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  1. Transcibe download

    It is the single-most essential music software I own, and I have have a lot of software. Free trial then a small payment.
  2. An unnecessary bump and a price drop to £4,000.
  3. Feedback for NBGuitar

    Nick bought my Beatstep Pro recently. He paid immediately and was very understanding when delivery was delayed due to the bad weather. Highly recommended buyer. John.
  4. I had a look at my Native Instruments account and the licenses for Tractor LE and Komplete Elements were registered in my account. I have requested a license transfer which will unlock them and give me a transfer key to provide to the new owner. Now to do the wall of death on the Steinberg support site.
  5. Good question. I have always used the full version of Komplete and Cubase Pro so will have a search to see if I have the DVD's and keys which came with it. I wouldn't hold much hope as I am an obsessive declutterer and never keep things I don't need. Hang on...........
  6. £90 including UK delivery. I am selling my Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 USB interface. I am simplifying my setup and replacing it and several other external audio devices with a Mackie Big Knob Studio. It is in excellent condition and has only ever been used at home in a smoke-free environment. I no longer have the box but it will be very well packaged.
  7. Sold on eBay

    Keith McMillen kit is superb. I got a new mini keyboard for xmas otherwise I would have snapped this up.
  8. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    I will PM you.
  9. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    It has been a while since I removed the preamp myself. I think you might have to desolder the connections to the DI out. If you aren't confident you are welcome to bring it to me and I will help.
  10. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    If it is just an electrics service then you should remove them for all the reasons you give. It is a really simple task as pickups and preamp interconnects use snap on connectors.
  11. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    I used UPS last year when I send my Wal to Paul for a service.
  12. Lowering action.

    Also practice playing with a lighter touch as muscle tension is the enemy of speed.
  13. Here's a link to the details. http://www.mtdkingston.com/basses/mod_your_kingston.html Katie at Dana B Goods was extremely helpful. "If you are a musician and want more info, call Katie at 805-856-1701 or send her an email at [email protected] "