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  1. Yes it's the bottom one ,and I've found it ,I had an old p bass in it ,thanks for putting me right, all the best Dave
  2. Many thanks ,I have emailed ernie ball too ,may be they will explain the animal and its significance too thanks again Dave
  3. Phil it has a fender fitted case and that's about it ,the original case is here at home but I cant remember which one it it is, I have a lot of basses .I have found the correct case see muppet below second photograph.
  4. Can anyone tell me are the new musicman stingray special made in the USA, the bass has a picture of some creature on the back of the headstock, and says American heritage ,not like the the other stingrays Obispo usa made
  5. Karl its Dave mckevitt here it's your old dimension in a different case ,I do have the original case etc ,just put it in the wrong one
  6. fender dimension in fantastic condition, four way toggle switch ,the most underrated bass in my opinion you can make it sound like any bass it really is that versitile, genuine reason for sale comes with a fender hard shell case any question call 07932259470 collection only from southport cash or bank transfer thanks for looking Dave.
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