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  1. Both gorgeous but I am very biased towards Sadowsky and both my Sadowskys are sunburst with maple necks... The figuring on the Fodera neck is very nice too though...
  2. Hulk Hogan plays bass and used to act in films that were probably much worse than his bass playing. Jason Momoa is a keen bass player as well.
  3. Great review. I have been seen considering the Teambuilt Thumb 6 for a while now. I really don’t need a six string but if I did a Warwick would be right at the top of the list.
  4. Those Yerasov pedals look really cool.
  5. I essentially use the AO as a clean preamp to add mids back into the signal to counteract the scoopiness of the B3K! Not recorded with the AO yet. Did a stoner/doom album lately with my signal essentially being the Walkabout combo with the B3K.
  6. I really don’t like the first Red Hot Chili Peppers album but I really like the George Clinton produced Freaky Styley. Bleach by Nirvana is probably my favourite Nirvana album. It is also widely critically acclaimed so not one I would think is easily dismissed as a stinker. Also, I dislike all four of the first Pantera albums pre Cowboys from Hell!
  7. thodrik

    Vigier Porn!

    I really really wish that they would do a wooden walnut style finish of the modern Vigier basses. I would love a walnut finished Excess.
  8. Sadowsky NYC 5 or Vigier Arpege 5 Elixirs Nickel set 130-132 (both tuned 'up' to drop B Karnivool style but on five strings rather than six); or Sadowsky Metro with Roto 100-40 stainless steels (standard tuning); or Vigier Excess tuned to C sharp sabbath tuning/drop B with Elixirs 130-50; or Fender Precision tuned to D standard/Drop C with D'addario Nickel set 120-50; or (probably not but maybe) 1974 Gibson EB3 with Elxir stainless steel 105-45 (standard tuning) Generally I play fingerstyle but I have been playing with a pick more in lockdown. Cable Boss Tuner - TU3 Darkglass B3K or made by my mate GCI Bass Brutalist Darkglass Alpha Omega or TC Electronic Flashback X4 My mate's DIY clone or an Earthquaker Hummingbird Tremolo TC Ditto X2 Keeley Bassist Compressor cable into any one of Mesa Big Block 750: or EBS Fafner; or Trace Elliot V6; into a Mesa Powerhouse 6x10 (I have a heavily soundproofed garage and I am careful with the volume!); or when I being sensible my Mesa Walkabout 1x15 combo.
  9. Exactly. 'Soundguy acceptance factor' is a big deal. I mean, if the soundperson has the view of 'I just want to use a DI box into the front input of the amp' it is difficult enough to negotiate the use of my own DI from my head, let alone trying to get them to (a) mic up my cab or (b) run a slave output to the back of my amp which runs into my own personal external DI box. Items (a) and (b) are needed to make the most of the immense tone of a valve amp with no DI attached, however in the soundperson's defence, sometimes they just do not have time to do (a) or (b) given time pressures between changeovers etc. Not all big valve amps have a DI. I'm pretty sure Matamps don't have a DI either but I might be wrong.
  10. While those tactics are highly effective it still requires more items of gear that you would not need if the amp had a DI built in to it in the first place. I mean it is not an absolute deal breaker and it is an awesome amp irrespective, but I generally like an amp to have a DI with a pre/post EQ option.
  11. There is also the English Muff'n and EBS Valvedrive, both of which actually have valves. I have both and confirm that they work well with active basses. Both take up a lot of pedalboard real estate though!
  12. The Aguilar Agro worked great with my Sadowsky Metro. It worked great on low gain settings. It does seem to lack (in my opinion) a bit of low end 'oomph' compared to the Darkglass pedals, so I used to run the Aguilar with my old Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver. That was a great mix. However to my ears the Aguilar has a much more natural and less fizzy sound than the Darkglass, despite it not having a blend control. On low gain settings the Agro does a terrific 'clank' as if you are driving an amp to breaking point. I have a Darkglass B3K at the minute, which definitely delivers more low end grunt than the Agro. It is fairly fizzy, even on low gain settings but it most definitely works with active basses.
  13. I moved on my M6 because it was so loud and clean and I wanted something I could dial in a bit of preamp dirt at useable volumes like I could with the Walkabout. I ended up with the Mesa Big Block with is probably the dirtiest, most valvey hybrid head I have tried. The EQ on the Big Block is fairly agricultural compared to the Walkabout or the M6, as the Big Block only really does 'one sound' which is generally a mid heavy, gritty, grindy rock tone. Luckily that is the exact sound I am looking for. You can kind clean up the sound by backing off the gain but it just does not achieve that wide open clean sound of the M6. However, I already had an EBS Fafner which could do the same kinda tone as the M6 but had a more forgiving volume taper! Though back to the actual thread I would have bought the Orange AD200 several times over it had actually had a DI! I really like the Orange guitar amps as well and have been after one of the discontinued Thunderverb heads for a while.
  14. I might do this but I have essentially migrated to Bias for my go to ‘laptop’ guitar sounds.
  15. Surely if the bass player is capable of playing quickly enough to reach the 'gold' standard of BPM expected of professional bassists that is excitement enough?
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