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  1. Many thanks guys, really appreciated. A lot to think about (Jeez, about strings???? once upon a time it was Rotosound or Audition πŸ˜†).
  2. Many thanks folks appreciated. Which version of TI flats as a starting point? @4000 happy to drop to 40-100 or even 40-95. What would you recommend, I know you are a bit Rick fan with a lot of experience (or is that taste4000, I'm old tha knows!). I just find the Rick has a bit more tension on my usual strings. I have some lower tension Dunlop Super Bright 45-105 on my Road Worn Jazz & they feel good a play great. Perhaps a lighter gauge in them?
  3. Help if you can folks. I always find string tension on my 4003s a little bit too much. I have thought of the lower tension flatwounds but they are an expensive mistake to make. Anybody's experience, thoughts appreciated. Ta muchly.
  4. Absolute bargain. I sold this excellent bass to Gareth just over 10 years ago. It would have been good to buy it back especially at this great price however 3 Jazzes are already too much. Good luck.
  5. Sold thank God. Margate was far too far & I really didn't want the hassle of sorting a courier. Well done chaps.
  6. Great basses. Great price. Great seller. Greatly tempting 😁 GLWTS Brian.
  7. Welcome back David, that is gorgeous! Surf Green, matching headstock, Jazz nut width (or 40mm).πŸ’“ Sorry, drifted off there. Ah yes, welcome back.
  8. I got all wallet excited until I saw the back of the headstock. I understand why & I know they are good tuners but.................... πŸ˜” When you put the replacement tuners on, did you leave the original shaft sleeves on the front of the headstock? I know they can be a pig to remove.
  9. Dave has just met me to exchange my Dimension Deluxe for his coins of the realm. It's been an absolute pleasure dealing with Dave, his comms have been great, he did what he said he would do, when he said he'd do it. Even when I managed to find the wrong Abbey car park in Jedburgh (yup, I managed to do that 😚), he was very forgiving & came to find me. A joy Dave, thanks for everything & enjoy that great bass.
  10. Apologies, on hold since last night. All remaining interested parties were informed last night, cheers, Karl.
  11. Has to be said, I love this beast. If either my RW Jazz or Dimension Deluxe had sold (still time on the Dimension) we'd have been meeting again Dave. GLWTS
  12. Further trade offers, appreciated folks but the only trade I've been interested in thus far (pretty local too) doesn't seem to be happening. Somebody asked about neck dive, perfect balance (the Dimension Deluxe, not me!).
  13. I normally withdraw a bass after 2 weeks. I put them up at a cash price that I think is fair to buyer & seller. On the rare occasion folk don't agree, I usually keep it πŸ™‚. Invariably, a few weeks later somebody gets in touch. Anyway, for the time being I'm leaving the advert live as there are 2 folk on the fund raising trail, and one considering a trade I was interested in. Thanks for all the interest peeps.
  14. It's well documented on T***bass that the American Specials had a body that was 1/8th of an inch thinner, front to back. So most are a little lighter than the full blow US basses of the time. Wish I could re-find the long thread on T***bass ☺️
  15. Stunning Dave, I don't play fretless but what a bass this is. That fingerboard, wow, & great mods. Pro level instrument.
  16. Hiya Dunc, yeah things ok now mate. Sorry for the late reply was gigging at Whitby last night & catching up with stuff today. And snoring, yes, a lot of snoring. 3 more inquiries on this bass again today but currently still available. Keep a look out for somebody putting up a very nice fretless tomorrow night πŸ˜‰
  17. Oh yus! Surprisingly some PM's replied to. Dave, gutted your's was fretless, gorgeous bass.
  18. Black, black, maple. Fender Deluxe range became Elite then Ultra. This was Β£1350 in 2013. Fender humbuckers, 5 position switch, 18V pre amp, bass/mid/treble cut or boost. Asymmetrical neck with compound taper fretboard (9.5 inch to 14 inch). Really super necks, with graphite rods & a truss rod WHEEL, yay! 41.3mm nut, weight is 9lb 1oz, Ash body. Comes with original big TSA hardcase in excellent condition. All case candy, even case keys, included. Despite Fender doing a full range of these from a single pup passive Squier right up to this top of the range model, they never really caught on. Perhaps too modern for most Fender lovers. Most who have them rate them rather highly. Last of my active basses to go, I just don't use them, this has never left the house. TRADES. I would prefer a sale however I would do a straight swap for a 2102-2015 American Precision in excellent condition. Possibly American Special Precision + Β£150 to me. COURIER. I'd rather not, it's big case & it's going to cost a buyer around Β£70 fully insured (obviously cheaper if they want to take the risk). Prefer collection from Darlington but would meet up within a hundred miles radius. Feedback available, many thanks for looking, cheers, Karl.
  19. Oooooh, itch itch πŸ€”β€οΈ
  20. Lovely bass & top bloke. Good luck Brian, I love this series.
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