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  1. Hi all, Does anybody have any experience of dealing with freight forwarding companies? I'm looking to purchase a bass that is only currently available from Guitar Centre and Musicians Friend, neither of whom will ship it to the UK, presumably due to licensing restrictions imposed by Fender as this model was exclusive to BAX in Europe. Sadly BAX have sold out and confirmed they can't get any more. There's no rosewood or anything like that involved so I think it's just red tape preventing the US stores from shipping it directly so I'm looking for any recommendations from anybody who has used freight forwarding companies to do something similar. Thanks. EDIT: Managed to get one after all, and without the messy freight forwarding. Move along. Nothing to see here.
  2. I love people like that. Less work if someone is happy to do all the talking and I can just nod occasionally without any fear of a lull in the conversation haha
  3. I respect your opinion. Didn't mean to misquote you. Still disagree I think but only speaking from my own perspective so maybe what you're saying is true in some cases 🙂
  4. Not wanting to speak for anybody else but I feel like you might have missed the point here. For me at least, and I share similar sentiments to AndyTravis and CamdenRob, it's not about viewing anybody as enemies and it's got nothing to do with gender. I just find socialising to be massively hard work and incredibly draining. Slightly less so with people I know well but massively so with more casual acquaintances or colleagues. Rather than viewing anybody as a potential enemy I'm more likely to come away worrying that my awkwardness might be misinterpreted as being rude or stand offish
  5. If I can get one for £477 then my gear buying abstinence is knackered. Won't pay any more than that though.
  6. The pricing of these (currently pre-order in the UK) is erratic, looks like stores are trying to cash in on the limited aspect. £477 at Rubadub.co.uk and Gear4Music £619 at PMT and GtrGtr £709(!!!!) at Richtone. Has somewhat quelled my desire to get one. And by somewhat I mean totally.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I'm still in, having blocked all music store websites from the browsers on my phone, laptop and work computer. I'm now struggling though having managed to see some of the early Winter NAMM releases and earmarking at least one purchase I want to make. 😣
  9. I'm grateful for your heads up, or else I probably wouldn't have bothered registering. It's nice when companies give something back like this when so many others don't bother.
  10. This is the Blacktop Jazz bass from a few years back in 'Blizzard Pearl':
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