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  1. I got that measurement from a review online that provided specs. Can measure later if you wish. Very hard to get info on these now as they are no longer available. However I just did some digging and it seems 19mm is the spacing for a 5 string and the 6 should be 17mm thanks for the heads up will update on the add
  2. Im in Galway in Ireland. can send anywhere with a courier. Have correct box and packaging. Shipping costs are similar to within UK so quite cheap to ship. Takes 2 -3 days
  3. Stunning 6 string bass for sale. Condition is very good. Comes with Ibanez Premium soft case. Weight is below average for a 6 string at just under 4.2kg These are very rare now, the last one i could find in eBay sold for close to $1500 Specs below but check out the reviews. Basically it has Gotoh hardware, US Nordstrand Pickups and a fantastic satin finish. The neck feels very slick and smooth and the grain has a lovely deep, rich colour. Im only selling this as i took it as a trader for a bass rig. I don't play 6 string unfortunately. Will ship well packed to anywhere in UK or Europe Thanks specs: 35” scale neck: BTB 5 7pc (maple/bubinga/walnut) graphite rods Body: figured maple top,Mahogany wing Fingerboard: Rosewood with Abalone offset dot markers 24 frets medium 17mm spacing mono rail bridge Pickups: Nordstrand Big Singles 3band es with eq bypass and mid frequency selector switches Black Tusq XL nut Gold Gotoh tuners
  4. paulie

    Shaggy's feedback

    Great guy to deal with. Great communication. cheers Greg and if your ever back in Ireland we’ll go for pints!
  5. Based in Ireland but happy to ship. I have a good deal with a courier here and shipping works out at £30. I have a good box and packing materials and I use a reliable courier.
  6. Have a stunning Lakland Joe Osborn I’m thinki of parting with. sunburst with tort plate and rosewood board. It’s an early model, so Fralin pickups. Well cared for but we’ll played. One ding on the lower bout but great Knick otherwise. Neck is like a Pre CBS. its the stack knob model. rosewood board is very dark with maple dot markers. original cream tolex case included as is the pickup cover. happy to courier packed etc.. pics to follow
  7. Final price drop due to strengthened sterling £600 Can ship for £30 I have a box, packaging and use a reliable courier service. Price includes, bass, straplocks and the Protec case as pictured Thanks
  8. Neck is very slim on this. I play Jazz basses all the time so can't deal with chunky necks. This one is like a jazz
  9. Great buyer Totally hassle free and easygoing. Instant payment, no problem in recommending him to anyone
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