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  1. I was wondering what kind of music the bass is suitable for. I suspect others might also be wondering this too. I'll go first, is it any good for skid row?
  2. I think it's OK @dodge_bass, no asscisternce is required here
  3. If there's a lot of interest you might have to hold some kind of competition to decide who gets the bass, I know I'd love to winnet
  4. Lovely bass, if you pick this up urine for a treat
  5. Now that's something you don't see everyday!
  6. Man alive Rainer! That sounds like an epic beast. I'm not sure I could handle 19mm and 36 scale. Plus 28 frets (did I count correctly?). Definitely more than enough for mustang sally
  7. Who are you kidding russ, you sold your kidneys for basses a long time ago!
  8. Merlins beard! How many of you these things do you have? Beautiful bass...
  9. How did you get on with this? Looks like a very interesting pedal (if that's even a fair description)
  10. Surprised this is still here. As Cameron says a lot of bass for the wedge. Plus it is impregnated with Lee's bass mojo! Worth 340 sheets alone!
  11. This also crushed my bits too at one stage Great pedal, the filter really adds great options Lee is a top seller, deal with confidence and reduce your sample rates with impunity!
  12. Ran mine with 12v at one point. No discernible difference....!
  13. Lovely bass but just not quite for me hence the moving it on Hopefully quent doesn't mind the link, the original post tells you everything you need to know!
  14. Quick sale, prompt payment and great coms. Would definitely deal with sid again!
  15. I'm having a bit of a tidy up/clear out. Have decided I have far too many bags most of which are never used. Quite a few a spoken for now but these two are left: 1) Protection Racket (think this is the 7151 model). Semi-hard case with one large (class D head size) and one smaller front pocket. Neck support and padding on the inside. Very robust bag, zipper in particular is excellent. Condition is very good - excellent in fact. Just the odd scuff from light use over recent years 2) Benevente braded heavy leather. No idea who made it, came with a Benevente 7 string bass I owned many years back. It is a beautiful leather gig bag although carries a few scuffs now. I have also added some additional fabric to interior - it is very well padded and superplush (you could sleep in it very cosy if you were small enough) but an area started to wear from the bass control knobs hence the repair. I have replaced most of the zip pulls as well - they died very early one Both are excellent bags with loads of life, just surplus to requirements - especially in the current climate! Pricing each at GBP 50 posted to the UK.
  16. Merlins beard!!! Coloured cabs? Whatever will those yankee devils think of next?
  17. Always liked these. Great sledgehammer preset for Tony Levin fans!
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  19. The search for my P bass continues. Picked this up from DoubleOhStephan earlier this year. It is lovely but I'm looking for something slightly different I think, time to change. Stephan, hope you don't mind linking the original add as there is tons of info here: Since taking the bass I've corrected the bridge which was at a slight angle. The bass also has a white pickguard on it now but I can swap this out to tort if that was desirable. Currently strung with d'addario XLs, again these could be changed out to flats if you prefer (by me I mean, obviously you could also do it yourself later if you wanted to....) The eagle-eyed amongst you might say "hold on a minute abd, the price on the original add was 245 and yours is 300, whats that about? You're not being a very good BC citizen now are you?". You may say other things as well. £300 includes UK shipping and a case or gig big. If you want to collect, socially distanced of course, then happy to drop the price. That's it, ping me any questions that you may have lovelies Abd
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