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  1. Bass player's changed quite a lot since I last heard that track!
  2. The man was a genius. Actually the rhythm section were geniuses along with the baritone sax player. I came to ToP relatively late but was really happy to see them play live in 2017 in London (I think the last time Rocco would have played over here). How he didn't have arthritis in his fingers puzzles me, and I still can't master his muting technique!
  3. All the Fender stickers are the wrong way round in the background. It's mirrored
  4. This ad caused me to get my Leftie JO out and compare with my Fender CS Jazzes. I think the J/O is a real workhorse compared with the Fenders. It has what I think is a slab fret board, The neck is slimmer, but at the same time more stable. It sounds less vintage, but clear and full. Altogether these are brilliant basses and (if I were right handed) I would be all over this!
  5. This is now really scary. I have a leftie one of these as well (albeit sunburst)! They are absolutely fantastic basses. To my ear the pick ups sound a bit more modern than CS basses. My one is really robust, doesn't ever really go out of tune. GLWTS
  6. I have a leftie version of this and it has an amazing neck. Very slightly flatter than older Jazzes and in my opinion, the very best to play. GLWTS
  7. Does your postman play bass by any chance
  8. Meanwhile, for the cordon bleu Basschatters
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