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  1. Obscure one from Ian Dury/Norman: My old man...one of the first songs I learned. Oh, and Millionaire's Waltz by Queen/JD
  2. Beautiful bass...not making them any more. I just mortgaged my kidney for a Wal 5er, otherwise I would snap this up.GLWS!
  3. If it helps get this over the line I am in for two sets
  4. Ask Jaco (oh you can't). Didn't he replace the stack knobs in the Bass of Doom with vvt, because they sounded louder?
  5. So as not to be thick about this....are these going to be the kind of 'rubbery' straplocks like these? If so, I'm in!
  6. These are scarily 3 of the last 4 tracks I have learnt. Try adding Walk between the raindrops for a slightly unpredictable walking line. Has anyone got any tips on how to make learning Deacon Blue a bit more interesting? Did Walter Becker just compose the lines session players would find too boring? Or am I being sacrilegious about Steely Dan?
  7. https://www.andybaxterbass.com/collections/fender-jazz-bass/products/1960-fender-jazz-bass-sunburst A good comparison from Andy Baxter's site. Meanwhile the item in question appears to be about to be sold!
  8. Who could ever have buyer's remorse about this bass? Does not compute. GLWT (second)S
  9. I took photos of Judie Tzuke and Rhino with his Alembic in about 1983, and then saw him about 30 years later with a Status and Quo (if you see what I mean) at the O2. I guess you would have to call him a versatile player 😃
  10. That was before he discovered his inner 'Quo' then?
  11. Jaco (again) on Joni Mitchell Shadows and Light, as well as Pat Methingy and Lyle Mays and the rest of an incredibly talented band
  12. I have to say, the one in the photo doesn't quite look the same as everyone elses! Mine looks like this: And I concur with everything that's been said about them. Great with passive classic fenders. I had to wait three months for mine and they are nose-bleed expensive, but Jack, the guy behind Noble is fantastic to deal with.
  13. They are usually the initials of the quality controllers aren't they? Otherwise it could also be Musicman Sabre Bass (or did they use the same neck anyway?)
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