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  1. Will just put this on your radar as an alternative. Will not give you the option to try one out of course, but do some research on the brand instrument quality & there are very few complaints. Bonus are the configuration options obviously. https://www.public-peace-customshop.de/basses/jake-c/jake-c-type
  2. One I picked up off BC last September. My first Spector. Extremely impressed - loving the Tonepump circuit!
  3. I have two SR Premiums as per my signature. I’ve just taken delivery of a Boss WL-50, & the transmitter does not fit in the jack socket recess. 🤦🏼‍♂️🙄 I’m guessing I would have the same problem with the Line 6 G10sii? My Line 6 G30 transmitter has failed, so I could always buy a replacement. Before I do, thought I would ask what other wireless systems people use with their SR’s? (my Spector has active pickups, & not all wireless systems can deal with those, so I need to cover that too).
  4. So, I went to Bass Direct earlier in the week with every intention of buying a different brand. Walked out with this Vanderkley 212MNT instead. Built like a tank but still very portable & looks the nuts. Only home use so far, but feck me the combination with my Magellan is stunning. The clarity, punch, volume & dare I say it, heft, is definitely noticeably better than anything I’ve had before. Can’t wait to hear it in a band context. Extremely chuffed 🙂.
  5. Damn - those corners need a redesign & reinforcement 😕
  6. I actually think this is the main construction issue. Most of the ‘damage’ complaints seem to stem from either the corner protectors or the feet. Don’t think I’ve read about any issues with the carbon panels. Are the screws effectively being screwed into the foam in the panel ‘sandwich’. If so, can’t see that working too well, plus the screws are pretty small. As I previously mentioned, there was an issue with a corner of one of the display cabs I saw, which wasn’t great to see. Thinking about potential damage in that area, I thought it was going to be a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ & I’m someone who is really, really careful with their gear.
  7. I had the same thought Bas. Would be a great home/studio cabinet (the new full carbon version did look very sexy & would almost be a ‘cool’ talking point/feature to have at home), but keeping it just at home negates the light weight benefit. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. So I went to Bass Direct as planned this morning & purchased a…….. Vanderkley 212MNT 😬. So the GR cab sounded great & was loud - no arguments there. Also very light as expected. However I felt very, very uncomfortable about its durability (didn’t help that one of the other GR cabs on display had a partly broken corner protector). Yes, the Vanderkley is heavier & more bulky - but not by much. It was slightly cheaper to. I kinda felt that 1) I would be able to gig the Vanderkley for the rest of my bass playing days which wouldn’t be the case with the GR, & 2) despite carbon fibre being an expensive material, I felt I was getting more for my money with the Vanderkley. Obvs sound wise it’s mega too.
  9. Nope - four 4 stringers that can be used either depending on the er, ‘quality’ of the venue, or to ensure I have a back up, & because they each are tonally different. It’s nice to have a choice. One 5 string in case needed. I used to think I looked clever having all 5 strings once, then I realised how much extra I was spending on strings….. 😆 One (absolutely glorious) Westone fretless. Just love owning this one. Sometimes I play it, & then I realise my limitations & end up just looking at it. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️😆 I’ve called it quits at 6 though.
  10. I’ve got a Magellan 800 and it’s a stunning piece of gear all round. Totally agree on the ‘heft’ - night and day vs my TC head.
  11. I’m hopefully off to Bass Direct on Tuesday morning to try a carbon 212. Any current GR users with carbon cabs got any longer term real world feedback on sound & durability?
  12. I wasn’t going to split them, but the Super Midget sold on a very convenient local sale. Now just the Super Compact for sale.
  13. A magnificent pair indeed!! 😆. That Ibby’s a keeper. Don’t we always say that on BC?!?! 🤔😆
  14. (Ignore the £900 in the title. Ad amended from two cabs to one, but can’t delete or amend the original price) In excellent condition as you can see from the pictures below. No courier or postage. Collection from Swindon, or will meet up to an hour away.
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