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  1. Thats reassuring, as I have one of of the short scale ones coming tomorrow! How do you find the low B?
  2. I've read the truss nut is welded on too, which explains why they couldn't repair mine. Poor form really.
  3. Thanks man, I've gone for the short scale so hoping for better from that... it was so disappointing as it really felt like a quality bit of kit
  4. Mine was returned to anderton's twice with, once with a poorly cut nut that fell off after attaching itself to the b string and second time with a stripped truss rod nut. Was told today that andertons supplier was so disappointed with the QC on the bass and the truss rod issue they didn't want to send it back to me and advised anderton's to replace it or refund it. Worth noting Andertons have been tremendous, but I'm very disappointed in the bass itself.
  5. FWIW I had a very similar issue with a Big Twin 2 I purchased second hand. Didn't really notice an issue until I kicked in my sub octave pedal, then there'd be a crack sound and you could physically see sparking coming from the top driver. I emailed Alex at barefaced who basically said in a polite way that I was talking shite, and I moved on. It wasn't until I changed to an Aguilar tonehammer 500 head and couldn't get to gig volume without the amp clipping and distorting like crazy that I realised maybe I wasn't talking shite... To keep a long story long, took it to my local go to repair guy, who said there was a broken connector inside the cab on the driver and the top driver wasn't actually working! My sub octave pedal was causing the cables to vibrate and catch and that was producing the spark and crackling sound from the top driver. He said he suspects it came this way from the factory due to where abouts on the driver it was. First and last barefaced cab for me, hope this helps!
  6. My 3 leaf audio octabvre mini has been a staple of my board (although the oc-5 and new octabvre III have tempted me from a curiousity standpoint) Also the combination of a source audio C4, way huge smalls pork and pickle and darkglass Alpha omicron have squashed all of my drive/fuzz/synth bouts of GAS Issue I have, is now these searches are done, I've started going through compressors, gone from xvive bass squeezer to a spectracomp and now eyeing up the ampeg opticomp 🤦‍♂️
  7. So I went to change the strings on my ibby ehb1005ms last night and the nut literally fell off with the strings... Poorly glued in by the looks of it, but the real shocker was how poorly cut it was! The string slots were any shape but round, and the low B and E literally clicked onto the stock strings they were so tight. That on top of fret wear, a finger slicing sharp fret end and a threaded strap peg on a brand new £1K+ bass and you've got some Absolutely appalling QC as well as some shocking checks by Andertons before it was shipped. 😡
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Lee is a frighteningly good player! Nathan is great too, but Lee is next level, it's crazy that he's only on the andertons channel while other far less capable players make millions from it...
  10. This worked an absolute treat! In honesty it's not a massive miss to the patch either. Thanks, Quatschmacher!
  11. I've got 2 x Sine waves with one slightly detuned... Do you think that's it?
  12. Anyone had any issues with unwanted phase on own made patches? I've made a dizzee rascal bonkers style saw wave sound, and there's this slow phase that brings the treble in and out... It's very noticeable when playing through headphones. Can't see ANY phase settings on the go, any ideas?
  13. I tried a few different toneprints after the refresh. Only thing I haven't tried is beaming from my phone instead of from a pc
  14. Tried different cables but signal is fine bypassed Tried it on a 100ma and 300ma output on the cioks (my first thoughts were power, its current draw is <100ma) It's not daisy chained either. It's on its own output on the cioks and I've even removed all other pedals from it just incase 🤯
  15. DopeFX Earthdweller green russian muff clone Well regarded green russian clone with 3 band active eq for boost and cut Sounds brilliant on both bass and guitar, the amount of bottom end you can dial in is frightening! Bought new 2 months ago, but plans have changed and songs it was bought for have been dropped 🤦‍♂️ Prefer local drop or collection but happy to ship for £5
  16. Howdy! Recently purchased a spectracomp on eBay that had been manufacturer refurbished (bought from musictribeuk eBay store). Came last week and looks literally like new with sealed box and stickers etc. Was okay for a day, but now there's either no sound when engaged or less commonly a loud static blast for around 4~5 seconds followed by the expected effect. Bypassed is fine as it's true bypass. Google brings up nothing, and I've tried updating the firmware but still the same. It's running on a cioks dc5 which runs everything else spot on. Got it for a bargain price so I'm reluctant to send it back unless I really have to. Anyone come across this or got any other ideas?
  17. I cancelled my order and went with an ehb1005ms in seafoam green in the end due to delivery delays... Same bass just longer and a slightly less cool finish, I think I may be experiencing the same thing with my Bartholin's as you! At first they sounded decent to me, but now just muddy and lacking any real depth. What quality was it that made you decide to go with Aguilar over nordstrands? Im a big fan of most Aguilar gear, so am tempted to take the same route...
  18. Hey all! I fancied another green russian muff, and one of these was on fleabay for not much money. It sounds a bit like a green russian plus by the description but not much info online bar a couple of guys on talkbass who loved them. Took a punt anyway but won't be here for a week .. any info?
  19. MS60-B updated to latest firstware. We all know the score with these, tremendous Swiss army knife pedals that do all sorts! Few small paint chips but nothing catastrophic. Happy to take photos if needed Happy to ship for an extra fiver 🙂 Cheers!
  20. Spector's are great, but the ergonomics don't suit everyone. I am besotted with my rebop visually, but I can NOT get it to sit comfortably on a strap due to the smaller top horn and off centre bottom strap peg. Sandberg's are built phenomenally, but I ended up ripping all the pick ups and electronics out of mine as they just didn't cut it, their PJ pick up placement in particular creates a huge inherent mid scoop. Personally for your budget, I'd suggest a Yamaha 734A. It'll leave you with a good chunk of change, and the build quality and tonal coverage is tremendous! I pick mine up over my Sandberg and Spector every time. The build quality is comfortably up there with basses twice its cost, and it has great features like a battery indicator. Side note, I've just gotten an ibanez EHB1005ms... While the aesthetics may not be for everyone, quality, tonally and playability wise I'm blown away, and it's within your budget with change. It'd cover all the ground you need as well.
  21. Thanks for the great detail! That's been really helpful, I may have to rethink my choice of strings when it arrives! I've looked at the pictures you've posted more times than I'd like to admit, the anticipation is killing me haha. Hope you're still enjoying the bass!
  22. Congrats on getting your patch in the video @Quatschmacher! Suddenly feel like an idiot for buying a C4 last year 🤦
  23. That's reassuring, after having a look on the ibanez website they look like the same scale. Those Mezzo's look tremendous for the money!
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