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  1. Thank you, me too. In a pretty tight spot though and sometimes the collection has to give. Thanks for the comment!
  2. A massive price drop to £1200, can and will include the unpictured volume knob and will even through in a rugged mono m80 gig bag that has had fair use however is in full working order with all straps for an extra £50 just to to be safe when posting and so you have a decent case for the bass. Happy buying people, don't miss out on this beautiful bass!
  3. Thank you to everybody here for you help and your comments and apologies for not replying to everybody directly. I have been offline for a while and now have the tech power to be back. This bass is still up for sale, it is lovely and has a well padded Tobias soft case to go with it. Thank you all for looking.
  4. ^^^^IGNORE THAT PRICE^^^^^^ PRICE DROP: £1200 A reluctant sale of one of the most beautiful basses I have owned: Serial number: D 143113 08 Article number: 0415050001BZZEBOWW produced: -> 2008-04-08 Description: CO Infinity SN TCS, 5-string Natural Oil finish Zebrano body Ovangkol neck Black hardware Made in Germany Marks and dings are as pictured, the marks on the fingers board were harder to capture, however in it's previous ownership somebody has been doing some string bending, the playing is not effected at all and might I add this is a wonderfully well built and great sounding bass. I bought this from Bass Centre in 2010 and it has been played and loved. The only issue it has is with the volume knob; when it is set to 0%(Full Anti-Clockwise Turn) it seems to think it is at about 40% volume, then it increases normally until it eventually hits 100%, as it continues to turn it then cuts out, then starts at 0% and finally finishing on the 40% at full turn clockwise.I've never had a knob do this however I imagine it needs a totally new push pull knob. Hopefully that made sense, the volume knob is still usable, it has even been gigged like this a few times. I might fix it however I am completely tied up in my work for the new charity I am launching relating to Musicians and Mental Health, really can't give too much away on that just yet, I will though throughout this forum when I can and where I am of course allowed. Thank you for looking.
  5. A question for Admin if it gets read; Is there any chance I can change this thread to a different bass? I'd like to withdraw this sale as I have had a change of heart and would much rather advertise my tasty 5 string Fretless Warwick Infinity.
  6. I had always been keen on Tobias basses and I wasn't disappointed when I bought this by any stretch of the imagination. Thank you very much for the extra info, I wouldn't have 100% known. I have been using this monster since 2013. The pick-up swap has certainly been welcomed since I have owned it, it sounds great. Thank you for all of your comments, the bass is still available.
  7. Thank you that fills in a technical gap. It really is a great instrument and sounds great. Like I say, reluctant sale, will be relieved to see it go to a good home though. Lovely start up bass for anybody looking to delve right in.
  8. I have one here for sale, can check if this is still relevent to you.
  9. My lovely Tobias Pro6 I am really struggling to find a specification list for this, which is a shame. What I can tell you is that it is NOT a pre-Gibson Tobias and has had a refit with a set of EMG pickups. I believe it is purple heart along with what Hell Zero here has identified: Hell Zero: "The neck is made out of wenge and maple with a rosewood fretboard. The wings of the body are made out of maple." The bass plays and sounds great, it has a closer string spacing then most basses, nothing hugely noticeable though and if anything it helps. It has some cosmetic damage which is fairly minimal though as I struggled to photograph it. Most of it is on the backside of the body. It does, have a scratchy volume knob, however, it does work fine on full volume, all the other pots are fine and they are pick up blend, bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut. It has a pretty trustworthy Tobias soft case included too. Any questions then please just ask. Price drop: £500, shipping including UK Thank you for viewing
  10. [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1368566035' post='2078754'] Aha! The iTunes cover art screen saver... Sadly all I can make out for certain is Jazz From Hell (Frank Zappa) and that famous Pearl Jam album EDIT: Stereophonics compilation? [/quote] The only remotely interesting screen saver that Apple has. I hope there isn't a stereophonic compilation on there.
  11. [quote name='cloudburst' timestamp='1368556007' post='2078548'] Anthony. I think your website looks really good. However, you've made a crucial mistake. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment further. I'll leave any response to you, once you've read my PM. CB [/quote] Cheers for highlighting it dude, it's been resolved.
  12. [quote name='Left Foot' timestamp='1368545250' post='2078311'] Dude, trial version, you get 28 days to go mad with it. have a look at what it does so you can play about with it once dloaded. Nice [/quote] Yeah your right it's definitely worth having a look at. I'll have a look next week when I have a tad more time.
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