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  1. Of course it's much much easier on a fretless! (how old is your Wal?)
  2. The Drayton is my local (former alumni include Ho Chi Minh). Have you got any details you could PM me?
  3. Not a stage to play on if you've had one or two drinks
  4. If it were fretless (and you were Marcus Miller), it would no doubt sound like this (watch for the second half of the vid): https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2021/11/13/marcus-miller-band-panther-and-more-live/
  5. These are the absolute DB's speaking as someone with a black version of the same rig, with an extra cab. They are particularly good at accurately reproducing pedal effects (I use a valve pre-amp to create a proper vintage sound). They are also super compact for tight stage spaces. GWTS
  6. And so maybe what you end up in your line is a hybrid of the two played on (suitable for) a 4 string?
  7. Errr I think I'm now the proud owner of said Amp! I'd get onto the Gallery if I were you. I think they owe you the dosh. I can PM you the receipt if it helps.
  8. If this isn't a really dumb question, did George play the original bass line to this? It sort of looks/sounds like a guitarist's bass line rather than a Paul McCartney line
  9. I think I understand what you mean by two a hand damping......but would you mind explaining all the same?
  10. Thanks. My certificate says it's a Journeyman. I would say the finish is more uniformly matt than the examples in the vid. I also have a CS 62 Journeyman with the older Machines that look as they should. Maybe the machine head ager on the 66 got a bit enthusiastic with the acid bath!
  11. So did Fender do that sort of stuff? That's the bit I haven't found any evidence of. All the other lollypop machine-heads I've seen have been bright and shiny. I've always assumed they were chrome finish.
  12. Thanks. If it's not a CS, the certificate, back plate, tool kit, strap, user manual etc have been well forged. In any respect it plays the best of any of my basses. I suspect from what you say, combined with the pictures on the web that the machine heads have been 'forced-aged' to a degree not commonly seen. I might leave well alone and see what the look like after 10 years of my grubby fingers. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Errrrr they might be! How do you tell?
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