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  1. Funnily enough I am trying to do this right now. On here it is only saying eBay will cover up to £50 on a £400 pound item, I see no option for insurance on there either or am I missing or not understanding something?
  2. I like that! I do not like how awfully clunky and tricky eBay has become though. I find the whole interface very difficult to navigate and sometimes understand when it comes to the finer detailed options that can trip you up. Every day is a school day aye?
  3. Corr blimey, wish I had known that. I really struggled to make sense of the shipping fees and ways to do it through ebay when we were putting the listing up. It have so many different options and we just didn't know what to do! Thats mental, so there is essentially no extra charge to ship it abroad if it goes to the eBay shipping hub? Mental aha. I appreciate the insight, if only I'd known sooner. Such a shame to rush a sale of a bass I never wanted to really sell, never mind life goes on and there are many other basses in the world. I'll be glad when this poop storm is over.
  4. Hello, to be honest it was pretty difficult to understand myself even after a lengthy conversation on the phone to somebody from eBay. Apparently due to having a reserve price and a buy it now which never sold on multiple listing I am charged a fee for having it listed with those add ons rather than it just being at auction without them. I had no idea and maybe it was a failure to read some small print when I was in a rush to put it up. Either way £250 later, I am not that impressed. Lesson learnt I suppose. Ahhh man, me too, honestly. I would be keeping it if I was richer too. *just going to sob in the corner for a while*. Currently the payment is pending to some lucky guy over in the States OH, Cleveland. Damn I wasn't hoping to send it so far.
  5. Would love for somebody to beat the bid on my eBay, just been seen off something chronic with eBay fees for this bass and others which never sold and the whole reason for selling these was for financial difficulty and my charity, I am devastated. Apparently an easy trap to fall into, with no sale and a £250 fee. Hard lesson learnt. This sale is open for me until the time stated above in the title, feel free to take a bid right here. eBay will not be taking this sale if it sales elsewhere and I paid good money for a place here. Big bass love!
  6. Thank you, me too. In a pretty tight spot though and sometimes the collection has to give. Thanks for the comment!
  7. A massive price drop to £1200, can and will include the unpictured volume knob and will even through in a rugged mono m80 gig bag that has had fair use however is in full working order with all straps for an extra £50 just to to be safe when posting and so you have a decent case for the bass. Happy buying people, don't miss out on this beautiful bass!
  8. Price drop: £400 will ship worldwide, postage not included.
  9. Thank you to everybody here for you help and your comments and apologies for not replying to everybody directly. I have been offline for a while and now have the tech power to be back. This bass is still up for sale, it is lovely and has a well padded Tobias soft case to go with it. Thank you all for looking.
  10. ^^^^IGNORE THAT PRICE^^^^^^ PRICE DROP: £1200 A reluctant sale of one of the most beautiful basses I have owned: Serial number: D 143113 08 Article number: 0415050001BZZEBOWW produced: -> 2008-04-08 Description: CO Infinity SN TCS, 5-string Natural Oil finish Zebrano body Ovangkol neck Black hardware Made in Germany Marks and dings are as pictured, the marks on the fingers board were harder to capture, however in it's previous ownership somebody has been doing some string bending, the playing is not effected at all and might I add this is a wonderfully well built and great sounding bass. I bought this from Bass Centre in 2010 and it has been played and loved. The only issue it has is with the volume knob; when it is set to 0%(Full Anti-Clockwise Turn) it seems to think it is at about 40% volume, then it increases normally until it eventually hits 100%, as it continues to turn it then cuts out, then starts at 0% and finally finishing on the 40% at full turn clockwise.I've never had a knob do this however I imagine it needs a totally new push pull knob. Hopefully that made sense, the volume knob is still usable, it has even been gigged like this a few times. I might fix it however I am completely tied up in my work for the new charity I am launching relating to Musicians and Mental Health, really can't give too much away on that just yet, I will though throughout this forum when I can and where I am of course allowed. Thank you for looking.
  11. A question for Admin if it gets read; Is there any chance I can change this thread to a different bass? I'd like to withdraw this sale as I have had a change of heart and would much rather advertise my tasty 5 string Fretless Warwick Infinity.
  12. I had always been keen on Tobias basses and I wasn't disappointed when I bought this by any stretch of the imagination. Thank you very much for the extra info, I wouldn't have 100% known. I have been using this monster since 2013. The pick-up swap has certainly been welcomed since I have owned it, it sounds great. Thank you for all of your comments, the bass is still available.
  13. Thank you that fills in a technical gap. It really is a great instrument and sounds great. Like I say, reluctant sale, will be relieved to see it go to a good home though. Lovely start up bass for anybody looking to delve right in.
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