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  1. Many of the above plus Live - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
  2. Bought a trio of machine heads which arrived promptly and very well packaged. Excellent transaction and highly recommended. Thank you.
  3. Love sunburst, but your bass should be the finish you want.
  4. Your sanity, your credibility and your reputation. The pantomime looks likely to be a fraud perpetrated on (presumably) paying punters.
  5. Interesting. The message sender does know that sound isn't instantaneous don't they? This is like a live slapback and you could get some timing issues. It is cacophony waiting to happen.
  6. This. If you're not a slap player (and neither am I) the idea of the 'technical slap solos' would have made my blood run cold. Sounds like you would have struggled in that band (as would Mark King in Motorhead). This was not the band for you and that doesn't reflect on your ability at all (as they acknowledged themselves).
  7. What a great guy to deal with! Deal done on day 1 and the bass arrived on day 3. Superbly packaged and with a case instead of a gig bag. This is exactly why BC is the best place to buy stuff. Alain, you're more than a star! Steve
  8. Ok, I'll jump! Been looking something like this for a while and keep putting it off. I'll only kick myself if it goes before I finally go 'yes'. I'll PM but need to take up the post option.
  9. Could you tell me the nut width please? Thanks in advance.
  10. OK. What about the speaker cab? Just trying to see if anything jumps out (not trying to catch you out). It may be just rotten luck but worth making sure.
  11. Starting with the basics. What are you plugging into these amps? Maybe there's some incompatibility that is going on here. Somewhat like Liam Neesom talking about the Taken series 'once is unfortunate but twice is a little careless'. Not saying that's the case here but you might suspect there's a reason.
  12. ... and 10 seconds later. https://www.very.co.uk/e/q/electric-guitar.end?numProducts=28
  13. If you don't mind the fact that I am in Pompey. I am happy to help him get started in any way. I wouldn't be the best teacher but I'd be the cheapest!! Not to make him any better than he wants to be. Just to help out.
  14. I would expect that she has looked at what other options there are. Rather like the thread about 'workshy' youngsters we don't know the circumstances and should maybe just answer the question asked without coming over as a bit preachy.
  15. Get a dedicated signal splitter. You will want one output to be isolated to avoid an earth loop. I have a Mike Hill one but other, less expensive versions are available. https://mikehillservices.com/earth-loop---ground-hum-eliminator--mini-376-p.asp
  16. Absolutely awesome amps. No surprise you're in love.
  17. ... and his youngest son is a fireman. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/15/nyregion/bruce-springsteen-son-firefighter.html
  18. I can offer two suggestions. Kent Armstrong Vintage P and Lindy Fralin (the 5% overwound are awesome).
  19. I enjoyed my Mesa M-Pulse 600 very much. Great sounding amp. The eq is very versatile (with a parametric section too).
  20. This. The enemy of any tax query is the 'man in the pub'. Ask the people that deal with this all the time. The form does state a private individual doesn't need an EORI number. HMRC folk are not trying to catch you out.
  21. I think you need to complete the form on the attached link. This is not a process I have had to follow myself so I will happily defer to anyone with actual experience. Let me know if you have any problems and I'll see how I can help. https://public-online.hmrc.gov.uk/lc/content/xfaforms/profiles/forms.html?contentRoot=repository:///Applications/SpecPersTax_A/1.0/SP4&template=SP4.xdp
  22. Just seen this. Yes. There should be no taxes under outward processing relief. I will look into it and report back.
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