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  1. The Orange AD200 and matching 1x15 looks like a hell of deal.
  2. The Boss Chorus has now been sold. Just the Akai left.
  3. Yes, and Flea pretty much ended the venture after about 18 months or so.
  4. Its a cool finish and if I was dropping that kind of cash on a bass I would rather it be this than the Fender Custom Shop Phil Lynott version which was retailing at about £11k, though to be fair I would probably want both for the sake of variety.
  5. My old S9 Precision I have had since 1999. It doesn't get gigged much now as the lacquer on the neck is starting to come off. The pickguard was cut into two by a previous owner because the jack socket was apparently 'dodgy' and needed to be accessed regularly. Funnily enough, I re-soldered the jack when I was 14 and the jack has been in perfect working order for the last 20 years... Definitely the most played, but the Sadowsky Metro is catching up as it has been my main gigging bass since 2010. If I had to sell all my basses, this would be the last one to go.
  6. With the SMX, or any graphic preamp, I think that the best advice is to generally avoid boosting any frequencies below 100Hz. Boosting at around 100-250HZ gives the effect of adding Bass but at frequency level that your speakers can replicate. This allows you to use the amp at higher volume levels. Also, I would recommend getting a copy of a manual for an SMX. Here is one, though your own amp might differ slightly, but the principles of how Trace Elliot amps work are broadly similar. http://www.munns.info/manuals/Trace_elliot_gp75m.pdf
  7. I put a set of Elixirs on my Vigier last November. The B string is still really tight and crisp some ten months later. Normally I am changing strings every 6 weeks or so, so the Nickles are really saving me loads of money.
  8. Price drop: Boss Chorus £40 plus postage Akai: £30 plus postage £60 plus postage for the pair of them. Probably my last price drop.
  9. I recently sold a Sansamp Bass Driver to Matthew. A top Basschatter to deal with. Very easy transaction, great communication and prompt payment. Great stuff!
  10. Lovely bass, 26 frets as well I see. I really like the look of the non-gloss open grain-style finish on the back of the neck. Very Warwick like all round. Very nice. Monorail bridges are very cool too, though I find them to be a pain when it comes to trying to dust the spaces inbetween the individual bridges. Congratulations!
  11. Yet seemingly think it is perfectly acceptable to sand through a finish. I think that the additional costs is partially to cover the cost of the licensing agreement, partially to cover the cost of undertaking the additional work to make 'non-Warwick' shaped instruments and also adding in a decent profit margin. It just makes the instrument about £1k more expensive that ideally would be. However, at least the finishes are more fancy than the old Metros, at least when the finishes are not sanded through by accident.
  12. Exactly, the Japanese Metro instruments had really good levels of quality control. The prices of the Metros went a bit sky high latterly, but when I bought my Metro the main comparables were a Fender American Deluxe Jazz or a Sandberg. The Metro came out top for me, which was impressive given I that really liked the Sandberg. Honestly, I was hoping that the price of the Warwick made Metros was going to be closer to the price of the GPS Warwicks, where a five string Thumb is just about £1600. It seems though that the Metros are being put in around £2.5k which is a very tough price point unless the quality control is utterly exceptional.
  13. I really like that one. In a 'plus' point for the Warwick metros, the fingerboards definitely have a lot more figuring than the old Japanese Metros which tended to have very plain fingerboards. If I remember correctly, the hardware on the previous Metros was pretty much identical to the NYC line. I might be wrong though. Those definitely look like different tuners though. I'm not sure I saw many five string HPJ Metros though.
  14. Absolutely, having members from all over the world is one of the best things about this forum.
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