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  1. Very similar to a Wal II I used to own (but not the same). I had issues about the jack lead being a bit loose. Do you know how much your bass weighs? And you wouldn’t be interested in PX ing a US Lakland 55-01 would you?
  2. This is like a trip down lots of people's memory lane. This was my first bass amp, and it didn't last long before I upgraded (to another sh....e amp made by OHM). Attempted to played my 77 precision through this haha. I had to dream for another 10 years before i could afford a Trace Elliott. Funnily enough I remember borrowing my Bass Teacher's Ampeg V4 and thinking that wasn't much good either. How I carried it back from the lesson I cannot remember!
  3. You beat me to it. I think the two books are slightly different though. Geddy's book is a pretty encyclopedic visual reference for Fender basses in particular. John E was the original collector (with a lot of the collection having gone AWOL by the time of the book. the on-line reference to the Who's set up is also good. Can someone explain the hand position photos towards the end of Bass Culture though?
  4. How much does an SVT weigh (out of academic interest)
  5. Just thought you needed to feel the luuuuuuuuuuuurve out there :)


    1. bobbass4k


      This is why there is war and strife in the world.

  6. I'm digging the amp big thumb. I played my 77 Precision through that amp and it sounded immense.
  7. I quite understand the difficulty of selling niche left handed basses John and yours is lovely. I think I paid Pete the Fish about £1,200 for my five string (with gold hardware), albeit in c 1990, so I suffer a bit at the sticker shock of what Wals go for now. For the record, I thought your bass was one of the best set up I've ever played, and it sounded just like a Wal should!
  8. Lonnie on the gramophone with Rock Island Line is one of my earliest recollections of non-classical music (along with singing 'all you need is love'). I really enjoyed this
  9. I too had a Wal (bought direct from Pete the Fish) and sold it....for an Alembic. Which is an idiosyncratic beast at the best of times.
  10. It is. I tried it and it's lovely (but eye-wateringly expensive!)
  11. https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/sadowsky-nyc-left-handed-jazz-4 http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Wal_MKI_Lefthanded.html The latter seems to have gone up a grand since last spotted here
  12. Hi King Prawn. Is your D800+ still for sale? Can you tell me how old it is and how well gigged? Also a description of what the 'voice' does to the tone would be helpul. Thanks Piers
  13. Does he do commissions? It looks 'the elephant's pajamas'!
  14. I am lucky enough to own two Fender CS Jazz basses. One a 66 lollypop bass evidences very little single coil hum. My pride and joy, a 61 stack knob jazz displays a lot of hum within about a foot of my amp (I like playing with the neck pickup dialed back a couple of notches and appreciate this might be one of the reasons for the hum). Does the Custom Shop reproduce the old habits of Jazz's faithfully. i.e. are Stack nob jazz's louder on the hum front?
  15. My fave, but it feels like it might not have started out as a Christmas number!
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