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  1. Just for the utter pointlessness of the whole endeavour. Basically as a take one of those Anderson’s ‘sound like’ videos: ’Polishing a turd BY BUSTING THE BANK!’ I was also not being entirely serious.
  2. But if the guitar is that bad, I am almost intrigued as to just how bad the bass will be! I mean, I would love to pimp one out with a retrofitted Sadowsky pre-amp, new Hipshot and tuners tuners. Maybe even get some PLEK treatment. It would still be an unplayable turd, but it would be a really pimped out, heavily upgraded, unplayable turd.
  3. My dad bought the guitar equivalent and still has it. It is utterly beyond horrible to play now and was apparently horrible to play then. However the chance to finally get the matching bass is tempting...
  4. The website is full of millennial social media influencer speak containing unverified responses to unverified claims and lots of marketing speak but very little information. I wish them well but certainly not something I would consider.
  5. Congratulations! I have been through this recently as we currently have a 9 week old baby girl. Essentially, I don't think that music really matters in terms of relaxing our baby, at least while she is at the newborn stage. When she wants to sleep, she will sleep through anything. When she doesn't want to sleep or she is hungry and not being fed, no amount of relaxing music is going to help calm her as well as the act of picking her up and giving her a cuddle and speaking to her. In terms of quiet relaxing sounds with slow low sounding groans and no loud unexpected noises, I have found that watching a Scottish football match on the TV is as beneficial as any type of whale music or compilations of background noises.
  6. I like to try the basses or guitars before I buy them, particularly if it is a Fender or a Gibson and especially if it is a vintage example. In terms of high quality/boutique stuff, I would be a happy to buy new/used without trying it out first once I have tried one example that has impressed me. For example, if my mate bought a brand new Spector and let me try it and I loved it, I would happily buy a new (or used) Spector without trying it. If my mate bought a 1983 US Fender Jazz and I tried it and loved it, I would not be willing to buy another 1983 US Fender Jazz blind without trying it.
  7. Most basses should be able to fit a 110 gauge E string, as it is only slightly larger than a standard 105 E string, You really shouldn't have have any problems going back to a 105 E string. Most basses come strung with strings of 105/100 E strings, but you don't need to get a new nut if you decide to move to an extra light set of 90-40 strings.
  8. If you want high tension and low action and like your current strings then I would just get a heavier set of Rotos. Drop C # isn't too low, I used to use 105-45 D'addario pro steels or EB Hybrid Slinkys for that. I generally had to change them pretty frequently though when gigging to retain that clear 'piano' tone I wanted. I tried DR DDT's but I thought that they were good, but very expensive and unbalanced from string to string once you moved to the heavier sets of 115-55. I ordered a custom set of Newtones and while the strings were good, they didn't deliver the gauges I actually ordered (which meant that they were not optimised for the tuning I had specified when I placed my order- 'heavy core' or not) which kind of irked me for the price I was charged. For the tunings I use now (D standard drop C) I find that the D'addario EXL160BT 120- 90- 67- 50 set are superior to any DR DDT set, Dunlop Heavy Core set or the custom Newtones I have tried over the years. The 120 will be great for drop C# however it might be a bit tight for E flat unless you set your bass up to cope with the extra tension.
  9. To be fair, any number of different combinations would work for 70s rock. In terms of the mainstream brands. Geezer Butler has been using Ashdown stuff for a while (with a Lakland P-bass no less). Roger Glover used TC Electronic for years. Orange has really been trying to capture that 'modern' 70s rock revivalists with a slightly retro vibe (I think Glenn Hughes endorses them). Fender Rumble stuff is good too. The new Gallien Krueger Legacy series heads look really nice as well. For the 'plug your own gear' part of the post, for 70s rock tones I love my old Mesa Walkabout. It is 'only' 300 watts so there is limited headroom compared to a 600 watt amp. However from owning a 600 watt amp, I discovered I really didn't need that much headroom anyway. The 'kinda' new version of the Walkabout is the Mesa WD800 and it will cover similar tones to the Walkabout but with a lot more headroom and capability for tonal variation. It will hurt your wallet at £1300 though (don't even look at the price of the matching Mesa cabs...).
  10. Cracking looking bass that! Congratulations!
  11. Generally I have never been in a brand new originals band that gets offered three gigs for the same night at the same time. Generally, so long as the offer was half decent and the band were free and keen to play, the band would do gig (a), (b) or (c) in the initial stages of gigging. The big no-no to me was saying you would do a gig and then ditching it to do a 'better' gig. Such tactics were only acceptable to the newly offered gig was a fantastic offer (i.e opening for a very established/semi-famous act).
  12. For me the classic three are their run of albums of Blast Tyrant, Robot Hive/Exodus and From Beale Street to Oblivion. I saw them about 5 times from 2003-2008. They were a phenomenal live band back then. Their newer stuff is still really good but doesn’t really grab me as essential listening. Saw them live in 2015 and while still great it just didn’t have that same level of magic, at least to me. I do like Elephant Riders too.
  13. It happens with amps too. At the start of the year there was a massive spate of Mesa Boogie gear for sale, which previously I have found to be pretty scarce. I mean a few years ago, I actually had funds to buy a second hand Wal, but one never appeared. By the time it did I had already bought a bloody car.
  14. Okay, following my previous review of the album (which seems to have magically vanished and then reappeared from this thread) where I marked it as 7/10, I would now like to say that I have grown to enjoy the album more than I initially expected. I hereby increase my score to a massive...8/10.
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