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  1. Thanks for the message, but I would only be interested in a UK transaction, preferably with no couriers involved.
  2. Took the 1805 to a new band rehearsal last night. Played it through just the BH550 & Super Compact. Got some very favourable comments about the sound. I said wait until you hear it through both cabs & the Magellan! Nice to get some positive sound feedback though.
  3. I love the sound & playability, so find myself picking up my Ibby’s more. I’m very much hoping another will sound & play the same. I like the various aesthetics too, so that would be a difference, plus I’ll have the option of taking out very similar back ups. I like the look of the poplar faced 1605 or perhaps the Aguilar equipped 2405 (not put off by the above vid)
  4. To be fair you’re right, that does not sound too good. Especially the note played at 11 seconds in. Sounds a very nasal, high mid, back pick up tone set up to me, which doesn’t help the B. Mine sounds nothing like that. Possibly a difference the EQ & whatever the backline is? Wonder if it might be a difference in the Aguilar pups on that vs the Nords on mine?
  5. Bitten the bullet - Maruszczyk now in the for sale section, with a single trade option for an SR Premium....
  6. Not my experience regarding the B string on my 1805. It feels ‘right’ & sounds focused.
  7. 10/12/19 - Price now £800 Bought this off @bubinga5 here nearly three years ago. Lovely Bass & has been a joy to own. Has a Delano 2 band pre amp installed I changed the pickups to Delano JMVC 5 FE’s purchased new from Bass Direct (£200) Usual trademark extremely playable Maruszczyk neck The pickguard is a perfectly fitting SiMs Custom Shop replacement (the original was too scuffed for me) Has the latest version Schaller strap locks fitted Comes with a Maruszczyk burgundy leather strap Also comes with a Maruszczyk GBBS case (€90 when new) which is a tough, reinforced ‘soft’ case. No postage - either collection from Swindon or meet up somewhere up to a couple of hours away (which would actually cover a good area from midlands to south/south west). One trade option - Ibanez SR Premium 5 string (with Nords or Aguilars & inc official Ibby SR case)
  8. I got my 1805 but was concerned about the same thing. That has 16.5mm spacing vs 19mm on all my other basses. It was so good though, I have persevered with it & now got used to the different spacing.
  9. Nothing particular yet Bas. Defo a Premium, could be a 4 or a 5. Pref with the Nord Big Single pups, but interested in the new Aguilar’s. Might be a case of offloading a Maruszczyk first, having the cash ready, & then keeping an eye out in the used market. Still pondering.....
  10. I’ve got to say, I am loving my two SR Premiums bought this year. Great dimensions, weight, playability, looks & awesome range of quality sounds. Seriously thinking of getting a third, but that would mean a Maruszczyk out of the door to pay for it. Decisions, decisions.........
  11. I tried it for the first time at a gig last Saturday night. It was on for probably longer than that & was rock solid throughout. What brick were you using? In my research it seemed that the Strymon kit was particularly good (& also very quiet). I guess it also depends on what else is on your board drawing power - with my set up, very little. You’re right, they do need to make a new power supply for the HX. Construction wise it’s terrible - mine kept coming apart within a couple of weeks of buying it (brand new).
  12. www.simscustom.com Did a brilliant job for me. Sent them my old pick guard which they 3D scanned, & the new one came back a perfect fit.
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