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  1. Just a bit further up the A1 is London Road Studios in Baldock, https://www.londonroadstudios.com/ Always been great when we’ve used them.
  2. The Ernies are too short, made for the Ibanez VI. Newtone every time for me. Can’t recommend them and their service highly enough.
  3. Just had a new nut fitted on my Squier Bass VI and a little bit of extra fettling by http://www.guitarmanuk.co.uk Leo did a great job and is a top bloke to meet and deal with. Highly recommended in the North Herts area.
  4. Nice bass. I have a Babicz on mine which dropped straight in. Bit more than the Gotoh though (about £90 from the Bass Centre IIRC).
  5. MIM Classic 50's has a 1.75" neck.
  6. Wedding gig a few years ago, young girl behind the bar says 'wow you're really good but you aren't half old'.
  7. Have an ST 1200 Premium, really nice. Slim and fast neck, lots of tones available, what's not to like. My main gigging bass in a blues band. Doesn't look the part but definitely sounds it! Highly recommended.
  8. Andy at Anaconda basses in Palmers Green.
  9. An addition me thinks. Really like my Babicz though.
  10. Newtone strings for me. Whatever gauge you want.
  11. I don't but can I ask what it's for?
  12. Couldn't agree more. Bought a couple of sets from them for my Bass VI, brilliant service and brilliant strings.
  13. KevG


    [quote name='Bassjon' timestamp='1439917606' post='2846774'] Once again I have to play Devil's advocate on here and say yes, while its a compliment personally I wouldn't like it. Solid implies boring to me. I play like Jamerson, very syncopated and busy .... and hopefully tight as well! [/quote] Really, would love to hear someone who plays like Jamerson, who I would consider to be the solidest!
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