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    Just wow! I have a V6 myself but haven't used it because it only works on 2 or 4 ohms and I stupidly downsized to a single 8 ohm cab... I would love to see and listen to a V4 or V6 in person.
  2. Private Rehearsal Space - Central Scotland

    In terms of the site at Dalmarnock site, the rent is generally dependent on the size of the room you are using. You are honestly just best off contacting the company to see what they have available. A general guide would by £280 -£400 per month though it has been a couple of years since I was renting directly from the company. There might not be anything free either if all the rooms are currently rented out. In practical terms to most likely chance of getting a room there is via an official 'sub let' from the main tenant who is renting the space from the company and sharing with one of two other bands for costs sake. Spaces on it can be advertised on Gumtree etc. I am aware that there used to be rehearsal spaces for rent behind Viper in the West End. Given the location though, the rooms were pretty small and the rent was higher as well.
  3. Private Rehearsal Space - Central Scotland

    I used various units in that the development over the years. Cracking set up once you take the time to set up the room to your liking.
  4. EBS Pro Line 4x12"

    That cab should be incredibly bright and incredibly loud. Is it possibly to do with the settings on the amp? The classic 450 is designed to give more of an 'old school' sound, so if you push the drive on it might make things sound a bit muffled. See if you can try the head with a different cab and the cab with a different head.
  5. Curious 74 AVRI Jazz

    I would take the tug bar off personally but apart from that I think it is a totally gorgeous bass. I don't think that the mis-build aspect would really hurt the re-sale value of the bass, especially since Fender have confirmed the authenticity of the bass. I personally quite like the idea of owning an American made 'mis-build' as makes it an (accidentally) unique bass. Just think of it as a custom build that was custom made for somebody else. It is an American made Fender, it will be a class bass.
  6. Mesa Boogie Subway D 800 cooling fan noise

    Might be a Mesa thing. The Walkabout series featured a very loud fan as well. I have had a Walkabout for nearly ten years and have just used to it on the basis that the fan is never audible when playing with a band. I'm guessing Mesa just expect people to be playing their amps at 'full band practice' levels rather than bedroom levels.
  7. In praise of Spectors

    I know, but the Fender based Spector Coda line are a bit too ‘bling’ for me with so much flame going on. My ‘boutique’ Fender choice is always going to be a Sadowsky, or a Fender. The top line Spector basses are as good as anything else out there though.
  8. Alternative Tunings

    I have tried too many alternative tunings to count - from up to F standard with very light strings and down to A standard with very heavy strings. Most of the variations are based from choosing the 'standard' tuning and then altering the pitch of the bottom string to get the 'drop D' or 'drop B' or very rarely the 'drop A' equivalent Never tried Cello tunings on a bass guitar though. I am pretty sure I would get very confused very quickly!I tried that DADGAD tuning on a guitar once and absolutely hated it.
  9. In praise of Spectors

    I would never buy one myself as the looks and ergonomics are not for me, but nearly time I hear a Spector in a live or rehearsal setting, the bass sounds great.
  10. It’s a good price, even if it had been stripped, or was fitted with a new bridge or pickups. If it plays well and sounds good you onto a winner. The days of picking up a seventies Fender for less than a grand are long gone.
  11. Combo with removable head?

    Mesa Walkabout for me. Great 1x15 combo for 90% of all gigs, but could be removed and used through a larger cabinet, stack or 8x10 if someone was doing a 'bring your own head and you can use my cab' type of gig.
  12. NBD

    I might be biased though...
  13. NBD

    Me too to be honest. The bass looks better sans scratchplate. That and black is just cool.
  14. NBD

    Cracking looking bass. I have one of the newer bolt on Arpeges but I think the old through neck models are truly state of the art and more unique looking. For anyone else looking to get on the Vigier bandwagon there is a rather tasty Excess on sale at Guitar Guitar. Price seems reasonable considering the quality of the bass. I have had an Excess since 2004 and it is still going strong. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/px180127321592006--vigier-excess-1996-dark-red-burst-pre-owned
  15. Sadowsky MetroExpress

    Cool. It wouldn't surprise me if Bass Direct took in a few NYC models as well, as I see Thomann have a few for sale on their site.