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  1. Just bought a Mayones Jabba classic from Ken and he was a pleasure to deal with. Very quick to agree a deal, posted the following day and bass was really well packaged so arrived safely. Bass was also exactly as described and in near mint condition - very happy with it and very happy with the transaction. Highly recommended! Cheers Ken!
  2. I hate to be the 'nut width guy', but do you know what it is on this bass? Guessing typical jazz style 38mm? Have my eye on a few basses at the moment and this is definitely up there as a strong contender, if that happens to be a 42mm you'll be getting a PM!
  3. Very interested in this. Would you ship to UK?
  4. Ooh, tasty taste. What is the nut width on that? I could do with a reason to go to Margate!!
  5. Oof, that's a lovely bass. Had my eye on one of those years ago but ended up not having the cash. Out of interest, what is the nut width on this? Presumably 38mm?
  6. Oh man... Damn you autocorrect!!
  7. It's this still available? And do you know the nut width?
  8. In case the sale falls through, let me know! This is my perfect jazz bass 😍
  9. Lovely bass! What's the but width on this one?
  10. I recently sorted a trade out with Jamie and he was a great guy to deal with, very easy going and good with comms throughout; great player too! Cheers!
  11. Yeah I think Photobucket must be having issues - all their links here on BC seem to be broken since this morning...
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