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  1. Re BGM, coincidentally there is a Jazz type Fodera reviewed in the latest issue. ”Doesn’t exactly bowl you over” ”It’s a very good instrument, but not an exceptional one” More specifically to this thread;- “At this price I wanted to be blown away, but was not” Value rating 6/10.........
  2. The control layout is identical to my 335. In passive mode, both my tone controls are redundant. The blend control still works though & does make tonal changes. However, i’d be very surprised if this bass was not always used in active mode. So much more power & tones available in active mode just as you’d expect.
  3. Too late - spotted a great price on the Magellan last night on Anderton’s website so went for it! Should turn up towards the end of next week. That Aguilar does look very nice too, but is £250 more.
  4. I’d imagine; volume, pick up blend, bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut, active/passive switch. This is very well priced now as it is in the bracket for the black hardware lower spec models. The gold hardware models are a definite step up, particularly with regards to the preamp.
  5. Some good & useful comments so far, so thanks for those. Particularly interesting was those about the ‘valve’ sound comes more from the power amp tubes rather than the pre amp ones, & that preamp valve tones can be easily replicated by solid state electronics. After a bit more research & consideration the current leader in my thoughts is the............ Genzler Magellan 800 So neither of the two I started with in my head & no valve pre!! Fantastic reviews everywhere on that head. I like it’s drive section, the contour control & flexible eq with mid freq select. Apparently built to a very high standard too. Just the sort or size & weight I was looking for, with loads of power on tap. That could be the one.... 🤔
  6. Wilco

    Aria- making a comeback?

    I reckon £4310. Roughly. At a guess. Ahem...... 😬 ( I wasn’t on their website when your post came through - honest....🤔🤫)
  7. Wilco

    NBD: My SR range continues

    I feel partly responsible (in a good way!) for your GAS resistance caving in. 😄 That looks bloomin’ awesome!! Nice score.
  8. True enough, but why can Maruszczyk do that on a new bass which is way cheaper? Just seen this;- http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/MARUSZCZYK_Sputnik_5a_Burl_Walnut.html Not just a few hundred quid cheaper - over £7000 cheaper. Seven Grand!!! 🤔
  9. It’s what I was thinking to be honest. Said luthier makes the questionable business decision to set up in an area with a high cost base ( I mean, NYC!?! Everything is stupidly costly there!) & hopes that enough gullible punters will cover his costs by overpaying vs quality of the end product. Not saying it’s poor, obviously not, but unlikely worth the price vs the competition. From a fiscal perspective only on a used Fodera then, is that possibly the worst bang for buck in the bass market? Said production costs have been covered by the first buyer, & similar quality used intstruments are way cheaper. What’s the extra thousands buying you then............. ?
  10. Honest question. Not a pop at the seller who after all is selling both. £8849 (to be exact) is not exactly loose change! http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Fodera_Emperor_II_Elite_5.html http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/SH_Maruszczyk_Sputnik_5.html Yes, obviously there are wood & spec differences but where is nearly £9k of difference?
  11. Wilco

    NBD: My SR range continues

    Got to say, the look & sound of the blue Bass on this has very definitely got my attention......
  12. The MB Fusion is still on my radar, although have changed my mind I think on the Terror bass. Perhaps too much of a one trick pony. I really liked the look of the 4 Stroke. Very similar to the LH500 but better spec. Unfortunately same size & weight! I think i’ve reached the same conclusion on the Darkglass. I think that’s out too. I’ve got a Glockenklang pre amp in my Elwood 4 & it’s epic. Unfortunately so are their amp prices! 💷 😬 I don’t know why, but I look at the Ashdown website & just can’t get excited about what I see. 🤭 The Quilter is back under consideration! When I thought about it more, I could put my Bass Fly pedal in front of it for additional sound shaping..... 🤔 Hmmm, that looks interesting. A bit 80’s on the styling front, but like the spec. Where did you see the price? I think they are still available - there is a website anyway. Yes, good spec & looks a great amp. Can’t see a UK dealer though, which probably kills it for me. (thank you for the offer to try yours out though) Anyone know if the MB TTE 801 can do a ‘modern’ sound, or is it purely aimed at a vintage sound?
  13. I have eclectic musical tastes, so need an amp that’s a good jack of all trades. I really like my TC. I’ve happily used it on gigs & the various connectivity options are very useful indeed. Great quiet home rehearsal tool. I’m definitely keeping that amp regardless. I used to have a modest Hartke LH500 which had a valve pre & solid state power amp. I loved the ‘piano ring’ sound that amp could give out, & it’s that i’m trying to replicate I suppose, but on an amp that does not weigh as much as a car!! 😆 Your comments about the Quilter echo what i’ve read about them, & I think I would miss the top end a bit. No doubt a great amp, but probably not for me. Did not know that - interesting. Would go some way to explain why the Darkglass gear sounds so good? I’ve just spotted a Markbass TTE801 at a good new price. Wondering if that might be sonically similar to the LH500? It might be too vintage for me though & possibly lacking in top end. Notice it has the old school VLE filter control on, but not the midcut VPF one.
  14. I’ve no problem buying from fellow BCers - most of my kit has been bought from here. However, take that Markbass TTE for sale for example. Mighty fine amp i’m sure it is, but judging by the photos it’s a 2011 model so already nearly 8 years old. In my mind I can get a new (ok, different model) amp for circa 50% more & because Amps contain electronics that can fail over time, my personal preference would be for new. Agreed on full valve sound & power amp too, but the comprise for me there is on weight & portability. A good point, but I just haven’t got the free time to go round trying a load of amps. All I can do is make a best guess informed decision based on t’internet info & any other information I can get hence this thread.
  15. I was getting that impression about it’s valve sound too. All my basses are active, so that should help in filling out the EQ. Bloomin’ ouch!! 💷 I’ll buy used basses & cabs, but I have this thing about only buying new amps. Safety & reliability etc. All good heads though. What about the Darkglass Microtubes 500 anyone? Not a valve pre I know, but Darkglass seem to get rave reviews. Still not as good as a real tube pre amp?