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  1. A beautiful Alpher up for sale, wish I had the money. I love mine and whoever this goes to is bound to fall in love too.
  2. Bumping, sale fell through so still up for grabs.
  3. [quote name='drlargepants' timestamp='1486913220' post='3235448'] Still available ? [/quote] On hold at the moment
  4. [quote name='AdamWoodBass' timestamp='1486822844' post='3234801'] Anyone see the fairly recent one with his new Fender Mustang? That TONE man! [/quote] Don't, I thought I had got over wanting one of those.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to sell my Novation Mininova synth. Great little synth with lots of preset sounds. I purchased this for a project that fell through. It has been used a handful of times and taken out the house once for a rehearsal so is in perfect condition. Comes in the box with a USB, power cable and gooseneck microphone for the vocoder function. Can also be used to track midi and control a DAW and powered via USB. Sale price is £280 collected for Hemel Hempstead. I can ship it to the UK for about £20. Might be interested in trades but I am looking for either a Darkglass Vintage Ultra or Two Notes LeBass. Drop me a message if you want any more info. All the specs can be found here: [url="https://global.novationmusic.com/synths/mininova#"]https://global.novat...ynths/mininova#[/url] [attachment=237946:P2110151.JPG] [attachment=237947:P2110152.JPG] [attachment=237948:P2110153.JPG] [attachment=237949:P2110154.JPG] [attachment=237950:P2110155.JPG]
  6. Hi all, I'm having a big clear out of pedals I have accumulated over the years. All have been used in a gigging situation so will have marks and dings from this. I don't have the boxes for any of them but will find suitable packaging for postage. Postage will be £10 each but can group together if multiples are purchased. Drop me a message, I might be up for trade but am mostly looking for a Darkglass Vintage Ultra or a Two Notes LeBass. [b]Bright Onions AB Looper - £20[/b] A great little switcher pedal with two effects loops, can be used with or without a power supply. [attachment=237936:P2110146.JPG] [b]Behringer Bass Synthesizer - £20[/b] Clone of the Boss Bass Synth, can get some very interesting synth effects, also has a parallel out for dry bass signal and expression pedal input. [attachment=237937:P2110150.JPG] [b]Vox Satchurator - £30[/b] Joe Satriani signature overdrive with Vox, with a boost function built in. Great with guitar, have not tried with bass. [attachment=237938:P2110156.JPG] [b]Morley Mini Wah - £50[/b] Mini Wah pedal, a lot more pedalboard friendly than other brands. Has a volume control to counteract the volume drop usually found with wah pedals. [attachment=237939:P2110157.JPG] [b]Electro Harmonix Echo1 Delay - £70[/b] Great digital delay/echo pedal. Can't get a super long delay but great effects from it. [attachment=237945:P2110158.JPG] [b]Joyo British Overdrive - £20[/b] Joyo's attempt at the Tech21 amp emulators. Does a good job of getting that British amp drive sound with lots of EQ control. [attachment=237940:P2110159.JPG] [b]TC Electronic MojoMojo - £35[/b] TC's overdrive, works well with bass and guitar. Also has a bass boost/cut switch. [attachment=237941:P2110160.JPG] [b]Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff - £40[/b] Non-bass version of the Little Big Muff, great for those super fuzz sounds. [attachment=237942:P2110161.JPG] [b]Zoom B1X - £30[/b] Good multi effects from Zoom. Has an expression pedal which can control different parameters. Good pedal for you to try out effects for the first time. [attachment=237943:P2110162.JPG] [attachment=237944:P2110163.JPG]
  7. I stumbled across these the other week and have enjoyed most of them. As you say, it too has inspired me to pick up my bass. Did you catch the pedal one? Very cool but not helpful for my gas, I now want a meatbox and bitcrusher!
  8. I use one of these: http://www.diago.co.uk/pedal-power/diago-micropower9.html Great small power supply and it works great with the 6 pedals I have on my board. Cheap too
  9. If you look bag through his vlog he built a pedalboard a couple weeks back and explains his sound there. That included the baby elephant sound.
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