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  2. Developed for Chicago Music Exchange by La Bella. Pure nickel roundwound wrap on a hex core. No silks at either end. 37" winding length Tension I would say is medium Tone is classic nickel: warm, with sweet highs. Feel is wonderful; they are so smooth your fingers fly over them with much less squeak than normal rounds. New and unopened, I have four of the 45-130 sets available. £100 posted for the four or £27 posted per set.
  3. Pure nickel roundwound on steel. Slightly heavier E and B strings (45/65/85/110/140) BNIB (bag has been cut open though) Postage 2nd class recorded in included.
  4. Brand new in the packet. GHS Precision Flats 45-126. Mediumish tension (for a flat). These were sent in error: I ordered the extra long set but received the regular scale length version. The low B is 37" long ball end to silk. The other strings are all around 37.5". I thought I'd offer them here first before trying to sort a return. £35 posted in the UK. Thanks Gareth
  5. I like them. Funnily enough I just received a set from Bax. Ordered Super Long Plus, but they sent the regular Long Scale
  6. Me too. Use this as a guide and then adjust to taste. String action gauges like these are really useful!
  7. I know! And this article in Bass Gear Mag shows "flat" as different again.
  8. Interesting, I was told mids to the max, treble and bass at 9pm, with mid and bright switches down and bass switch up.
  9. That is an unusually click-baity image for Basstheworld.
  10. I bought a Spectraflex cable in 1989 that's still going strong! The rest of my cables are OBBM, although I have dabbled with Custom Lynx and Ultimate Pro Audio on eBay recently with good success.
  11. Just treated myself to a little lockdown gift - the Dunlop Complete Bass Setup kit.  Be nice to have everything in one place.

    1. LeftyJ


      Nice, looks like a very useful set! Looks like quality gear too at first glance. 

    2. BruceBass3901


      I'm now eyeing this or the D'Addario one

  12. I sold a strap to Goran. The deal was very straightforward. I'd have no issue dealing with him again.
  13. franzbassist


    A simple sale of an FX unit to Martin, but all went smoothly as usual. He's one of the good ones
  14. A deal was done for a Dapper Bass pedal. Great comms, super speedy courier. All is very good here
  15. Another easy deal with Jake. This time for a set of strings, but comms excellent.
  16. I have two three "as new" Markbass pedals available. They all come in their original boxes. The two MB7s have had their rubber feet fitted and also come with a fresh 9V installed. Pedals are priced for individual posting. Thanks for looking Markbass MB7 Booster - switchable 7 band EQ and boost - £100 posted Markbass MB7 Distorsore - overdrive with 7 band EQ - £75 posted Raw Octaver - brand new and unused - small and simple - SOLD
  17. Welcome! Basschat is a UK-based forum so some of us are probably local to you. Where in Surrey are you?
  18. It's amazing how "straight" it sounds in isolation - doesn't swing at all.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  20. Tidy. I haven't given it a good run at volume yet, but it doesn't lack for anything at modest volumes. Even the low B sounds full. Two would be most excellent. 🤘
  21. I'd be happy to sell you a set, if you want to try them out.
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