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  1. I recently had a tot up of what I’ve spent on my gear - see signature for an idea. No doubt some BC’s have spent more, but for my ‘hobby’, the realisation of what i’ve forked out has been the most effective GAS killer yet for me!!
  2. Gorgeous bass - sadly I am currently out of bass buying funds after a bit of a spending spree so far this year. If it were me, i’d get myself used to the narrower neck & ditch the Fenders!!
  3. What are you guys using for wood protection/finishing products on these? I’ve read various things on t’interwebs but still not sure. I’m thinking on the non-gloss rosewood/mahogany body on the 1805, the Panga Panga fretboard on the 2600 & the laminated necks on both. From what i’ve read, Lemon Oil is only good for rosewood fretboards, so other oils or wax? Possibly just a plain old dry microfibre cloth?
  4. Alex Lifeson Geddy Lee Neil Peart Oh, hang on a mo.........?!? 🤔
  5. I’ve taken my 2600 to two gigs so far & it was superb at both. The band love it too!!
  6. Just bought another one dammit! A tasty 1805 to go with my four stringer. Looks like me & @Woodinblack have similar bass tastes (Ibanez & Maruszczyk).
  7. Gig 2 & 3 for me over the last few days with the band I joined in January. First one, end of meeting beer festival tent show at Newbury Racecourse on a bitterly cold evening a week ago Saturday. Second one in the centre of Lambourn on Good Friday at the end of the stables open day. Only a week later yet the weather was glorious! Both gigs went great & the crowds were suitably lively!! Used all 4 of my basses across the two dates & used the TC head on both occasions (only as I was away from kit for a while each event) on top of the two Barefaced cabs. Into PA & subs at Newbury but standalone at Lambourn. Everything worked superbly thankfully!
  8. I recently put Schallers on my basses, so these are now surplus to requirements. New circa £4 for a pack of four. Price includes UK p&p
  9. Withdrawn - have decided to keep it.
  10. Many thanks - they are indeed. Took it to rehearsal tonight. The band can’t understand why I have it up for sale!
  11. Not my leg, but a Facebook post from today. Much kudos for that level of brand commitment!!
  12. You have quantified the workmanship though if you can say fit & finish is better. You have somehow measured one against the other. I’ll have to disagree with you on the workmanship being an art too. A bass is just a consumer product in reality, therefore it is only a manufactured object designed for a purpose. That manufacturing process will vary in automation, & where there is little automation, then of course then the handmade factor comes in. That is a skill though, not art. (As an aside because I appreciate you were speaking generally, I have the available funds so my thoughts wouldn’t be influenced by the amount alone - more, what it would it would tangibly get me) Totally agree. And that is one area Fodera must surely lead the way on? A spectacular level of diminishing returns like no other bass manufacturer? We are very much spoilt for bass choice these days & as you say that is great. Each to their own & good to banter about that choice!
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