an anologue Octaver in there (in addition to the Markbass). I’ve got 3 switchable Octave settings programmed via the software on that, and they’re fantastic, especially when used in combination with other pedals ... but they do sound very digital. I had been thinking about the new MXR Vintage Bass Octave, though I’m coming round to the idea of the wee Valetone OC-2 rip-off. Small, cheap, and good. Hmmm 🤔
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