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  1. Just sold my Shuker 5 to Ash, great guy to deal with and a top Basschatter, Many thanks!
  2. Cheers for the kind words gents, she is a beauty, still available and I can cut someone a deal on this one....
  3. Another £100 off... still beautiful, a lot of bass for this dosh!
  4. It is a beauty, plays fantastically and is practically new, a bargain for someone!
  5. Still here, make me an offer, you never know your luck!
  6. Another £100 off, I'm in danger of giving her away!!
  7. Many thanks guys, they are lovely, lots of interest but no offers as of yet, someone could grab a bargain here!
  8. I'm in Birmingham, a sale is pending though..
  9. Morning all, Here we have my ACG Jazz 5, a fantastic bass, a hand built custom at a bargain price but when financial needs must etc. I have two basses up at the mo, I intend to keep one so whatever shifts first.... [b]Specs are : [/b] [b]Body[/b]: Black limba body with a figured maple top finished in black stain and with an accent veneer, matt finish. [b]Neck[/b]: 3 piece maple with carbon reinforcement, asymmetric carve, acrylic impregnated figured bird eye maple board, 34” scale. [b]Hardware[/b]: Gotoh GB720 tuners, Hipshot type B bridge [b]Electronics[/b]: ACG SB on the bridge and FB on the neck, Glockenklang 2 band preamp. I can put it in a clean gig bag. [b]Pics[/b]: [url="http://s1294.photobucket.com/user/giblett123bass/library/Uber%205?sort=3&page=1"]http://s1294.photobu...5?sort=3&page=1[/url] [b]Condition:[/b] Fantastic, no nicks, dings or chunks missing, the only “mark” is a plug on the top where there used to be a switch (see pics), this could be replaced with a switch. [b]Price:[/b] I’m looking for £850, I may take an offer so feel free to ask, apols but no trades this time please. Thanks for looking. Chris.
  10. Morning all, £100 off the asking price to get things moving, a deal to be done here!
  11. Morning all, Here we have my USA built Zon Sonus 5. It is a wonderful bass but I have too many basses and not enough cash…. [b]Specs are:[/b] 34” scale, composite bolt on neck with phenowood fretboard, graphite nut Ash body (I think) with cocobolo top finished in high gloss Bartolini dual coil pickups, ZP2 3 band preamp Chrome hardware. Comes with a quality gig bag. [b]Condition: [/b] Fantastic, no scratches, dings or chunks missing, it is really clean. [b]Additional Pics:[/b] [url="http://s1294.photobucket.com/user/giblett123bass/library/Zon%20Sonus%205?sort=3&page=1"]http://s1294.photobu...5?sort=3&page=1[/url] [b]Price: [/b] I’m looking for £1500 but will take a sensible offer so feel free to ask, no trades this time please. Thanks for looking!
  12. Thank you for the kind words folks, she is a thing of beauty, dare I say it, even better in the flesh! There is a deal to be done here so feel free to ask!
  13. Morning all, Here we have my Shuker custom horn 5 bass, it is an absolutely wonderful piece of craftsmanship and a fantastic bass to play but alas work circumstances mean I have to move on some of my collection. [b]Specs are:[/b] 34” scale with 24 frets, wenge fretboard, graphite nut, 48mm at the nut and 19mm string spacing. Maple, wenge and mahogany 7 piece neck and maple scarf headstock, carbon reinforcement, high gloss facing to match body. African walnut body and 5A quilted maple droptop, bound and finished in orange stain/wet look gloss Delano JMVC pick ups and Aguillar OBP3 preamp. Gotoh GB707 tuners, Schaller 200 bridge. V clean hiscox case. [b]More Pics:[/b] [url="http://s1294.photobucket.com/user/giblett123bass/library/Shuker%205?sort=3&page=1"]http://s1294.photobu...5?sort=3&page=1[/url] [b]Condition:[/b] A1, mint, I have had it from new less than 12 months and don’t gig on it, there are no marks, wear, scratches or missing finish, it is a work of art. [b]Price:[/b] I’m looking for [s]£1500[/s] ---[s]£1400 [/s] [size=4][s]--- Now £1300 ---[/s] [b][size=5]---Now £1200---[/size][/b] [/size], I may take a sensible offer so feel free to ask! No trades on this I’m afraid, I need the cash! If folks want to try her out they are more than welcome to drop in (I may even manage a cup of tea)! Thanks for looking Chris.
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