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  1. I've been looking for one of these for ages without luck. Bought an alternative last week. Gah!!!!
  2. Just ordered one of these. They sound amazing and that price point is much more reasonable.
  3. Superb overdrive pedal from Markbass, but my purchase of the Evo 1 means it's no longer needed. Excellent condition. Comes in original box and a fresh 9V is included. It doesn't have any velcro on the bottom, just the fitted rubber pads. Please note that there is a very small amount of drive even with the "drive" level set to minimum, so it can't be used as a clean EQ. £100 posted.
  4. Looks like you can switch "drive" in and out, and vary both the level and the distortion type.
  5. It's a JJ ECC83S (12AX7), which I believe is decent enough modern manufacture. Could be fun rolling vintage valves in there.
  6. Looks like there’s a D2 floor pre coming out?
  7. Sounds like a job for EBS.
  8. I used to play this in a disco band and it was a blast to play. It really moves around and is pretty busy, plus the bass has that jump at the end of the first line of the chorus so it keeps you on your toes. I might try and chart it out.
  9. A most underrated band, even at the time. Spirit of Eden is also a great listen.
  10. Most folk are familiar with these cabs from Markbass. A well-balanced cab, without the harsh piezo tweeter that is featured in the smaller NY121, these are a very good single cab solution for most gigs. IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms SPEAKER SIZE: 1x12 in. BASS PORT: rear TWEETER: 1" compression driver with custom horn POWER HANDLING: 400W RMS (AES Standard) CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40 Hz to 20 kHz SENSITIVITY: 99 dB SPL WEIGHT: 33.07 lbs / 15 Kg WIDTH: 23.23 in. / 59 cm HEIGHT: 15.08 in. / 38.3 cm DEPTH: 17.13 in. / 43.5 cm This one is in very good condition. I have replaced the normal large logo with the smaller version in vertical configuration. I am firm on £250 collected from Hampshire. I can also deliver along the M4 corridor.
  11. Thanks Tony! Yes, it really is a great bass and I just wish someone would give it a go, as it's just not getting played enough at the moment. The strings were an ACG/Newtone Custom String Set (I still have them by the way). Nickel roundwound with a flexible core, so even though the gauge is heavy (130/110/90/70/50) they retain the same feel as a lighter set.
  12. Indeed. Forgive my flu-induced musings, I was confusing it with the new CTM200R.
  13. Valve power section perhaps?
  14. Yep, I play unlined fretless almost all the time. In fact I've played unlined for so long now I am completely disorientated on a lined! Here's my squeeze: a beautiful Franz Sirius from Germany.
  15. Having recently picked up an Evo 1 I can only imagine how good this is. The amp sims and effects in the Evo are very good, so this must be the same on steroids!
  16. When I worked in London I went there quite a bit, and the Wunjo guys were always good to deal with and often quite flexible on price too.
  17. I'd get a Markbass Minimark 802 and stick a versatile EQ pedal (perhaps the Source Audio programmable EQ or Boss EQ200) in front of it.
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