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  1. Sweet pedal with terrific filter, top seller. Bargin Schwiiing!
  2. Moog. Minitaur. Superphat moog bass sounds, nothing not to like really! Comes with a original packaging (a bit worn) plus non-original USB cable and psu.
  3. Serious case and board, very nice indeed. Glwts
  4. Wow - great to know and thanks for sharing the story matey. This was a lovely bass but tbh I agree re the electronics and I bet the changes really work. Great job on the respray too! Very pleased that it's in a happy home and undergoing some real TLC. As Hannibal Lecter said "it's all about transformation"...!!
  5. Have to say, Status totally not my thing usually but this looks fab. Can really imagine how it works super well as a 6, 34 and 18mm absolutely spot on (IMO). Plus I'm only up the road in Norwich. Nurse! It's happening again...!
  6. Wow. So virtually identical to one I bought new over in the US back in 2007 I think. It was a work of art and sounded as rich as glorious as a grand piano. For many years I strung it E-C which never really quite worked somehow, switched to conventional B-G and it was amazing. A very serious and beautiful instrument, I'm sure you won't need any of the usual 'GLWTS' to sell it!
  7. Can I just say how bonkersly brilliant this looks. I would love to try it @MrTea but I am already challenged in the real estate department and these no way I can squeeze this fella in. GLWTS though.
  8. Agree. I never owned the tubepath but I did use one frequently and for quite a few years had a Quad VI. These were fantastic amps, built on the brand name for sure (although I always liked the light up W!) but I think they really hit the spot in that tube hybrid place. Not actually that heavy either although it won't slip in your gigbag like some of the modern class D amps.
  9. Lovely bass. Interesting that it's not a bolt on neck for a jazz - how does that affect it @Harry?
  10. Not for me I'm afraid due mainly to the 35 but what a fabulous and interesting bass. Well done @therealting for such a helpful vid as well. GLTS
  11. Nice! The size of those magnets! Do you get any problems with the tide, clocks, TV reception etc? Glwts matey!
  12. Great amp, does it all, very intuitive, tiny footprint and weight. I'd always found works really well for double bass as well. glwts
  13. Tempted. Can I check though, the back pickup is a humbucker or do you have the option to split it i.e. get a more 'traditional' jazz bass sound?
  14. SUPER RARE!!! glwts, great bass
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