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  1. Quick one for now. Plate off, just prior to removal of the East..
  2. Fender Japan 70s Reissue Jazz for sale. Will post pics asap! I will be careful with my description here as I'm not a Fender authority by any stretch but this is the recent (and now discontinued I believe) 70s reissue. Maple board and neck, white block inlays and binding. White pickguard and 3 tone sunburst finish. Bass currently has bartolini pickups and a hipshot kickass bridge. I can refit the original Fender pickups and bridge if you prefer. The control cavity was routed very roughly a while ago to fit an East pre (no longer available). You don't see this of course but I want to be up front and transparent on this. Shipping is possible but there is no case included so we would have to work something out. No trades I'm afraid!
  3. I remember this carlsbro delta gear from back in the day, really good stuff....
  4. Also, the expedition that I sent up into my loft returned bearing additional packing materials so posting the other cab is an option....
  5. Pictures now added. Here is the spec from BFB: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/Big-Baby-2.htm
  6. Not one but two cups of coffee today. I am a total badass

    1. TheGreek


      Wow...more than I've drunk all year. Not a big Tea/Coffee drinker.

    2. Lozz196


      Two cups? That`s totally over the top, especially for a Sunday, have a word with yourself!

    3. Teebs
  7. Excellent cabs, lightweight, powerful, compact. You know the score. Both in excellent condition and with roqsolid covers. Both well cared for. Price is for each cab just to be clear but buy both and I'll throw in a free gramma pad! Tea, bics and lighthearted banter are all available at bassdoyle towers in Norwich for those that want to try first. Postage is an option but I will need to check it out. They are very lightweight cabs and I'd hate for couriers to damage them.... So pics now added. You can stack them like this: Or like this: The feet and corners are all solid and in pretty much brand new condition: In the interests of full transparency there is one very small chip on one cab. I've caught it in this photo but it is minor and difficult to focus correctly. I suspect if you blacked it in with marker or paint it would be pretty much invisible: So of course, you will be thinking if you just want one cab you want the one without the chip yes? Well here are the covers: As you can see, one with logo, one without. The cab with the small chip will come with the cover that has the sexy barefaced logo on it. Balance restored and wisdom dispensed. So finally can I reiterate the point about shipping. I would much prefer them to be collected as I'd hate them to be damaged in transit. I'm pretty sure that in my loft I have packing for one cab so I will post this at buyers risk and cost, the other one needs collecting or time would be needed to source extra packing etc. I am happy to meet up within a reasonable distance of Norwich if you are happy to cover my petrol. Hope that's all helpful stuff, ping me any questions etc. Cheers, Abd
  8. Have a bump matey. I was always intregued by these when they came out. A huge amount of amp for the the money and this seems like a totally bonkers bargain. Think this says a lot about the market! Glwts
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. The single most useful and simple pedal. Well, perhaps equal to the ls2... Glwts
  11. Very nice bass, unfortunately it's no go for me right now but someone will be very happy with this I've no doubt. Glwts James
  12. Great thread, I really need to make some quality time for my FI ahead of next gig
  13. Awesomeness. Should it read valve head...?
  14. Do the batteries just power the leds? So would it work without power?
  15. I have just realised that since the original post I have chipped the gain knob on channel 1. Everything functions fine, just cosmetic. Due to this, and the fact that I would really like to move this on, I'm dropping the price to: £399 Includes the markbass gigbag Includes the original packing Includes the UK shipping Includes the rack kit should you need it I will also include the amp itself IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS BC!!
  16. Listing this here as it's really an effects utility, mods please feel free to move if you don't agree... No sound from this, it essentially takes a single expression input and creates three separate outputs. 1 into 3. However, it's more than just a simple copy of the input as you can adjust each of the outputs to send a different waveshape or range of pedal sweep. Each can be configured individually and activated/deactivated (in which case the last pedal position is remembered) to suit. More, and frankly betterer, details here: https://missionengineering.com/shop-2/products/expression/multi-use-exp/expressionator/ This has been a staple on my board for quite a few years now in order to control various filters and moogish noisemakers. Works fantastically well and of course you only need one exp pedal instead of three (even better of course if your exp has more than one output like a source audio reflex etc). Very useful leds show you exactly what is going on at any time. Standard 9v barrel jack low current supply is needed to run it. I will add some pics asap but my unit is exactly as per the Mission page other than it is shiny chrome finish rather than the blue on their site. Price includes UK shipping. I imported mine at the time but looks like you can get them here now for around GBP 200. Any questions let me know Cheers, Abd
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