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  1. My two SR Premiums with my Maruszczyk photobombing 😆
  2. Mark bought an Ibanez 1805 from me. Excellent communications & he was very patient while I sorted out a minor niggle with the instrument. Met him to complete the transaction. Very pleasant, friendly bloke, & exactly the sort of BC’er you would be happy trading with all day long. Enjoy your latest a acquisition Mark!!
  3. Knew you’d love it Mark - it’s a brilliant example of an Ibby SR & goes perfectly with your other one. Great to meet you earlier today too!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Thanks & certainly is Eddie - it ain’t going lower than that!!
  6. Price drop to £650. Still interested in trades for an SRF700 fretless + cash my way.
  7. Whilst I have a bit in the savings Same here. I’m in the fortunate position to be able to own a few half decent basses & I like owning them. Also guilt free;- They are all an asset worth something, so if I need to generate some cash for whatever reason I could sell. The cash return from gigging over a year is at least as good as the paltry interest being paid on my savings, so my basses earn their keep!
  8. The HX Stomp does have - I’d suggest investigating that pedal if you want amp sims. I have no need for them, hence just getting the effects box.
  9. Very happy to own these two beauties. The pics don’t actually do them justice.
  10. In excellent condition & full working order. https://line6.com/hx-effects/ In original packaging. Comes with a brand new DC-3 power adapter. Also comes with additional power leads to potentially power from a pedal board PSU (I used a Strymon Ojai R30) Collection from Swindon or meet say up to an hour away. Postage circa £15 fully insured or about half that with limited insurance.
  11. No, the 1805 will unfortunately have to go. Bought a BTB1825 last month too 😬 You’ll have to buy it from me Bas! 🤔😆
  12. I’m not sure that’s any easy comparison to make. Why? Well I’ve got Nords in the 1805 & the 2600 but the basses have a different tone even with same pups in. The 2600 is quite a bright sounding bass, & the 1805 sounds deeper & smoother. They do have different pre-amps though. Initially the 2405 actually sounds somewhere in between. At some point soon I’ll have a more in depth listen to all three on the same settings.
  13. Stunning bass in virtually as new condition & amazing spec. A huge amount of bass for the money. Plays beautifully & sounds immense. Comes with an Ibanez gigbag. Walnut and Mahogany body Rosewood and Flamed Maple top 5-piece Wenge and Bubinga neck with KTS titanium rods Rosewood fingerboard with oval Abalone inlays 24 medium frets with Premium fret edge treatment Nordstrand Big Single pickups EQB-IIISC 3-band EQ with EQ bypass and mid-frequency select switch Mono-rail V bridge Black TUSQ XL nut Gotoh Sealed tuners Gold hardware 16.5mm string spacing Schaller S-lock strap locks fitted. No trades (except an SRF700 + cash my way) as I am selling this to pay for another recently acquired SR. No delivery. Collection from Swindon or meet say up to an hour away from here.
  14. Thanks Bas & yes it was. Tempted by the swap idea, but alas I need to generate funds to balance the books on the new acquisition sadly. First impressions are excellent, but that’s really all I can say after less than a days ownership! 😆
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