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  1. Due to relative lack of use thanks to the sodding pandemic, I’m rotating my basses for rehearsals at the moment. The Thunder 1A was the choice tonight;- Obviously not as tonally wide as the Thunder 3 above, but it still got great comments. Both those have DR Sunbeams on & through that rig, they genuinely sound well beyond their respective price points. Bargains!
  2. Withdrawn - decided to keep it 😁
  3. So why am I selling this stunning Maruszczyk bass? Because i bought this IMO slightly more stunning Spector recently, & need to balance the books;- In an ideal world I’d keep them both.
  4. Wilco

    Got wood?

    Fair to say solid colour basses don’t really do it for me anymore… Current roster;-
  5. No, not all immediately recent - obtained over the last year in various ways. First one was the Thunder 3 fretted, acquired locally about a year ago. It was the classic been under the bed for 20 years job, but had a failed pickup, green frets & was a bit sad looking generally. I could see it was fundamentally sound though and just needed a lot of TLC, which I gave it & got the pick up fixed by Kent Armstrong via my local (most excellent) music store, Kempsters. Second one was the Thunder 1A, picked up off of here about 6 months ago. Paid probably top dollar for this one, but it did come with an original case. Also needed some TLC but not as much as my first one did. My first ‘proper’ bass as a teenager in the ‘80’s was a Thunder 1A. By now I was smitten with my more recently acquired Westone’s, & the 1A sounded even better than I remembered when played through my modern decent backline. So when a mint Thunder 3 fretless came up for sale about three months ago at Bass Direct, I was in like a shot! No second thoughts. Due to a talent shortfall on my part, the fretless will probably stay a home player lol. The fretted 3 & 1A have both been out on rehearsal duty already & sounded brilliant. I’d never owned a Thunder 3 before and after playing bass for 40 years or so, I’d say the one I have is one of the nicest basses I have ever heard. Very happy with this trio, it has to be said 🙂.
  6. Hi Dan, Is this still available? If so, you think this device would work well recording a band in a rehearsal room via the microphones only? Cheers, Paul.
  7. The gorgeous top wood on this is Madrone btw. 🙂
  8. First rehearsal with a new band. 70’s Disco covers so plenty of notes to get through! Thunder 3 performed superbly well. It drew some very positive comments about looks & sound. Would gig this bass very happily without any second thoughts at all. 🙂
  9. Top stuff. Taking my Thunder 3 to rehearsal tomorrow night.
  10. A bit of a “am i doing the right thing” moment, but I’ve succumbed to GAS & committed to a reasonably lumpy purchase on here today (see comment further down), so need to shift something to make space for that. Stunning bass which I have owned from new & bought directly from Adrian. In superb condition - no dings anywhere. Only blemish is under the E string just past the nut, but of course you can’t see that with the string in place! Active bass with a 2 band Glockenklang pre amp. Also works in passive mode. Delano pickups. Comes with a Maruszczyk gig bag (the better reinforced version), a black leather Maruszczyk strap & all the documentation that came with it new. Has been fitted with Schaller strap locks. Collection from Swindon, although will meet up a sensible distance away.
  11. Lovely example & very well priced. GLWTS.
  12. My first ‘proper’ bass was a Thunder 1A back in the mid eighties. In the last year I have purchased two III’s & a 1A. Yes they have their ‘issues’ - balance on a strap, weight, & the treble side of the pre-amp is not great. However, I can get very, very useable sounds out of each, the materials used are top notch, the construction is high quality, & playability is a breeze. I love all three. I’ve probably spent about £1k on them in total. A couple of my other basses I spent that on each one. Those are superb basses too, but the Westone’s have kinda questioned my sanity on expensive bass purchases it has to be said…..
  13. Wilco


    Very much so in conjunction with the actual weight obviously. A few years ago at the same time I had a Steinberger Synapse & a very ‘heavy’ mark 1 Sire Jazz. The Synapse felt like a feather in comparison on a strap. Turned out they were both the same weight…..
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