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  1. This is probably a Highway 1. The Highway One models had a Badass fitted. How can that not be clear & not at all confusing! 😆🤪😆 Nice Bass, especially with the black plate on. GLWTS
  2. I thought the same, so have posted on a Line 6 BC thread all about the various HX pedals. Ordered two more as spares from obbm yesterday.
  3. Jeez, where to start....., Rush - Subdivisions / Mystic Rhythms / Between the Wheels / YYZ / La Villa Strangiato / Digital Man (oh ok, pretty much anything they’ve done except the first album & the track Dog Years!😆) Tangerine Dream - Cloudburst Flight (probably my favourite track ever & erm... no bass guitar 😬🤭🙈) The Fixx - One Thing Leads to Another / Beautiful Friction Florence & the Machine - Breath of Life Delain - April Rain Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes Yes - Parallels / Awaken very eclectic & there’s probably more....
  4. If it helps anyone, a Strymon power supply (in my case an Ojai R30) will power an HXFX unit with the right cable (current doubling, two 2.1mm outputs to one 2.5mm input, centre negative polarity). Basschatter obbm can make you one of these. This is a relatively long thread, so apologies if this sort of thing has been covered before.
  5. This is a board I’ve put together in the last few weeks. A board for all occasions was the cornerstone of this set up so;- Wired or Wireless > HXFX > backline or Wired or Wireless > HXFX > backline > DI to PA or Wired or Wireless > HXFX > Bass Fly Rig > PA The HXFX does a cracking job of covering all the effects I need & is a very easy to read tuner! 😆 The board is a Pedaltrain Novo 18 (with flight case) It is powered by a Strymon Ojai R30 & I have got to give a big shout out to two BC’ers for helping me out with this; @obbm for making an excellent current doubling cable to connect the Ojai to the HXFX (two 2.1mm outputs into a single 2.5mm input, centre negative polarity) & @Jack for responding to a thread I posted & pointing me in the direction of obbm in the first place.
  6. The scale length makes it not for me, but no denying that is bloomin’ lovely to look at!
  7. I’m finally getting round to this & have decided on the Ojai R30 As far as I can make out, cable wise I need for the HX FX; Current doubler Polarity convertor 2.1 to 2.5mm adaptor Is that right & if so, any recommendations? Cheers.
  8. Own four, gig/use four. The 5’s are used at rehearsal’s, when needed at gigs for certain songs, & as gig backups. The 4’s are main gigging basses. Take either the two Maruszczyk’s or the two Ibby’s out to gigs as pairs, depending on how I feel at the time!
  9. No worries & apologies - typed in a rush & thought i’d pm’d that, not a post! Doh!
  10. Hi Cameron, Is this still available ? If so, i’ll take it for **** posted (that’s not me being cheeky, but I can get a new one for ****) Cheers, Wilco
  11. Thanks for that. Yes, looks like the Spark wouldn’t have enough juice. I reckon an Ojai is going to be the solution - just need to track down a suitable cable for connecting two outputs to the HX.
  12. Due to the many years they have been around, the style of their output varies considerably. To try & narrow it down to a useful answer, what bands do you normally listen too?
  13. Anyone using the above combination successfully? Appreciate the FX has a large power draw. I’ve only got that, a Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig & a Line 6 wireless receiver on my board - any other power block suggestions to power those three? Thanks.
  14. The headstock angle is fine, but it’s also a good idea to wind as much string on a peg as possible, so the string is at the bottom maximising the break angle. Great basses though - can’t fault either of my two.
  15. My favourite band & a fan since my early teens (so that’s 35 years+). A big fanboy of their 80’s stuff & for a long time Power Windows was my favourite album. I actually think they went out on a high, & Clockwork Angels is now the album I like the most.
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