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  1. JohnR

    NBD - ACG content!

    It is very close to a build spec I have in mind. Hopefully I will be able to set Alan to work if/when my Wal ever sells.
  2. JohnR

    NBD - ACG content!

    I can't stop coming back to look at this. It is an incredible bass.
  3. JohnR

    Best Preamp Shoot out.?

    I have a Mike Pope FlexCore 4 band in my MTD Kingston. I initially upgraded the stock preamp with the USA spec Bartolini but that didn't last long after I found the Mike Pope.
  4. Bump for a price reduction to £600.
  5. JohnR

    Which pedal is 'irreplaceable' on your board?

    The Keeley Compressor Pro will never be removed from my board. I have owned many compressors over they years and the Keeley ended my search.
  6. Norm Stockton on bass?
  7. On hold until tomorrow pending the usual......
  8. £650 Now reduced to £600 including delivery within the UK. This passive Warwick Corvette Std belonged to a close friend who passed away. I am selling on behalf of his parter and have the permission of Ped from the mods to post this bass for sale. It is in as-new condition as I suspect that after he bought it 11 years ago he continued to prefer his beloved Fender Jazz and so it almost never left its gigbag. It comes with all the case candy as well as a very robust Warwick gigbag. Specs: Made in Germany Pickups: MEC passive J/J Finish: Natural oil Fingerboard: Fretted wenge Hardware: Chrome Electronics: Passive Body Wood: Swamp ash Neck Wood: Ovangkol Bridge: Warwick 2-piece bridge Machine Heads: Warwick bass machine heads Looking up the serial number on the Warwick web site shows it was build in 2007. I have also put on a new set of D'Addario Pro Steels. I live in Glasgow and potential buyers are welcome to come and try it.
  9. Available for purchase again.
  10. Final reduction to £3,000. There will be no further reductions as I will keep it if it doesn't sell at this price.
  11. Bump and a price reduction to £3,400.