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  1. Ooooh feck. That is very nice....
  2. That is one amazing gloss finish - one of the best, if not the best, black finish I’ve seen on a bass or guitar. I’m not in the market at the moment, but can’t see this being around long, even in the current market. GLWTS.
  3. Lovely bass, great price, top seller. If you’re interested in this bass, crack on with confidence fellow BC’ers!
  4. That’s what I found on my test yesterday - identical pre-amps both set flat, yet my 2600 & 2405 sounded completely different to each other at that setting. The 1805 I sold to Mark sounded much more like my 2405 than my 2600. That had Nord’s & the EQB-III3 SC preamp vs the 2405’s Aguilar’s & Ibanez Custom Electronics 3 band EQ preamp. Hard to put a finger on what’s causing the tone differences, but to my ears they all sound bloody excellent anyway!
  5. I gonna suggest it is the pre-amp. I had a lovely 1805 until recently which also had Nord’s in it, but that & the 2600 did not tonally sound the same. The different pre-amp’s was the only real difference in spec.
  6. So, to help relieve some lockdown boredom today, I did a back to back sound test of my 2600 & 2405w. Not got the means to record, so I will blurb the result. Set my amp up to as per the pic below, centred the instrument knobs & selected same mid frequency. Obviously the same hardware on both, same pre-amp & construction very similar. Biggest difference was in the pups. In a nutshell, the 2600 with the Nord Big Singles is a way brighter & punchier instrument than the 2405w with it’s Aguilar Super Doubles. That has a more ‘traditional’ sound & looking at the Aguilar website, it mentions replacements for Bartolini’s which are also ‘darker’ sounding pups. With the 2405’s trebled maxed out, it still wasn’t as bright as the 2600 set flat. It’s actually good to have them sounding different - gives me more sound options. My personal preference was the Nord sound, but that’s not to say it’s a better.
  7. My two SR Premiums with my Maruszczyk photobombing 😆
  8. Mark bought an Ibanez 1805 from me. Excellent communications & he was very patient while I sorted out a minor niggle with the instrument. Met him to complete the transaction. Very pleasant, friendly bloke, & exactly the sort of BC’er you would be happy trading with all day long. Enjoy your latest a acquisition Mark!!
  9. Knew you’d love it Mark - it’s a brilliant example of an Ibby SR & goes perfectly with your other one. Great to meet you earlier today too!
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Thanks & certainly is Eddie - it ain’t going lower than that!!
  12. Price drop to £650. Still interested in trades for an SRF700 fretless + cash my way.
  13. Whilst I have a bit in the savings Same here. I’m in the fortunate position to be able to own a few half decent basses & I like owning them. Also guilt free;- They are all an asset worth something, so if I need to generate some cash for whatever reason I could sell. The cash return from gigging over a year is at least as good as the paltry interest being paid on my savings, so my basses earn their keep!
  14. The HX Stomp does have - I’d suggest investigating that pedal if you want amp sims. I have no need for them, hence just getting the effects box.
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