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  1. It arrived yesterday. Took all of 20 minutes to install. Had my first rehearsal last night and the tone is superb.
  2. That looks like a superb bass. The bridge looks particularly interesting. Enjoy playing it.
  3. I've just received an email from John confirming my preamp arrives tomorrow.
  4. Can’t wait for my preamp to arrive.
  5. Federico is my current obsession. Great playing and a wonderful teacher.
  6. I just bought a new left-handed Fender Jazz from them and included the Plek setup. I sent my preferred brand and gauge of string for them to use in the setup and they couldn't have been more helpful or accommodating. They even got back in touch to say that the light gauge strings required a new nut to be installed and I braced myself for additional charges but it was all done for the already agreed price. Great bass buying experience, highly recommended store.
  7. Did you ever get a reply? I've previously purchased from John and can echo all the positive words above. However, I have also sent him two emails over the past month with no reply but have bit the bullet and placed an order anyway.
  8. I would always find space for my bass no matter the circumstances. In a similar situation I stored them at a friend's house for several months.
  9. Thanks both. I had been thinking over which would be the most sensible option.
  10. Great. I will PM details Can you send your full name and address and I'll get it packaged and ready to ship. Thanks John
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