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  1. I exchanged mails with Alex discussing a cab build and asked if the new logo design would be introduced on the bass cabinets and he replied saying it wouldn’t work well cosmetically or in terms of placement on metal grilled cabinets.
  2. Source Audio Soleman MIDI controller £120 delivered in the UK. Recently bought from here. In good condition with a few minor grazes. No box or power supply. Pedalboard tape on the bottom which I can easily remove if you prefer. I will include a pair of MIDI cables. Located in Glasgow so anyone local is welcome to try it in person. I am selling as I have recently bought an HX Stomp.
  3. It arrived this morning so much faster than expected.
  4. I bought a Radial JDI from Harry. I am over the moon as I got a great bargain and the DI was as close to brand new as to be indistinguishable. Postage was included in the bargain price and Harry shipped it immediately and sent tracking information. It is on my desk as I write this and I can't stop admiring the hefty beauty of it. Thanks Harry.
  5. JohnR

    Feedback for ipg

    llian bought a tuner from me. Fast communication and immediate payment. Highly recommended buyer. John
  6. Max from [sfx] did say this was worst case and he hoped to be able to do the build quicker.
  7. Apologies. I thought it was Gen 3 which I need so need to withdraw.
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