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  1. Lovely choice of basses. Can you tell me where you got the flight case?
  2. Stringsdirect. - Amazing customer service. I bought a Gruv Gear Duostrap from them which arrived yesterday with a fault on one of the fixtures. I emailed them last night asking if they could post the part or arrange a replacement. I got a reply this morning saying they have despatched a replacement strap to me immediately to minimise my time without it and providing freepost details for returning the faulty one. This is how you win and keep customers. John
  3. I would dearly love this if only the timing was better. Sorry to hear about the circumstances though.
  4. If it makes you happy then do it. There's nothing wrong with indulging yourself if you have the spare funds.
  5. I'll take this please if it is still available. I will PM you.
  6. I recently bought a preamp directly from their US site. They could not have been more helpful, pickups arrives fast, and only a small duty surcharge to pay. They even built a left-handed version for me at no extra charge.
  7. I recently bought a bass from Canada. It arrived in just under two weeks but would have been quicker without the impact of Covid. Upon import they asses the value of the bass, this can be the full retail value at worst case, add on the cost of shipping, add on import duty and then tax on the grand total. It is a lottery I think. In the interest of transparence I paid £1,400 for my bass, express shipping using UPS was $300 CAD, and the total import charges were £277 which I think was reasonable.
  8. JohnR

    New LBD

    No. Not a new little black dress. 😀 New left-handed bass day. This beauty was delivered this afternoon. It came from its original owner in Montreal and has returned home to Scotland where it was built. I haven't had much time to play it yet but, based on a quick play, it gets close to the sound of my old Wal but also gets close to the Alembic sound. I have an exciting weekend ahead.
  9. Indeed I did. It is currently held up in the UPS facility in Donington. I am bracing myself for the duty and VAT charges.
  10. Graham bought a left handed bass from me and it was a completely painless sale. Paid instantly and communicated well. He should get a medal for breaking the Basschat record for the length of time taken for a left handed bass to be sold. Thanks
  11. I always visit them when I am in the city centre. Some lovely CS Fenders.
  12. Just checking in to say hi and let you know that the Wal eventually sold and is now with its new owner in the US. Meanwhile, I have been very fortunate and bought a pre-owned ACG which arrives this week. I will post photos when it arrives. John
  13. This is the best bass-related thread I have ever read. Congratulations.
  14. What a dreadful video. He made his bed years ago.
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