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  1. Cameron recently bought a Boss Waza Air Bass system from me. He was a real pleasure to deal with. Comms were great throughout and payment swift. Highly recommended purchaser with whom I would gladly do business again.
  2. MNY

    Feedback for MNY

    You’re welcome Cameron, Thanks for your purchase. Kind regards, Mark.
  3. I met up with Graham on Friday to trade basses. I found him to be a very pleasant gent and completely trust worthy. It was a pleasure to do business with him and hope to stay in touch being that he is fairly local to me. One of the good guys and a credit to Basschat.
  4. MNY

    Feedback for MNY

    Thank you Graham, Very pleased to meet and deal with you. A very enjoyable,patient and painless process. Hopefully catch you at Ghostnote.
  5. Well, here you go. I’m open to sensible offers or trades if you have a nice multi fx you are looking to shift. Cheers.
  6. Pretty much bought on a whim, I now realize that I just don’t play enough to warrant keeping this. It is without doubt the best practice tool I have tried though. The sound quality is absolutely unreal and the versatility of the system which allows you to practice with rhythm tracks, a metronome, playing freestyle or along with your favourite tracks is second to none. If you practice every day or you are a touring pro this will be an absolute godsend. Used only a few times, it’s all pretty much brand new with the original box. save yourself a few quid over the new price which is £350 - £400. https://www.boss.info/global/products/waza-air_bass/
  7. Thank you @Teyeplayer. It is sadly not incredible enough for this particular moment it would seem. It plays and sounds really well. So why am I selling it? I have a Yamaha which I prefer playing as it does the p thing so well. Were I not a simple weekend warrior I would keep the Maruszczyk as it’s a fabulous bass, but I am not a collector so I need to sell it. I have reluctantly offered trades as I do like Yamaha TRB’s and if one comes along then I might be tempted.
  8. It’s no surprise that Marcus has worked with some of the most influential jazz musicians in history as both producer and bass player. His work with Wayne Shorter on the High Life album was pretty remarkable. He is often though of as just a slap bass player but his playing is much much more than his sparkling Fender Jazz bass sound. If you haven’t heard the track ‘on the Milky Way Express’ off the aforementioned Wayne Shorter Album check it out. He read the part from a hand written manuscript that Mr.Shorter wrote out that was so long (wide) he needed to use a swivel chair. Great track and amazing bass part.
  9. He did play quite a few sessions but mainly in the 1980’s IIRC. He was definitely more of a purist and was quite close to Jaco in Jaco’s later years. Regarding the Yamaha thing it’s seems unlikely as Mike is playing his Fender in the video, he only started playing his signature Pacifica in the early 1990’s. Monster bassist who left us way too soon. A real shame. Edit @Misdee you may well be correct re Yamaha as the video is supposed to be from 96! Strange as the guitar looks like his Tele.
  10. RIP Jeff Andrews, what a great bass player he was. Ironically Mike Stern has been a Yamaha artist as well for many years now.
  11. For sale is my recently acquired Maruszczyk Elwood Absolution 4 string bass. It’s a lovely instrument which weighs in just over 9lbs. As you will no doubt already know these basses are ridiculously well specified. In this case the bass has an alder body, flamed maple top, a flamed maple neck, an ebony fingerboard with pearl block inlays and an exquisite pearl binding around the neck and body. Electronics wise I believe the circuit is Maruszczyk’s own two band with a push pull active/passive control and the pickups are Delano single coils. This bass does the jazz bass on steroids thing very well and has a excellent level of build quality. As you would imagine for a bass which is practically new the condition is excellent with the exception of some tiny scratches in the lower cutaway which I have only just noticed owing to the deep black shiny finish. I have tried to photograph this as best as I can manage. Other that this the bass is immaculate. A well padded Maruszczyk gig bag is provided. I would much prefer to meet up with any prospective buyer in person although shipping can be arranged if necessary and by prior arrangement and discussion. I have a decent box to use for shipping and I am prepared to help with the costs. If you have any questions please do let me know. Cheers, Mark.
  12. Fabulous playing! Not many bassists reference Brian Bromberg which surprises me as he has to be one of the most complete bassists in the history of the instrument. The bass sounds pretty sweet too.
  13. Cracking little octave pedal for sale complete with power supply. It’s pretty much as new and may have been used three of four times at the most. Here is a link to the web page for the product. Free mainland UK shipping included. https://idonner.eu/collections/pitch-shifter-modulation/products/donner-digital-octave-guitar-effect-pedal-harmonic-square-7-modes
  14. I am selling my Electro Harmonix Bass preacher which is only a couple of weeks old. Great pedal but no longer needed. There are some excellent videos on the web demonstrating this pedal’s abilities. The pedal comes with box and is as mint as is practically possible. A free patch cable will be supplied along with UK mainland postage. PRICE REDUCED TO £49
  15. For sale my recently acquired Nemphasis Oxygen 2 pre amp, which comes from an excellent well made Italian boutique brand. If you need to dial some sparkle into your tone then this will do the job brilliantly. The pedal comes boxed and is as close to as new as you are going to get with no visible marks of any kind. I will include free UK mainland postage and a patch cable as well. This pedal is currently £160 at renowned UK shop The Bass Gallery. Please follow the link to a great demo which is unfortunately in Italian. However the playing speaks for itself.
  16. Happy to take this off your hands if you can ship it to me in a gig bag of sorts. Please message me a price including insured shipping to Wigan. Apologies, please disregard, I have just looked more carefully at the images and read the description properly. It’s a little too worn for me. I appreciate it’s 20 years old by the way. Sorry my bad, I am sure it will do a great job for someone. GLWTS.
  17. Absolutely fabulous instrument, I hope it sounds as nice as it looks.
  18. Bought for a project that hasn’t materialized, this MacBook has been used less than a handful of times and could pass for being brand new apart from a tiny mark on the top of the case which is shown in the photos. It has been reset to original factory settings and comes with the original box and charger etc. it has additional Microsoft software pre loaded onto it which I paid over £100 for on top of the original purchase price of £889 pounds.I will also include a free soft case. I am happy to deliver anywhere within a 20 mile radius of Wigan, alternatively the buyer can collect. Cash on collection or PayPal with the fees paid by the purchaser. If you need more details please drop me a line. Thanks for looking.
  19. No. I have been lucky enough to own watches made by Omega,Breitling, Rolex and others, which makes comparison a fairly straightforward affair. The Grand Seiko is by far the best in terms of attention to detail and finish. It may not have the brand kudos but I know enough not to be swayed by the ‘popularity’ ,marketing and advertising prowess of more mainstream brands. Plus the timekeeping of the spring drive movement far exceeds most chronometer spec watches. That wasn’t in the advertising blurb it’s just a fact. Rolex is a triumph of marketing and the brand has been cleverly built over the years. They are obviously very good watches, but if you want a mid range steel version you will be forking out over £7K these days, which is mad when a GS Spring Drive Snowflake can be had for just over £5K.
  20. I blooming love this bass, looks awesome and I am sure will sound just as good!
  21. @Oldman, hello Brian, there is one at Promenade Music which rather strangely is in Morecambe just down the road from where this cab is located. So you can grab two at once if you wish. Cheers, Mark.
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