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  1. Withdrawn - have decided to keep it.
  2. Many thanks - they are indeed. Took it to rehearsal tonight. The band can’t understand why I have it up for sale!
  3. Not my leg, but a Facebook post from today. Much kudos for that level of brand commitment!!
  4. Wilco

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    You have quantified the workmanship though if you can say fit & finish is better. You have somehow measured one against the other. I’ll have to disagree with you on the workmanship being an art too. A bass is just a consumer product in reality, therefore it is only a manufactured object designed for a purpose. That manufacturing process will vary in automation, & where there is little automation, then of course then the handmade factor comes in. That is a skill though, not art. (As an aside because I appreciate you were speaking generally, I have the available funds so my thoughts wouldn’t be influenced by the amount alone - more, what it would it would tangibly get me) Totally agree. And that is one area Fodera must surely lead the way on? A spectacular level of diminishing returns like no other bass manufacturer? We are very much spoilt for bass choice these days & as you say that is great. Each to their own & good to banter about that choice!
  5. Wilco

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Perhaps to a degree, but not entirely as many aspects of a bass are quantifiable. Possibly a better made bass? Possibly should cost more? But £7k more!?!? Pass me the (two or three) Maruszczyk’s (or Sandberg, Mayones, AGC, Overwater, Dingwall, Warwick, Sadowsky etc) instead please!!! 🤔😀
  6. Wilco

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I was thinking the same. Agreed each to their own, but (genuine question) why? What does the extra £7k (or similar amount) buy you?
  7. Wilco

    Relic-ing: is it still a thing?

    See, that looks kinda cool. Nice one. See, that looks like a complete & utter dog turd of a finish. Aesthetically completely dreadful in every aspect.
  8. Wilco

    ibanez sr 2405w

    I’ve recently bought a 2600 & am very impressed with it. Lovely playability & super range of tones. Very powerful too. Extremely pleased.
  9. Aesthetically a very clean instrument. Looks fantastic. Has a front pickup, which works but is a bit electrically noisy. Also has a piezo under saddle pickup which works fine & would be the preferred method of amplifying this guitar anyway. Has been into my local guitar shop for a full set up, so playability is excellent. New saddle & Jack socket put on the instrument then too. Ibanez pre-amp with Fishman piezo. I bought gigbag & capo (both Ibanez items) late last year. Bag used only on trips to & from the guitar shop. Official colour is Red Wine. Will consider splitting items. (any ‘marks’ on the pics below will be a reflection!) Collection from Swindon or will meet a reasonable distance from there.
  10. Is the buzzing sound you are getting on all notes or just open strings? (You need a sharp string break angle with a zero fret, otherwise the string can vibrate against the zero fret when playing open notes)
  11. I’ve got my 335 up for sale for less than half that but have got to say, now having serious “should I really be selling it” doubts.....
  12. Stumbled across these..... https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/modern-bass-guitars/sire-version-2-marcus-miller-v10-swamp-ash-4-string-tobacco-sunburst
  13. Am going to be in Castle Donnington, Reigate & Coventry for the odd day or two in March if that helps anyone too far away from Swindon?