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  1. Thanks, yes, great basses. I played it at rehearsal last night and every note is crystal clear. The b string is a thing of beauty!
  2. Both family cars damaged on consecutive days.  Law of averages loves me!

    1. Merton


      Bugger 😩

    2. Daz39


      Exactly what he said!!

    3. prowla


      That's not good.

      It may be worth checking out your insurance T&Cs too.

  3. These are terrific amps. Wonderfully versatile EQ.
  4. OMG this takes me back. It's 1989 aagin and I'm playing my Wal through the exact same rig as my first proper set up! 😍
  5. Still out of work so this is next up for sale. I picked this wonderful bass up in the autumn last year. I love the weight (4.17kg or 9lb 3 oz) and feel of it, and the multiscale neck really evens out the tone and string tension. It has a swamp ash body with a spalted maple top stained a grey colour. The through neck is 5 piece maple and panga panga (wenge relative), with a panga panga fingerboard. The scale length is 34" to 36". I have made the following changes, which have made an already very good bass even better: i) rounded the edges of the nut so they are smooth ii) replaced all the screws in the bridge units iii) removed preamp and pickups and fully shielded the cavities, adding a new earth strip under the bridge iv) installed threaded inserts in the pickup and control cavities, using new threaded bolts throughout v) fitted US Bartolini HR-5.4AP/918 3 band preamp (volume has push/pull active/passive) vi) fitted US Bartolini MK6CBC pickups, using six string version to ensure pickup sensing area was wide enough vii) new black Dunlop straplocks and new black knobs viii) customised chrome/black Hipshot tuners to give a Wal-like style Bass comes with the very nice original hard case. I am firm on £1000 collected from London or NE Hampshire. Happy to ship at insured cost too as I can double box it up.
  6. I think it's quite a common thing with flats that the B and E strings in particular can sound dead and thuddy. Mind you, ten years service isn't a bad return on the investment!
  7. Yes, I bought them from Bass Direct. Pinged an email to them straight away but no reply yet. They're my usual supplier so I am sure they'll come back at some point.
  8. Indeed, and I have just looked on their website to see if they mention tolerances on it. I can't find any reference as such: it just says extra long strings are 38£" long, and these aren't!
  9. Just had an email conversation with La Bella. Even though I have never had a set this short before they are "within acceptable tolerances" and so no action can be taken. Disappointing, but hey ho.....
  10. Just FYI La Bella extra longs are 38", but can be up to 1/2" shorter/longer.
  11. Is anyone else having problems with consistent string links from La Bella? White nylon flats have been my go to string on my fretless for years, but lately I’ve noticed there’s a huge variation in how long they can be. I use the extra long strings, which are (should be) 38” ball end to silk, but this latest set are some way short of that!
  12. Hello John, welcome! There are a few of us from Hampshire here, I'm up in the NE of the county. Cheers Gareth
  13. They are fairly mid-focused. Low B is quite thumpy compared to the others, but that’s not unusual for flats in my experience.
  14. I spent a year on exchange at the University of Wisconsin and remember thinking it was really warm outside when it barely got back up to zero during the spring thaw! Oh, and to stay on topic I keep speaker cabs in my garage but nothing more than that.
  15. Agree, I got some of these recently and they are really decent.
  16. I had this many moons ago. It was pretty damn amazing!
  17. Not in opinion no. Both my cabs have downfiring ports and have sounded great in every location I've used them.
  18. Haha, sorry! Probably humbucking mostly, but on my fretted Franz (which has two Delano HBCs and the same switch for each pickup) I usually have the bridge in series and just switch the neck to taste.
  19. My Franz Sirius fretless bass has this exact setup and I love the instant change of tone three way switching brings. I say go for it!
  20. And sure enough, it was A weighted.
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