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  1. The weight of the Schecter is starting to giving me some problems. Around 5,3 Kg (11,7 lbs) and even though I have a fat Minotaur strap my left shoulder starts to hurt. Any pro tips here or am I just starting to get old ? (33 years now)
  2. Does anyone of you know whether the Rio Grande MM4 Humbucker fit in a Sandberg VM2 4 ?
  3. Well, I guess I will throw in a set of m4 Black label pickups but not now. I have a Warmoth guitar and a 6 string Ukulele in the build at the moment so spending another 300 EUR for the pickups and the build in is not an option at the moment....at least if I want to keep the peace at home 😓
  4. Well, my Sandberg is the VM2 version with two MM style pickups and has a 2-band EQ preamp, with active/passive switching and vol/balance/bass/treble. So it is very versatile which clearly is a strength. But compared to the Schecter the Sandberg sounds a bit ... muted, even if I fully turn down the basses and fully turn up the treble. At least in my ears. The Schecter is a treble monster with still enough bass to blast some heavy notes in your stomach. Maybe you can say that the Sandberg with its 2 band EQ is more of an allrounder. A jack of all trades, master of none.
  5. Is there really no Schecter Thread yet ? I own a beautiful old Schecter PJ bass from the 80's and I just love the feel of it as well as the sound ... especially if you select the P + the J pickup this is just like a force of nature that is blowing out of your amplifier. Very raw and barking with mucho cochones The only downside of this bass is its weight. I am not a very experienced bass player so I was very surprised when I compared this passive PJ bass with my passive/active Sandberg bass that has two humbuckers. Even though the Schecter is passive it is killing the Sandberg. The Sandberg is not bad at all and it has its strengths but there is no way to reproduce the sound of the Schecter with the Sandberg electronics.
  6. Hey, I finally received it back from the luthier after the refreting. I was told by the luthier that it most likely is Pau Ferro but of course you can not be sure a 100%
  7. You should rethink your asked price to get it sold. The price that you are asking for is a price which you could expect on a Van Nuys/California made Schecter but not on a Texas made Schecter. They usually sell for much less.
  8. Hey ! That's a very sexy Jazz but I am quite sure that this is not from the Van Nuys era. This looks very much like a Texas made instrument. What's written on the neck heel and in the neck pocket ? Can you please attach pics? Thanks !
  9. Hi ! What are numbers in the neck pocket and on the neck heel ?
  10. Hey, well, it is getting new frets and a new nut at the moment but I will post some pictures as soon as it is finished and back with me. Thanks for all the opinions so far!
  11. Hi Well, it is not important but I prefer to know what my instruments are made of.
  12. Hello everybody ! I recently bought quite an old Schecter PJ bass which is with my "guitar doc" at the moment to get a new brass nut and new frets. The body is made from Koa but I am not really sure what the neck is made of. Unfortunately only the serial number and not the "article number" is branded in the neck heel as you can see on the attached pictures. I am tending towards Cocobolo but I am not sure. Is there anyone around, maybe with a luthier background, who can help me with identifiying the wood ? I attached one page of an old catalog which lists all possibilities. Thank you very much, Dan
  13. Are those Sandberg's Black Label Pickups ?
  14. Oh, I am also pretty sure, that the BADASS bridge is not original as well
  15. Hello everyone, So I sold my Californian made Schecter a while ago and since I already regreted the sale when I sent out the parcel to the buyer I'have always looked for a similar bass to get hold off since that moment. I know that the instruments made in California were top of the line and to get one nowadays for roughly 1200 USD in good shape would be a very good price. I read that you have to be carefull with the ones made in Texas, right after the Custom Shop was sold to an investor group in Texas in the mid 80's. Now I have the chance to get one but since it is a bass that was made in Texas and not California I am not sure about the quality. The serial starting with an A tells me it is Texan made and the headstock tells me that this is one of the very early models and therefore a qualty instrument. But, honestly I am not sure 100% Unfortunately the pickups are not original anymore (Seymour Duncan) so that's a minus but still i am very much tempted to get it for 1200 USD Is there someone here who can help me with identifying the "quality level" of this Schecter? Am I correct that this is one of the good ones made in Texas? Thank you very much in advance Dan
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