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  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Hey everyone, Thank you for offering some interesting trade options. I am still checking one or two. But since I prefer to receive cash I would like to lower my requested price incl. shipping within the European Union to SOLD (I also listed this bass on REVERB now)
  4. To help you undecided people to make a clever decision I decided to cover the shipping costs on my own. So that means --> SOLD incl. shipping within the European Union Thanks, Dan
  5. Phew, now that's quite a bargain. Almost 50% discount on the retail price and you get a Big Muff on top. Someone should grab this fast.
  6. Hey, I changed my mind and decided to accept trade offers (+cash) now.
  7. One could argue that you do not need anything else if you have a bass like this
  8. Hello ! I woud like to offer my recently acquired US made Spector NS-2 DW in Black Stain Matte. I bought this bass a few days ago from the firsst owner but since I don't seem to get along with the neck profile I would like to let it go again. This Spector was built in th US Custom Shop in 2019. At this point Stuart Spector was not involved in the building process anymore so no signature on the back of the headstock. According to our baby scale this bass weights 4 - 4,1 KG. It is equipped with EMG pickups and the famous HAZ labs electronics (9V). The neck has a Doug Wimbish profile which means it has a width of 38mm at the nut and shape that I would describe as a "U". Fretboard is made from a lovely piece of Pau Ferro. Body wings are made from beautiful quilted maple. As you can see on the pictures it is finished in a beautiful black stain matte. There are hardly any signs of use so conditionwise almost new. To my ears the sound is very modern and hi-fi ... exactly what you would expect from a pair of EMGs. Included is a high quality Spector Hard Case and a set of Dunlop Strap Locks. THe bass is strung with a set of 50 - 110 Rotosound and tuned to D STandard (DGCF) The bass is located in Munich / Germany. You can pick it up or I will send it to you but be aware that shipping is quite expensive (DHL within the EU --> 60 EUR) I only want what I paid so my asking price is SOLD or whatever this is in GBP for the bass incl. costs of shipping within the European Union. Please be informed that I don't/can't accept payment in GBP. I won't go below this price so please do not try to make lowball offers. I might also consider trade (+cash) offers. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Daniel
  9. Are you sure you can sell this bass ? Looks like your son/daughter is not really ready to let this one go 🤣
  10. You can also buy the Power Strat if you don't want to split that pair - Has a similar price tag but I can make you a good package deal
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