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  1. Withdrawn - have decided to keep it.
  2. For a while I had a Steinberger Synapse which felt incredibly light & I could easily play for a couple of hours with no aches or pains at all. Surprisingly it weighed 8lbs & was built like a brick out house, so it wasn’t its stick like dimensions that made it comfortable - must have been it’s balance too.
  3. All my basses are active. Passive basses are a bit meh these days (with the exception of Hohner) They were all the rage back in the 50’s 60’s, but not so much in recent years. 🤔😆
  4. Trades;- Future Impact + cash your way EHX Bass Mono Synth + cash my way
  5. Interested in any trades + cash?
  6. Wilco


    I also played it a few years back in an old band. My gear wasn’t as good back then & when the rest of the band kicked in, the bass was just lost in the mix which just made it too difficult. We did both Uprising & Starlight though & they were great.
  7. In excellent condition. Much better protection than a gigbag for similar money. Collection only from Swindon.
  8. Has the renowned Sansamp DI at it’s core. Also has a load of other bass useful features in addition such as a compressor, boost, tuner, chorus, octaver & distortion.  Really is a great piece of kit & I only don’t need it now after spending a lot of cash on other gear. Comes with a (tougher than the original) Rock Power PSU. Boxed with instructions. Price includes UK postage.
  9. Bought an Ibanez case off Bas yesterday. Met up at a pub in Acton to finalise the deal. Despite us only having time for a swift half, managed to have a good conversation about all things bass!! As mentioned on above posts, a proper gent - deal with confidence guys with no reservations. Cheers Bas!
  10. I recently had a tot up of what I’ve spent on my gear - see signature for an idea. No doubt some BC’s have spent more, but for my ‘hobby’, the realisation of what i’ve forked out has been the most effective GAS killer yet for me!!
  11. Gorgeous bass - sadly I am currently out of bass buying funds after a bit of a spending spree so far this year. If it were me, i’d get myself used to the narrower neck & ditch the Fenders!!
  12. What are you guys using for wood protection/finishing products on these? I’ve read various things on t’interwebs but still not sure. I’m thinking on the non-gloss rosewood/mahogany body on the 1805, the Panga Panga fretboard on the 2600 & the laminated necks on both. From what i’ve read, Lemon Oil is only good for rosewood fretboards, so other oils or wax? Possibly just a plain old dry microfibre cloth?
  13. Alex Lifeson Geddy Lee Neil Peart Oh, hang on a mo.........?!? 🤔
  14. I’ve taken my 2600 to two gigs so far & it was superb at both. The band love it too!!
  15. Just bought another one dammit! A tasty 1805 to go with my four stringer. Looks like me & @Woodinblack have similar bass tastes (Ibanez & Maruszczyk).
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