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  1. Yes. Also there is no 67 gauge single equivalent so you can’t really get the same exact set. If D’Addario ever discontinued the 120-50 balanced tension then I will be very annoyed.
  2. That makes two. Okay, someone call D'Addario and get them to make it happen!
  3. That is actually good to know. Thanks!
  4. Some folk would say 5-10 minutes. Myself, once I turn on my Trace V6 on I give it about 90 seconds or so before I hit standby. That is the case though if the amp is sitting in the same place and isn't being moved between use. If the amp has been in transit and I had just taken the amp from a very cold environment (from a car in the middle of December to a venue), I would probably let the amp sit for 5-10 minutes before I would even turn the amp on at all.
  5. Okay, I will just say this. I love the D'addario Balanced Tension 120-50 set (pretty much the only set of production strings that work for me for D standard/drop C or the classic Black Sabbath tuning of C# standard). I must spend about a couple of hundred quid on strings a year. If Elixir or D'addario did an coated equivalent of that 120-50 then I would buy those. (Elixirs don't do singles of those gauges so it is not really an economical option).
  6. I think that a Gibson Grabber would be popular. Far more versatile than the SG bass currently on the market (and I own an EB3 Also, a official licensed Korean/Japan made budget Rickenbacker 4001. Not going to happen though! A Trace Elliot GP12 SMX preamp with a class D power section would see a proper return to Trace Elliot’s roots, rather than a Peavey mini amp painted green.
  7. Pretty much this. I would also add that the bridge design causes intonation problems and makes it really hard to properly set the action. Replacing it with a Babicz or a Hipshot makes a lot of difference. I have owned a 74 EB3 for nearly twenty years. It does THAT sound you love on Cream and Free albums but it only does that sound. If you desperately need or want that sound then get one. If you want a really versatile, light weight shorter scale bass then I would look elsewhere.
  8. I find Amazon generally great when things go well but utterly horrible to deal with in event something goes wrong. For example: I ordered a CD, but I received the vinyl LP in error. I return the item via the Amazon returns system. I then go through the re-ordering process through the online box ticking via the Amazon interface system. I then need to send a 'wrong item description' online thingy which is then sent off but does nothing (because said online thing gets stuck in a processing vortex between Amazon and the seller/shop in question). I then re-order the correct item making clear that I am ordering the CD and not the LP (and taking screenshots to show that I am ordering the CD and not the vinyl). Click order. What happens next? Of course, the re-send me the vinyl and the process begins again. Had the issue happened with an independent shop, I could have just phoned the shop and said 'you sent me a vinyl when I just ordered a CD' and the matter would have be resolved in two seconds with a 'sorry about that. Can you maybe return the vinyl and we will post out the CD and refund you the postage costs of the vinyl?' exchange. For that reason, for any items of expense, I generally prefer ordering from a shop as if something goes wrong then I can contact the shop/seller directly rather than have to deal with the Amazon interface system. For the record, I am now just keeping the vinyl even though I don't own a record player.
  9. A purr-fect pair of basses! Sorry... that was awful.
  10. The one on the right is Lisa Ellis Hahn (Shop Manager) The one on the left is Chris Arena, who according to the Sadowsky site builds most of the Satin bass models. I just checked the Sadowsky site for the first time in ages (it looks so much better than before). There is now a 'staff' section: https://www.sadowsky.com/the-staff/
  11. Congrats! I love that finish. A five string Sadowsky can cover pretty much anything. I love mine.
  12. JJ's fitted in my Mesa Big Block and Single Rectifier. Sound better than the stock Mesas that were in there (though to be fair, I have no idea how long the said Mesas had been in those amps).
  13. thodrik

    New Cabs

    That is the best plan. You never know what you might end up preferring. All the best!
  14. Such an article must surely have occurred after the following exchange at the office: Editor: 'Folks, we are on a tight deadline and we need some bass content urgently. Rob, can you just draw up some kind of list thingy based off your own preconceptions which requires no research whatsoever?' Rob: 'Sure thing boss, I will get right on it after I finish this Pot Noodle.'
  15. I am seriously going to have to try one at some point!
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