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  1. Sorry, no soundfiles available...testing welcome anytime!
  2. I`m selling my 1995 Wal Mk3 6string w.original Wal logo Hiscox case. Shedua Facings Mahogany Core Ebony fretted Fretboard Hipshot UltraliteTuners Service at Wal HQ in 2015 weight 11,2 lb or 5,1 kg on a bathroom scale the bass is in Germany I`m selling because I don`t play fretted basses anymore and own a walnut Wal Mk3 fretless 6string which I mainly use. I`m asking 5.950,00 Euro or 5.270,00 GBP (exchange rate per 05.06.19) for this well kept bass. Maybe trades with fretless Wal basses are possible.
  3. Selling my WaL MK3 4 string fretted bass for 4.300,00 GBP or 4.800,00 Euro plus shipping Wal MK3 Born 2002 Indian Rosewood Fretboard! Original receipt can be included for cites purposes! Maple Facings, Mahogany core New DÀddario Strings Original Wal Blue Case The bass is in like new condition and has no recognizeable dings or scratches. Just the lacquer getting a little grey in the bow of the lower horn cause they did it too thin, see picture. The bass was checked by a high renown german luthier last week, everything is working fine. If seriously interested pm me for more detail photos I sell this bass because I decided to just play 6 stringers and own 2 WAL MKIII 6ers. Apart from that i need the money to be honest, so no trades. The bass is in Germany
  4. First: a WAL is a WAL! As Sinead sang "nothing copares to you"...If you have played, heard or dreamed of a WAL you`ll have to buy one because of the mojo. Maybe one can build a similar sounding bass but he can`t build the mojo.Period! But if you are looking for a bass that can compete with the WAL a ACG is the right adress. I have owned a Krell with the mentioned EQ 01 and ACG Single Coils which i had defrettet: man, that was Jaco on steroids! I had a 6string Recurve SC, same preamp, with ACG Humbuckers, i felt like Chet Atkins on this one and i had a 5 string Recurve fretless with MULTICOIL PUs which was my starter drug. To make it short these were great basses in their own right and i regret selling them deeply ! But you know the story...you`ll have to sell one to buy another. To answer your question: If you want to go all the way down the WAL road with Alan you will need Multicoil PUs and the DFM preamp and a maple neck! Ps. I know i will get stoned to death for that Pps. Please excuse bad english
  5. No offense but I prefer 19-20mm spacing on any bass. I have no problem with that😎
  6. Hi guys, no she ain`t cheap but she feels so alone amidst the sixers...
  7. Sorry, something went wrong....Just wanted to thank Francesco for the bump😎
  8. The concept of the bass is to bring it in the upright direction. But for my opininion the sound depends on how you mix the piezo in the bridge with the humbucker, what strings you use flats or roundwound (rounds are on currently, flats are enclosed), and style of playing and position of pluck hand. To me the bass is very versatile ( in the fretless territory ), means old and modern. I post an very good example:
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