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  1. Can you send me some more info on this I’m interested.
  2. Here is mine I didn’t capture the roasted neck very well!
  3. I recently got a Stingray special and hands down can say it’s the best stingray I’ve ever played I think it sounds completely different to say an older three band eq and of course the classic. I’d say it nails both the sounds but has it’s own sound of that makes sense. The neck is fantastic and the improvements they have done may look like nothing but you sure get a lot more tones out of the special
  4. Could you ship it if so I’ll take it
  5. Literally brand new immaculate still has the plastic on the scratch plate I acquired this in a trade. It’s been bought and played for ten minutes the guy I got it off bought it last week but is moving away and can’t take it. I don’t do five strings hence the sale however this sounds killer the balance on the pickups for each string is fantastic it has that gorgeous Musicman tone that we all love. Rips through the mix like nothing else the satin finish is gorgeous comes with a padded Fender gig bag and generic strap. I can courier at the cost of the buyer. These basses are going for £389 save yourself a fortune.
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