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  1. I think you're right mate, bass is now sold...
  2. It's been suggested to me by a couple of folks that because of the damage to the rear of the bass it's priced too high. I'm not sure about this, personally I was happy to take it with added mojo as that was part of the appeal but I fully appreciate it's horses for courses. The feedback is welcome. Ebay had a promo at the weekend so the bass is now on there as well at a 'full fat' price but I'll drop here to: £600 collected from Norwich £625 posted to the UK (please see above, no case but there will be an old tatty one to protect it in transit) Hopefully that brings it more in line if anyone was wavering due to the battle scars! Cheers, Abd
  3. Polara now gone, just the zvex left...
  4. No, sorry mate it does not. I do have an old beat up case that can be used for shipping but that's it I'm afraid. Cheers Abd
  5. Indeed Mr Krow Let's get these last two gone 90 for the mastotron 45 for the polara 130 for both BAAAAARGAIN!
  6. Zvex Mastotron - £100 Very classy gated fuzz. Options for subs which can bring down walls. Very synthy when used with filters, octave etc. Price includes UK shipping, oseas might be extra depending on where you are. Local taxes are your responsibility, the value of your investment may go down as well as up, always ask the bill payers permission first etc etc. Cheers! Abd
  7. Picked this up in a trade with the gent that is Walshy. I thought it was the one but, turns out it is not. Fab bass, the neck is excellent as the all say, I'm just after something a little different for p bass duties. Here is Walshys write up, but you know what this is already I think... Owned this bass twice (bought it back on here not long ago) , it’s an excellent example and includes the Badass 2 bridge. Uber road worn as it’s been gigged lots. Just set up too and plays and sounds awesome. Fender bumpf below- The Nate Mendel P Bass shares the same subtly idiosyncratic and distinctive features as the original, with special body contours, extra-slim neck and nut width, a lightly worn Candy Apple Red finish with a black pickguard, a powerful Seymour Duncan® Quarter PoundGäó split single-coil pickup, Badass bridge for rock-solid sustain and stability, and Mendel's signature on the headstock. I will apologise now for my photography skills. If you need some specific shots let me know! Cheers, Abd
  8. Sorry it didn't work out matey. FWIW I agree, it's a cracker and a great colour. I would have kept it had it been a 4 but there you go.... Just to add to the thread I would say this is a killer bass in that it's exactly what the rest of the band and the punters want to hear. Gobs and gobs of clean phat bass. The preamp is very nice, subtle tone control and nothing radical that changes the bass too much - very similar to the passive bypass other than additional bass/treble. Personally I really liked it in passive, the treble control then acts as a kind of high pass filter I believe. Think it's a glock pre. I've still got your Nate M which I might move on as part of the perfect P hunt, unfortunately I don't think we can go back now but someone will snap this up. I can also testify that Walshy's packing is second to none. I reckon it could survive a month in a war zone no probs...!
  9. Don't know about the repair but I had one of these many years ago and it was a pretty decent cab. Should be worth the effort!
  10. It reached it's gravitational tenticles all the way up to Norwich...
  11. Just completed a trade with russ. Supernice guy and travelled a fair old way to accommodate my chaotic family life. A pleasure doing business and a credit to the bc community.
  12. Traded a sandberg with Paul, great coms and supercool packing. Super chap, deal with total confidence!
  13. Recently took this from Walshy in a trade (you should buy from him just to experience the packing - otherwordly!). It's a great cab but having gigged it a few times now I've decided it's not really for me. I've lifted the details here from the original post, very happy to answer any additional questions of course. --------- TKS 115 Cab This is the original version (the newer version is slightly smaller). Features an adjustable tweeter - factory fitted as an optional extra. It was made in 2014. Its a 1x15 with tweeter. 450w at 8 ohms. It measures a little under 30" high x little over 20" wide x 15.5" deep and weighs a very manageable 17kg due to its Neodymium driver. Pretty much unmarked and has always lived in its snug-fitting padded TKS cover (included). New, when available, these cabs cost close on £700 with an adjustable tweeter (+£75) and padded cover (+£50). A fantastically powerful and articulate cab that is lightweight and very manageable. Beautifully made, and just oozes class. --------- I would totally agree with this, the cab is very classy and has made me think very differently about 15" drivers. It's phat and loud but the tweeter adds some highs and presence that were never there in the 15s that I remember! Physically it's not a small cab but it is a very easy one person lift and feels very lightweight. It's a bit like barefaced but with a little more weight and feels a bit more substantial for it. Cover is very think and heavy duty, it's kept the cab absolutely 100% mint. And is also in excellent condition itself. Anyway, I've priced this to sell and from what I can gather on TKS this is very good price, I'll knock £25 off if you want to collect in person from Norwich. Good day to you.
  14. andybassdoyle

    MB1 Feedback

    Just sold a ZZB to Martin - all good. Great coms, prompt payment, no nonsense. Deal boldly and in confidence with this man!
  15. Beautiful series 1 single cut, built for me so single owner and in immaculate condition. Specs as follows: 33 scale 18mm spacing at the bridge What I would describe as a shallow C profile - somewhere between and C and flat D Through neck Bartolini P4s Ash body, maple neck with purpleheart Walnut top, walnut back and control covers, walnut facings on front and rear of headstock (it is truly a work of art) Black hardware. Hipshot tuners, hipshot piezo bridge. East unipre. Controls are: Vol and balance on stack 1 Mid freq and mid cut/boost stack 2 Bass/Treble on stack 3 (pull for bright boost) Passive tone (pull for passive) Piezo vol, pull for mid-dark boost Each P4 has a three way coil tap for series, single coil and parallel Final switch is for the neck LEDs, off/side/front and side Set up by Martin last year and strung with Elixirs I have to say, it's a fabulous bass. It is a joy to behold and tremendous playability. The sale is reluctant as I have a strong degree of personal investment in the bass (not just the obvious financial) however I mainly play other basses and following some soul searching I think the time is right to move it on, I hope to a new and happy home. I'm happy to sell but frankly just as interested in trades. If the latter, or PX, then the following might be helpful: Only basses please - I'm sorted for amps and other stuff I'm sorted for Fender type basses so no Ps or Js please No 33s please, and would definitely prefer 18mm spacing but 19 is cool if the bass is comfy... Ideally looking for another 6 Very sorry for my poor photography skills! Please let me know if you want more info or specific shots of the bass, I'm very happy to speak on the phone or vid call so you can get a proper look. The bass is in Norwich and you're welcome to check it out in person if that's viable for you. And please don't tell Martin....
  16. Still here. I'm enjoying looking at it but not using it. Very happy to talk about trades, px up or down. Bass gear, exotic animals and plants, etc
  17. 5 has always felt like 4+1 to me but 6 is totally different, it's 6 I love 6s but for 99% of what I do it's a guilty pleasure. I'm ashamed to say it leads me places I probably wouldn't go. FWIW I agree with Ambient, it looks like a fairly reasonable spread of 6ers at the moment with one or two of them being longer term residents
  18. Hello all, Up for grabs my ZZB Deluxe in blueburst. I'm no expect on the pedigree of these basses but its a Japanese Matsumoko build of some description. It has playwear and a few dinks but generally well cared for over the years and in good condition, finish is still very good imo. Everything works just fine and it has a pretty decent set up although depending on what you need some new strings might be desirable. Actually a very good quality bass, neck pickup in particular has got a pretty decent P vibe. And, of course, it is extremely pointy. Shipping this will be very difficult due to the unusual shape so collection from Norwich would be best. I don't mind a reasonable journey to handover if you cover my costs.
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