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  1. Hey everyone! Selling my trusty Aguilar SL112. A change in direction means I no longer need it anymore. It's been extremely reliable for me and is an absolutely amazing and lightweight piece of kit. Some marks and scratches on the exterior and on the corners from travel and use. Otherwise in perfect working condition! Would rather collection or meetup but could organise a courier for an additional cost. Price: £400 Message me with any questions! James
  2. Hello everyone! Selling my Cali76 as I am going through a bit of a gear clearout! Amazing pedal and extremely versatile. It really brings out the tone in my basses and sounds great live. I unfortunately can't find the original box, but will try and keep an eye out for it before shipping. (Shipping will be included in the £215 price!) Feel free to drop a message me if you have any questions. James
  3. Hello everyone! I'm unfortunately selling my Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal! It's an amazing pedal and extremely versatile. I've just changed my playing approach very soon after buying it so it hasn't even been taken out for a gig, so it definitely deserves to go to someone who will utilise it's full potential. I love the fact you can download pre-made patches from other users and create your own sounds in more fine detail using the desktop app. This pedal will do someone a world of good when it comes to making synth sounds without having to spend £1000s on synth hardware. This pedal is still basically in mint condition with all accessories included in original packaging. With that in mind I'm selling it for £210 including 1st Class Postage. Feel free to message me if you are interested or have any questions! James
  4. Hi everyone! I'm selling my Radial Engineering Passive Stereo DI Box. Used maybe once or twice and the condition reflects that. Original box included which has some scuffs/rips due to being packed away in a gig bag not being used for the best part of a year! I bought it with the intent to make the most of the stereo function with other equipment but that never ended up coming to fruition so it's just been sitting dormant... Would rather it go to someone who can make the most of this incredible piece of kit. These are still selling for £270 upwards retail so I'm looking for [u][b]£200 incl. P+P[/b][/u] Picture below. Let me know if you have any questions [attachment=255059:IMG_0057.JPG]
  5. Hey everybody, Selling my trusty old Pedaltrain 2 with original soft case as well as a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus Power Supply. It's served me very well over the years but as part of an ongoing downsize it's time to move on! It's worth mentioning that there are some chips to the paintwork where I swapped pedaltape (in a slightly careless manner...). The Voodoo Labs Power Supply is already installed. If each individual part is wanted then it's [b]£50[/b] for the PedalTrain 2 and [b]£140[/b] for the Voodoo Labs Power Supply. Together, as I'd prefer to get rid of them both in one go, is [b]£180[/b]. Will also throw in an assortment of pedal adapters including 6 standard connector, 1 3.5mm connector and 2 extension cables Price is based on collection or drop off near Pinner (NW London). Can also arrange delivery at slight charge! Message me for more details!
  6. Hey Everyone! Selling my Novation Bass Station II as I've unfortunately moved away from using synths at the moment and found that it's not getting much use! It's a killer piece of kit and extremely versatile. To check out what it's capable of, check out Darrell Freeman's instagram!! [url="http://www.instagram.com/darrell_freeman"]www.instagram.com/darrell_freeman[/url] Comes with original box, manual, cables and power supply. £260 collected from Pinner (NW London) but can also arrange courier at cost. Message me if you have any questions!
  7. Price drop to [b] £80 incl. postage![/b]
  8. [quote name='CameronJ' timestamp='1497654363' post='3319901'] Wow. That's almost a year between bumps I have a Meatbox and love it. It's a must have IMO for anyone wanting to make noise and shake walls! GLWTS. [/quote] I know!!! Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of still owning this pedal!
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