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  1. I blooming love this bass, looks awesome and I am sure will sound just as good!
  2. @Oldman, hello Brian, there is one at Promenade Music which rather strangely is in Morecambe just down the road from where this cab is located. So you can grab two at once if you wish. Cheers, Mark.
  3. I haven’t tried one but they are reputed to build really high quality basses. That being said I have seen a few for sale on here recently and most of them have hung around for a bit. That being said I can say the same for ACG and Alpher and both companies make excellent instruments.
  4. As new DB Elbee 1 x10 cab for sale or trade. Purchased a couple of months ago and in absolutely as new condition this cab will make an excellent light weight solution for small gigs, and rehearsals. It packs a serious punch, is easily carried with one hand and comes with a DB cover. Personally I think this cab sounds just as good as the Barefaced ones I have tried, is probably a touch heavier and is built to last. Please see the link below for further details. https://www.db-bass.com/elbee I will happily consider trades or exchanges for quality 1 x 12 and 2 x 10 cabs ( Eich, Aguilar, GK, Mark Bass, Genzler etc) , with cash adjustments either way depending on what is on offer. The DB retails at £445. Sorry about the lack of photos, I will take some more and post them tomorrow. I would much prefer collection or a meet up rather than sending by post. However I can probably post within mainland UK as a last resort. Insured postage will be provided in this instance at an agreed fee. Please note that it is likely to be quite costly. Thanks for looking, if you have any questions please drop me a line.
  5. MNY


    In recent times I have developed shoulder and neck problems to go along with my glass back. I play at home most of the time whilst seated but still use a strap. I recently had a very nice Fender Jazz Ultra but it felt like a lump of lead and several basses later finally found the Sandberg Superlight models. Mine is a TM so there is loads of tonal variation and the weight is just over 6 pounds. This seems like a more sensible way forward for me. The body wood is paulownia which originates from Spain and has amazing resonance. So far so good.
  6. Someone please buy this bass. It’s one of the best jazz basses money can buy at a decent price. The build quality is second to none!
  7. I believe so. I have followed him for years, he’s an incredible talent. He’s not even a full time bass player. He is a racing car mechanic and engine builder! The Sandberg he has chosen seems to suit him nicely, he still sounds pretty much the same though, which is strange as he has gone from P/J to J/J.
  8. The resonance from the body is quite exceptional and the range of tones on offer is so wide that I think after years of trying and not settling on any one bass (effectively going backwards and forwards between other instruments and Fenders ) I have found a bass that seems like it can really do most things very well. The abalone inlays are also totally stunning. 😀
  9. I appreciate your input. I wish I had listened when buying my Fender Ultra Jazz which I subsequently sold as it was the weight of a small planet.
  10. I appreciate your positive input. On a previous thread when I bought a Fender Jazz Ultra you advised me to look at Sandberg.If I had done so at the time I would now be quite a few quid better off. 😞
  11. After years of curiosity and listening to some conflicting opinions regarding Sandberg basses , I decided to take the plunge earlier today and picked up a Greenburst California Superlight TM4. I have been having neck,shoulder and some arm problems in recent years which forced my retirement from playing drums, so I am hoping the light weight of the SL will make for a pleasant playing experience ergonomically speaking. Having heard the bass today I am convinced that tone won’t ever be an issue. 😀
  12. Sent you a pm. cheers, Mark.
  13. It’s the tone I am after. Something that’s pretty forward that also has some zing to it.
  14. I imagine this might cure my gas for a jazz bass. I know it’s probably a silly question but how does it sound when compared with the Suhr you recently sold?
  15. Do you know what the score is with customs clearance charges etc at the moment please? Presumably no vat although I’m really not sure.
  16. MNY

    Fano JM4

    Quite surprised to see this is still available. Great sounding instrument, almost jazzier than a jazz.
  17. Hello Luke, I reckon the pickup and pot change has significantly improved the versatility of this bass. The bridge pickup sounds a lot fatter and whilst not so ‘in your face’, you can achieve plenty of nice warm tones which never seem to get muddy.
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