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  1. New range from fender.

    So to be clear, this is not a Fender then...?
  2. New range from fender.

    I'm far too polite to say that your talking out of your derrière 😆 but..... Boutique bass builders by their very nature are low volume & aren't chasing mass sales. I bet a boutique builders profit margins would make Fenders accountants weep though... I don't know how you can measure or even estimate the equating 'the' bass guitar to Fender. I've been a player for 30 years & all I know is that I've never done that. It's a brand, one of many, full stop. If you're bass tone is good or what's required in a 'real world' situation, then no matter what you play no-ones going to complain. There are many basses that can do that comfortably as well as & sometimes better than Fender. Wouldn't all basses costing as much as these sound as good? Is there really a duff bass brand at the £1500 - £2000 mark these days? Brand an Industry standard? Once perhaps, but not these days. Again there's too many others to choose from. The standard might well be (or not in fact!) a P or a J, but there's a other brands to choose from with more aesthetic originality or better price vs quality. And there's many a player that would rather play say Warwick, Yamaha, Musicman or a G&L instead. I (& many others I'm sure) would not see a Fender bass as an essential tool to be taken seriously as a player. There's many a factor, both instrument & otherwise, that make up you as a good bass playing candidate. If someone was judging you highly by the presence of a Fender or not, I'd be walking away from them at very high speed! Fender's better at keeping value? - no chance! Market forces of supply & demand & the same old, same old models are factors here. Yes, plenty of new Fenders have sold over the years, which also means there is plenty of used instruments to choose from. Plentiful supply however equals lower prices on anything, & there's not much to differentiate many a P or a J is there so buyers have plenty of choice (proper vintage instruments excepted). My own recent experience? A 2014 Jazz Deluxe (top production model of it's time mind) with a new price of circa £1600, I picked up last year in excellent condition for £950. Then sold I'd for £900 a few months later. Pretty typical & poor asset value retention - certainly not better than other brands. Please don't change your mind - it's good to have an opinion you believe in. But a flip side if you like, for contemplation!
  3. Current band started this time last year & had a mid year wobble with a change of keyboard player, but played first two gigs in December. Spent the previous two years on a project that went nowhere in the end..... 😤
  4. Fender elite jazz bass 5 3tsb r/w as new

    Send the missus to Florida on her own thus saving money. You stay at home - keep the most excellent bass. Simples. 😆
  5. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Was that the semi hollow one? Luvverly!
  6. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I was eyeing it up from afar, but didn't have the cash at the time. No surprise that it's been sold now!
  7. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Don't think this has been posted yet? https://www.public-peace.de/news-archive/2319-bass-guitar-magazine-winner-2017
  8. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    +49 (0) 2464-907267
  9. Interesting new Ibanez's for 2018

    Feckin' how much?!?!!!! Wouldn't touch with a barge pole at anything close to that price!
  10. NBD - SGC Nanyo Bass Collection

    No need - I’ve had confirmation from someone in the FB group that their preamp is the same as mine. Glad it’s all ’stock’ spec!
  11. NBD - SGC Nanyo Bass Collection

    That's interesting. On the FB SGC group I noticed a few comments about noisy preamps or preamp upgrades. My bass has had all the cavities foil lined which would have meant taking the electronics out - it's not inconceivable that they were replaced at the same time. I'll post about it on the FB group & have a closer look my preamp tonight. Anyone else with a 315 able to take a pic of their preamp?
  12. NBD - SGC Nanyo Bass Collection

    In comparison it certainly can't compete aesthetically (see pic), the sound is a little 'harsh' & faintly noisy, & whilst playability is good, it's not as good - so a reasonable step down to be honest. Saying that, if I had paid twice what I actually paid for it (which was market rate) I would have still been very happy!! I got exactly what I wanted - a super bass for a very modest outlay. 😁
  13. Bought this from eBay & it turned up on Tuesday. I was after a rehearsal / crap venue bass to protect my Maruszczyk’s from some wear & tear. This fitted the bill nicely as I like old Jap instruments, & the active electronics & 19mm string spacing matched nicely to the M’s. Pleased to report that it lives up to the SGC reputation - great quality, easy to play & sounds excellent.
  14. Interesting new Ibanez's for 2018

    That looks bloomin' lovely! The spec looks top too (& I prefer a19mm string spacing). I get the impression that new Ibanez's seem to depreciate pretty sharpish though, which would put me off. Definitely a cool looking bass though.
  15. Matsumoku basses