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  1. Wilco

    Tell me about Sandberg

    +1 to that. I have them on my Elwood 5 stringer (also with a Delano pre-amp) & they sound great. Far livelier than the Barts they replaced.
  2. Wilco

    Sire upgrades - 2nd generation

    You probably won’t want to see this then!?!? http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Sire_4_V7.html
  3. Seem sensible enough. No mention of upgraded tuners though. The tuners caused issues on both V7’s I had. Still good value for money. https://www.sire-usa.com/new-features-2nd-generation-sire-bass-guitars-new/
  4. Wilco

    NBD: My SR range continues

    These have a lot of similarities to SGC Nanyo’s. Ok, the headstock is different but the body shape looks the same shape. The jack socket area is reprofiled, but at the same location & angle. I’ve always wondered what the historic connection is between these two ranges? Is there one? T’interweb not really offering up much info about a connection, unless i’ve missed something. Anyone know?
  5. I use these;- http://herculesstands.com/international/products/fretted-and-bowed-instrument/guitar/single-stands/gs200b/ Have to offset the Maruszczyk’s a bit due the Jazz shaped body, but easily fit into my gigbags & they’re stable enough in use.
  6. Wilco

    The GAS is always greener

    GAS is indeed a terrible thing. I look at the basses for sale section here almost every day. I don’t know why as I have as many basses as I need, & I haven’t seen anything for sale in a long while that i’d want in preference to what I already have. Just done a straight swap on a cab, but that doesn’t really count. In fact the last thing I bought was a used 6 string acoustic........ my bad. Buying & selling is part of the bass ‘hobby’ for me, so a little frustrating having no need to do that at the moment. First world problem mind! 😆
  7. Wilco

    Who did you see live last?

    Simple Minds a few weeks ago. Utterly brilliant & a public apology to anyone stood close to me on the night who might have heard me (badly) singing along. To every song...... 😄 Second time i’ve seen them live, but a bit surreal seeing them play in my home town. Especially when you consider it to be that musical mecca...... Swindon!
  8. Wilco

    Another Rush Re-issue...Hemispheres

    There can never be too many Rush re-issues. Or Rush stuff period 😁 This + Geddy’s new bass book are defo on my Crimbo list!
  9. Wilco

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    I am currently on a playing hiatus as 2018 has been a shite one for me too. My Dad passed away earlier in the year, I now have another household to basically look after re my elderly Mum, & more recently my wife has been very ill which will take another 6 months to recover from. I’ve had little inclination to play in a band & frankly have no time at the moment either. However, I still like owning the kit i’ve got although I have about half the value of your gear. I like the fact that when the opportunity at the right time presents itself, I am kitted up & ready to go. I like being part of the bass community too & reading about all things bass can be welcome distraction at times. Having £8k of gear sat around doing nothing i’d suggest is perhaps not the ideal thing. I’d say keep the best parts of any backline you have + keep your favourite basses - the ones you get some pleasure from just owning if you see what I mean. After taking a break & having a breather, you might find that your musical desire returns.
  10. Wilco

    Since when did Sandbergs jump in price?!

    Agreed, but you missed my point. A used bass with some dings & dents etc has already depreciated by its max amount, hence fiscally makes more sense then a new relic or even a new standard obviously. Hence from a monetary perspective a bit of a nonsense to pay someone for some ‘damage’. And you’re right, it’s not just about the relic. It’s about marketing, & increasing the gross margin for those (insert your preferred word here) enough to pay for it....!
  11. Wilco

    Since when did Sandbergs jump in price?!

    Erm, so why not just by a used whatever model, with some dings & bashes on already, at a much lower price than a new standard version of same model, rather than the inflated price of a new relic? Artificial relicing of a new bass makes no sense for a purchaser from a fiscal perspective. Very rarely works aesthetically either - most of the time it’s night & day difference between real aging & artificial relicing, no matter what the brand.
  12. Cool - welcome back to being Nanyo-ed! Still very enamoured with mine.
  13. I’ve actually just sold my 315 to a guy locally who is delighted with it. Having three of these was probably one too many for my needs in hindsight..... So happy with my current remaining basses, that at the moment i’m not gassing after anything low end. In fact, used the proceeds from the 315 to buy an electro-acoustic 6 string.... I know, some form of self punishment is required for straying off the path...... 😆 Turn the pre-amp trim pot on these things to about 80%, & you can’t help but smile at the resulting sound.
  14. Just an update on this thread. Have now got Newtone strings on three of my basses (with a set ready for the fourth when the strings on that need changing). Both Diamond & Platinum round core nickel types. Platinum’s are slightly smoother but not by much. Difficult to understand any tone difference between them as they are on instruments with different pickup configurations & electronics. All the basses sound epic though. Am now a Newtone convert & these will be my string of choice from now on!
  15. Wilco

    please remove

    Not that it makes any difference really, but the serial number indicates it’s a 2016 bass. Nice instrument mind. I have no need for a P, but i’m sure this will find a new home soon. GLWTS