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  1. thodrik

    Just Curious.?

    No problem! At least it isn’t a certain other bass forum where every other thread has a passive aggressive first response of ‘Do a search before you post buddy because we already covered this in a sub-discussion in random other thread 36 1/2 months ago’.
  2. thodrik

    Just Curious.?

    I think you did a very similar topic to this a few months ago, except looking at Sadowsky as a price comparison point rather than Alleva, etc. You aren’t really going to find anything new other than you still really like your bass and that you can buy a Sei bass for less than another version of a high end Jazz bass made by a different manufacturer in a different country.
  3. In the current market, the price for a boutique made in the USA head is pretty good. My Walkabout 1x15 combo was about £1300 new back in 2008 (the head alone I think was £1100 or so back then). The price of the cabs are silly. Just ridiculous. You would think with the lighter weight they would be easier and cheaper to ship than the old Powerhouse cabinets (which are/were really expensive as well). I see that Mesa have deleted links on their sites to the Powerhouse cabs and any non-Subway amps, such as their all valve Prodigy/Strategy heads. It looks like Mesa are really committing to lightweight gear, which is cool. Probably a wise move, despite being great, the Powerhouse cabs are really heavy and are only really 'easy to move' if you are used to moving those old Diesel or Roadready cabs about. I wonder if they will make a classic Powerhouse 1000 lightweight cab, fitting a 4x10 and 1x15 into a 'lightweight' box. Keep the mix of old and new cabs.
  4. My solution for a louder Walkabout was playing it through a Powerhouse 6x10! No volume issues anymore. I need to hit weights more before I can really be able to lift the cab in and out my car unaided. Hence a portable 2x15 has me excited.
  5. I own a Walkabout and M6 Carbine. I much prefer the tone of the Walkabout. I would be tempted of getting rid of the M6 for a new higher power equivalent of the Walkabout. My concern is that part of the 'magic' of the original Walkabout that the tubes are used at the driver stage with the Mosfets. I'm interested to see how Mesa have approached this with a class D preamp. The cabs look great. A portable 2x15 would be something!
  6. Me too thanks to this thread! Really digging their stuff.
  7. So many great bassists are in bands that do not lend themselves to a pub rock cover set, as they are not in mainstream ‘everybody knows the songs’ type bands. The bassist in Karnivool is one of the most most talented bassists in semi-mainstream rock, but Karnivool material is not really stuff that that will fit in with a set of Foo Fighters, Oasis and Strokes songs. You could tweak a couple of Royal Blood or Death From Above 1979 songs for a full band. Some of the trippy, less heavy Deftones or Queens of the Stone Age stuff might work as well as the basslines but they are hardly new and a lot of the songs are in lower than standard tuning. Also, I might be on the verge of losing my ‘stoner/doom fan’ credibility but I absolutely love the early We Are Scientists albums. With Love and Squalir is such a cool pop/rock album. Not a great bassist but the songs are so catchy and fun to listen to, with added bonus that the album sold quite well so any of the songs would fit in with a popular modern rock/covers set. I also don’t mind some of the Kasabian basslines. The basslines in some Elbow songs are pretty cool. Not new bands, but newer than Oasis.
  8. thodrik

    Embarrassed, Ashamed?

    When I was 22 my band at the time were asked play a charity evening gig in aid of breast cancer and testicular cancer awareness at a school that was close to where our singer grew up. Sounded innocent enough. Unfortunately when we got there we discovered that the ‘breast cancer awareness’ aspect consisted of 15-17 girls wearing only their bra and pants and 15-17 year old boys in their underwear. The adult supervisors were off duty police officers and parents of the children. None of them seemed to think that any of this was remotely weird or inappropriate. I was fairly disgusted and couldn’t wait to leave.
  9. thodrik

    Darkglass Duality

    Have owned the Duality for a few years. It is very much a 'over the top' and raw fuzz. I don't think it is great for an 'always on' overdrive or slight fuzz effect. However for bass solos or for moments you want things to go all out of control or make your bass sound like a big distorted guitar it is so much fun. If you are happy with the amount of gain on offer, the pedal is actually fairly flexible as you can tailor the tone of the fuzz to your liking. you can't get less gain, you can only get less of the fuzz in the signal via the blend control. The Alpha Omega will offer more flexibility, but I don't need it. I use my B3K more, but I have more fun with the Duality.
  10. thodrik

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    I think I can agree with that.
  11. thodrik

    Auditioning New Band Members

    If the auditioning singers are available on the same night then that is a fairly sensible idea. if you have the flexibility I would probably go for one singer per night, to allow for (a) more time to try out the singer if you are initially impressed or (b) more time to discuss the awfulness of the singer if they are terrible. Good luck!
  12. thodrik

    Your First Instrument - Left or Right?

    I am left handed but just learned to play bass right handed. I am fairly ambidextrous in that my hand writing is equally illegible with either hand and that I am crap at golf irrespective of trying to play left handed or right handed. One of my absolute favourite players, Scott Reeder, plays left handed but with right handed bass turned upside down. I suppose this approach makes it easier for him to shop for basses.
  13. thodrik

    Spandau Ballet bass rig

    Wal bass through a Gallien Krueger heads and massive cabs. I would if I could. Add in a few effects and Martin could get himself a gig in a Tool tribute band to earn a bit more money.
  14. thodrik

    MESA Subway query

    The GK1001RBii is a beast of an amp. I played a few shows with one. It is strange that it is so difficult to try Mesa bass gear in Scotland, considering that their UK distributors are in Glasgow (Westside Distribution), but there you go. I have seen a couple of Big Blocks in Scotland in the classifieds over the last few months, that is the only Mesa amp I would sell my Carbine for. Edit: by 'classifieds I also include Facebook 'Buy/sell forums'.
  15. thodrik

    MESA Subway query

    I think that the guy I bought my Carbine from (Largo) on here, ended up with D800, so you could try him. If you have any concerns on weight and want a valvey preamp sound I would probably avoid the Carbine range. The Walkabout is only 13 lbs or so, the rest are a good bit heavier. If you want valve preamp tone in a light-ish package I would recommend that over the D800. The Walkabout has limited headroom unless you run it through a bigger, more efficient cab though. In terms of the cabs, the Powerhouse cabs are heavy beasts, so if you have any concerns of weight whatsoever, I would suggest just getting the Subway range. The tone will be great and the added benefit will be that you can actually lift them. I have a Powerhouse 6x10 which I have no doubts will deliver more heft than a couple of Subway cabs stacked, but it is equally a pain to lift and move (it weighs 110lbs or so). These days nobody should ever need a 6x10, I don’t either I just wanted to own a big cab at least once in my life.