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  1. thodrik

    Trace Elliot GAS contracted

    I used to have a fairly big TE collection consisting of two cabs (1028H and 1518), a GP7 SM300 1x15 combo, a SMX300 head and the mighty V6. I am down to just the V6 now. Heavy yes, but not as heavy as the Ampeg equivalent. It is about 25Kg and there is only one handle at the top so it technically 'is' a one handed lift. In terms of weight my considerations are usually on the basis of 'can I lift it and walk it 100 yards from the car to the venue and up a flight of stairs without dropping it?'. The V6 is close to the limit as a one handed lift, but the tone is worth it. Once I am over 40 or suffer from back problems I will perhaps reconsider. At the moment though I am enjoying the benefits of owning an old Volvo that can fit all kinds of cool, old and heavy bass gear.
  2. thodrik

    anyone else had this e mail?

    Used to get quite a lot of these back in the days of being in a 'signed' band. Sometimes it was difficult to tell the genuine offers of rip off 'buy on' tours from the fraudulent offers of rip off 'buy on' tours.
  3. thodrik

    Ampeg. Are they the Marmite of amps?

    I always thought that Ampeg were the bass equivalent of Marshall in the guitar world. Ever present, industry standard gear that some people love, many people like and some people who just don't like them. I wouldn't say no to an Ampeg head. Would I trade my Trace Elliot V6 for an SVT though? Not a chance.
  4. thodrik

    . . . . more Scary Pockets

    Me too!
  5. thodrik

    If You Had £3000 For a Bass ....

    At £3k I tried a really nice Fender Custom Shop jazz for about that in Guitar Guitar Glasgow today. Though I played an even nicer original 1970s Jazz for around half that price. Ended up buying a new Boss TU-3 after my TU-2 died after 17 years of use...
  6. thodrik

    Some love for Isis

    I only became a fan in the six months before the split. I stupidly did not go to the Isis Aereogramme tour when they played Glasgow which is one of the few gigs I really regret not going to. In the Absence of Truth is my personal favourite album even though I will accept that it is generally seen as one of the weaker albums, even by members of the band. Yes it is in the arty-farty period, but I absolutely love the drum sound on that the album. Oceanic and Panopticon are classics. Celestial is great. Wavering Radiant is a bit tame but has a couple of great tracks.
  7. thodrik

    Gallien Krueger 1001rb with 210rbh cab

    Played that set up for a radio session circa 2010. I was absolutely impressed with the amp and cab.
  8. thodrik

    (what, again?) Precision v Jazz

    Both, always both.
  9. thodrik

    Which pedal for dropping the tuning?

    Sometimes it is actually pretty impressive how large a gauge of strings you can install on a bass without having to recut the nut. I managed to install a D’Addario set of 120-50 strings and the DR DDT 115-55 set without having to recut the nut of my Sadowsky from stock. That is my absolute limit though on a four string. I would never tune a four string BEAD for example. I used to have a designated ‘drop tuning’ bass, but after a certain point, more and more of my projects were in alternate tunings. After a while I just thought that I might as well use my best bass for all this stuff, otherwise it would my ‘standard tuning’ bass that would never be used! if I was doing a set of standard tuning songs though and just one song needed to be in E flat or d standard, then I would definitely consider a pedal.
  10. thodrik

    Old Fenders - Why the $$$?

    I own an S9 series Precision (so could have been made any time from 1978-80). Got it for under £400 in 1999 (I was 13 and it seemed like a good deal compared to a new US Standard that would have been £700 or so). Now, basses from that era are going for £1300-£1500. If I had bought a US Standard when I was 14 it would probably only be worth £600 or so now. The reality though is that either instrument would still be a passive Fender that I have been using for a period of 20 years. After using the bass for twenty years, I have probably ruined my bass as a potential 'investment' purchase for someone else. What a bloody shame. I have always wanted to buy a seventies Jazz to match the Precision I have. When I was last properly looking for a four string Jazz in 2009, I played a few 60s Jazzes, along with a Sandberg and Sadowsky Metro. Mojo aside, the 60s Jazzes were nowhere near the Sandberg or the Sadowsky Metro in terms of fit, finish or sound. I love old basses, but if/when I have thousands to spend on a Fender Jazz-style bass I am much more likely to consider a Sadowsky, Mike Lull or even a new Fender Custom shop, where there less fear of 'will I get a good one?'
  11. thodrik

    Which pedal for dropping the tuning?

    A decent octave pedal would get you a decent low C with a minimum of fuss. I am very much a 'just tune down if you need to'. Back in the day if I needed to use a low C for 40 seconds of a song, I would just tune the E to C for that song and rework the fingering to suit. It wasn't as ideal as having a five string or a separate bass for a particular song, but the solution was free rather than find a solution that would cost me more money like another pedal. Now I have a five string which makes things a lot easier. For anything lower than drop D, which involves tuning all of the strings to E flat standard or below, I use the D'Addario 120-50 Balanced Tension set. Usually less than 20 quid a set compared to the far more unbalanced DR DDT set of 115-55 set at £30 plus quid and to me the work just as well. ideal for D standard/drop C but good for drop C sharp (a bit high tension for my liking) and decent enough for C standard (albeit with lower tension). Anything lower than C standard is five string territory.
  12. thodrik

    New Fender Duff Mckagan Deluxe Bass

    Really like those. A Fender with a drop D extender as standard is also pretty cool. Personally I think more basses should come with this feature. I say that as someone who owns five basses and none of them have an extender!
  13. thodrik

    Thanks Bass Direct!! MAJOR NBD (Sadowsky content)

    No headstock signing on my NYC either. I don't think that the headstock signatures are standard on Sadowskys, but I might be wrong. Stuart Spector signs all of the main US Spectors, must have sore wrists at this point.
  14. It’s getting bloody worse! I got a phone call from the student loans company on Friday afternoon. Apparently I’m due a refund because I finally paid my loan off in April 2018 without knowing, so I’m due a refund of 9 months worth of payments. It is like the universe wants me to buy stuff! I think I will manage to hold off. Played my Walkabout again today, it is still awesome.
  15. thodrik

    Feedback for krispn

    Just bought a Darklgass Alpha Omega from Gavin. Posted to Orkney with no issues. Item was well packed, complete with box and manual. Super easy Basschatter to deal with. I even got some extra insight into some amps to consider in the future. As detailed in all the feedback above, I would also recommend him without hesitation. Cheers also to @Al Krow for managing to essentially broker two deals for me in as many weeks!