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  1. I have a chambered bodied NYC 5 with true single coils and solid body Metro with humcancelling pickups. Other than that they are ash body maple neck basses. The NYC to my ears is less ‘in your face’ and slightly more vintage voiced than the Metro. How much of that is the solid body and how much is the different pickups is up for debate. Both have good to great levels of sustain but not as much as graphite neck or neck through basses (the Vigiers I have out-sustain them). The main difference is the extra string and that the NYC is silly levels of lightweight and has a bit more of a ‘wow’ factor in appearance. The Metro certainly doesn’t sound inferior, just a little bit different. The Metro also has slightly chunkier frets, as my NYC has vintage type lower profile frets. Quality of the fretwork on the Metro is on par with the NYC though.
  2. It’s the worst time too. Buy one of the last line of Japanese Metros, wait for the first line of Warwick made Metros or make the plunge for an NYC while Roger Sadowsky is still actively making instruments? Choices, choices, choices.
  3. Okay, I'll bite. I think it looks cool apart from the pickup covers. The tuning machines don't bother me in the slightest. The look of the bass though makes me think that I would need to water it a couple of times a week to help it grow.
  4. As a Sadowsky owner already this partnership has had the effect of making me check out Warwick basses. Now I am semi-seriously thinking that owning a 6 string GPS Warwick Thumb in Nirvana Black would be the perfect way to ease myself into 6 string bass territory...
  5. Me too.I think that the 802 looks really impressive. It is all about function, flexibility and ease of use. I always thought that the old TD 650 just looked a bit like a really high end mids 1990s Hi-Fi amplifier. I think that the 802 is pretty similar in this respect. I did love the 'rock' look of the Fafner mk I with the chicken head knobs which I ended up buying, but then the Fafner II didn't do anything for me in terms of looks.
  6. When I joined BC I was a 23 year old bass player for an alt-rock band signed to a small label with worldwide distribution. We were just about ready to record album number 2. Progress in writing and recording the album was very slow. So slow that I joked to the drummer that I could qualify as a lawyer in less time than it took us to finish the album. I am now a 33 year old solicitor.
  7. Yeah, they did (and might still do) 2x10 and 1x15 combos, much like TE did. Basic designs have not really changed. The original run of amps I think were 'only' 300 watts. Later amps were 500 watts. Being used I would be more concerned with the condition of the actual amp in question rather than the model.
  8. I am a Trace Elliot fan, however to my ears the Ashdown amps are more versatile in that you can get a semi hi-fi clean tone or you can dial in a gritty, dirty overdriven sound. Trace Elliot amps are great but if you don't like the 'baked in' pre shape sound you are pretty much just left with the graphic to get your core tone (or pedals). However if you want and need 'that Trace Elliot sound' though then it has to be Trace. In general I prefer the Trace Elliot speakers (usually Celestion) to the Ashdown speakers. So I would probably pair an ABM head with a Trace Elliot 1x15 or 2x10.
  9. Anything up to 11lbs is doable for me without issue. As said above balance is more important to me than weight. Yeah, I have a Sadowsky and it is very very light (just under 8lbs). I have an old EB3 too and it is completely unbalanced and feels like a lead weight, but at least it looks cool.
  10. We discussed it a while ago when it was announced at NAMM. The price is pretty damn high but I suppose it is a premium price for a premium piece of gear.
  11. Any one of the Walkabout, Big Block 750, Trace Elliot V6 or EBS Fafner. I used to have an M6 but I found it to be too ‘clean’ sounding. I already had the Fafner and V6 which also have massive clean headroom so I sold the M6 and bought the Big Block which has less clean headroom and a built in rock grunt tone. I love it and the overdrive feature is brilliant once you set the levels correctly. I have never tried the Prodigy/Strategy amps. In terms of features though they look exceptional.
  12. Those Powerhouse cabs are brilliant but really heavy. Two 4x10s is a great idea though. I have the 6x10 which really tests my strength limitations when loading into my car.
  13. Walkabout user here (the 15 combo rather than the 12 combo). Rather than an extension cabinet, I would just get a larger cabinet like a 4x10 or 2x12. A larger cabinet makes a big difference, so long it has a decent power rating and the speaker sensitivity is decent. It takes about two minutes to remove the head from the combo. Finding a matching 12 inch Mesa Scout Radiator cabinet can be difficult (and expensive). Finding a separate, larger cabinet will be a lot easier. I have a Mesa 6x10 which is complete overkill, however when I run that with the Walkabout I never run into problems of not being loud enough. However, an 800 watt class D amp through a Barefaced 2x12 will be 'louder' and more portable than the Walkabout plus big cab set up. So if your set up needs to be incredibly loud, have tonnes of clean headroom and be very portable then the Walkabout is maybe not the ideal amp.
  14. I don’t watch all of his content but Nathan Navarro is a really good player in my opinion. He also does not have an overly clickbait presentation style which I appreciate. A lot of his content is just gear demos though so there really isn’t any instructional or teaching content. That said though I have definitely stolen a few of his licks as warm up exercises. Really though I just like to watch gear demos rather than technique or ‘how to play X’ videos. So for that I pretty much just watch Dood’s videos and the Basstheworld channel.
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