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  1. This one ? The 5 string version does have 2 Js The 4 string version is available here
  2. I offered 3.000 , received a counter offer of 3.400 and then we met at 3.200
  3. You are absolutely right. The thing is that I absolutely want at least some eye candy with my instruments. I saw that Forte on BD as well and I would have immediately bought it if the top had some flame going on. Now I was offered this beauty here and it is very hard for me to resist buying it
  4. Do you guys know what used Spector NS-2 Doug Wimbish models usually go for ? I was offered a black stain matte one with a beautiful quilted maple top, pau ferro fretboard, EMG/HAZ equipped made in 2019 so no Stuart Spector signature for 3400 EUR.
  5. Up for sale is the Warmoth PJ project that was finished just a few months ago and is built from solely highclass parts. It has only seen a few hours of playing in our living room and the practice room of my former band. I am selling it now because of two reasons: I feel like the typical P Bass body shape is way too massive for my 1,65 cm body height. Everytime I take it out to play in the living room and pass the big mirror in our entryway I think to myself "Wow, this looks awful. My upper body is almost covered by this". Besides that I am lusting for a US made Spector and I am missing a few Euros to place an order/hit the purchase button. Warmoth Custom Body Model: Chambered P Bass® Orientation: Right handed Scale: 34" Wood: Flame Maple on Mahogany Contours: Contoured Heel / Tummy Cut / Forearm Contour Battery Box: No Battery Box Rout Top Finish: Transparent Purple Back Finish: Transparent Purple Finish Type: Satin Finish Warmoth Custom Neck Style: J Bass® Orientation: Right Handed Neck Wood/Hals: Roasted Flame Maple Fingerboard/Griffbrett Wood: Ebony Nut Width: 1-1/2" (38mm) Fret Size/Bünde: 6150 Tuner Ream: BML (17.5mm) Radius: 10" Scale: 34" Fret #: 21 Pre-Cut Installed String Nut/Sattel: GraphTech Black TUSQ XL - Standard Nut Inlays: Cream Face Dots Side Dots: White Side Dots Stiffening Rods:Standard Steel Rods I put several layers of TruOil on the neck and put one seal of wax on it in the end - Feels just awesome and looks amazing ! Tuners: HipShot UltraLite Bridge: HipShot Style A Aluminium Bridge Pickups: Sandberg Black Label Electrics: Noll TCM 4 XM (B 2083) - Runs with 2 x 9 Volt batteries = 18 V for more headroom Potis: 3 x Tandem Pins: Schaller Security Locks String retainer: Sandberg At the moment it is set up for D Standard --> DGCF 4,5 KG This baby was put together by a professional luthier in Germany (Acys Guitar Lounge). It received the best treatment and all the routings and the electric cavity was shielded professionally. This is what it cost me: Pickups: 230 EUR Bridge: 130 EUR Electrics inkl. Potis: 200 EUR Body and Neck incl. shipping and all taxes: 1500 EUR Tuners: 145 EUR Security Locks: 20 EUR Luthier costs to put it together professionally: 630 EUR In total: 2.855 EUR This is a beast and the sound will not disappoint you. I've never had a bass that vibrates as much as this beauty. I put it up for sale for 1.800 GBP including ... ... shipping to anywhere within the European Union ... higher insurance ... a basic gigbag that I will buy before shipment I am not interested in a trade unless you have a US made Spector NS-2 to offer You can play and pick it up in Munich/Germany and pay in cash if you want to. You can also pay by bank transfer (You cover the transfer costs) or by PayPal (Family & Friends only) If you want to I can make more pictures. Thanks, Dan
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. That is a great looking bass. So it is tuned in and set up for ADGCF at the moment? What is the weight of it?
  8. So since we were surprised by seeing two beating hearts on the sonography I decided to cancel the order of the Sandberg Nighthawk Plus. To flog this crazy good sounding and looking Warmoth is not necessary anymore and therefore this offer is now withdrawn. Thanks for your interest.
  9. The Sandberg California VM2 4-String RW Crème High Gloss is a 4-string bass guitar from German guitar manufacturer Sandberg. The bass features two Sandberg Power Humbucker pickups that deliver a full, powerful sound. The pickups are complimented with the Sandberg 2-band EQ preamp, with active/passive switching. The Canadian hardrock maple neck is joined to the body with a 6-bolt connection and has a rosewood fingerboard. This VM2 also features black Sandberg hardware, high gloss finish and 34” scale length. The bass has a Crème finish. The body is made from alder. I bought this new in 2017 for 1.500 EUR and switched the chrome hardware to black hardware. Weight is around 4,3 Kg according to our baby scale. This bass is in very good condition since it has been treated very well from the first second I owned it. It has never seen a concert stage and was only played in my living room as wel as the band room. It is set up for D Standard tuning. I will add a Sandberg basic gigbag as well as an extra pickguard in black (original Sandberg pickguard) I put it up for sale for 980 GBP/ inlcuding ... ... shipping to anywhere within the European Union ... standard Sandberg Gigbag ... extra black pickguard I am not interested in a trade ! You can play and pick it up in Munich/Germany and pay in cash if you want to. You can also pay by bank transfer (You cover the transfer costs) or by PayPal (Family & Friends only) If you want to I can make more pictures.
  10. Quick summary what you get on top of the Bass - Sandberg Gigbag (Basic model) - Sandberg leather strap - New set of Sandberg stainless steel strings (40-100) - It is currently strung with a new set of DR 50-110 Drop-Down Tuning strings
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