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  1. I would say its quite chunky but plays really nice ,
  2. I've had this for around 10 years & it has been my go to work horse, it's an early 1994 bolt on wenge neck & walnut body, lovely warm tone with that typical Warwick snap on top, it has some wear & tear as you can see from the pics & could do with some switch cleaner in the volume pot as its a bit crackly, the frets still have plenty of life in them, the truss rod cover is missing but hopefully I'll find it, if not I'm sure these can be found on ebay, the truss rod itself works perfectly. I'm on the Isle of wight & don't really want to post this as its in a Warwick gig bag, so maybe I could split the cost of the ferry fare or something? Any questions please ask. £795
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  4. This is in mint condition, very little home use only, comes in original box & packaging with padded amp carry case although the zip is broken, Extremely loud & sounds awesome, you will not be disappointed, 500 + £12 postage, I my take a 112 cab +cash my way as partial trade,
  5. It's a tobias pro6 hope this helps, Had one years ago, lovely instrument,,,
  6. Thanks for the kind words guy's She's still available at the moment, Basically I need £800 for the bass I'm hoping to buy so I'm quite happy to accept 800 now & maybe make the balance up over the next couple of weeks if that helps, I know cash is tight for everyone right now,,
  7. [quote name='binky_bass' timestamp='1493557109' post='3289085'] Any trades sir? [/quote] Possibly pm me what you got,
  8. I've only had this a short time & sadly I need to move it on as it just doesn't suit my playing style, its 35" scale & I'm use to 34, This really is a high end bass & sounds incredible, the pickups are aries quad coils that are split able via the 2 switches & it also has piezo pickups in the bridge, As something has come up on here that I'm hoping to buy I'm going to let this go for the closest offer to £1700, I'll put the full spec & more pics on here tomorrow, Now reduced to £1350 for quick sale,, Any questions please ask More pics here [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j22pm4gl4h8o1e3/AAB5ggPEfhIni8xxg_eyYL0Xa?dl=0"]https://www.dropbox....xg_eyYL0Xa?dl=0[/url]
  9. Tony is a really sound guy, I traded my sei bass for his aries, absolutely no problems at all, Cheers Tony,, Al
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