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  1. Feedback for Al Krow

    Bas purchased my Vanderkley cabinet and his great communications and enthusiasm made the entire process a pleasure. He has great knowledge about bass and I really enjoyed our email exchanges.
  2. Bass Direct

    I have bought several items from Bass Direct over the years through their website. I love the fact that there is a shop specialising in the needs of bass players run by someone who is passionate about bass. I emailed them yesterday to discuss ordering a left handed 6 stringer and had an email conversation with Mark in the evening to identify my requirements. First thing this morning he had sourced one with the bonus it is in my preferred finish. This might not be a big deal for all you right handers but we leftys rarely have this sort of luck. I phoned Mark this morning to seal the deal and we had a great conversation about bass playing and the evolution of gear over the years. John
  3. Anyone found their perfect bass?

    Twenty nine years together. We have been through a few rough patches but are just as happy as the day we first met. [url="https://flic.kr/p/TZseLN"][/url][url="https://flic.kr/p/TZseLN"]IMG_2022[/url]
  4. Have a bump on me. I have seen the photos and the bass is in great condition. I only passed on purchasing due to some unexpected bills this month.
  5. Warm Fuzziness for Max Webster

    Saw them support Rush on the Hemispheres tour and thought they were superb.
  6. Hi, Now sold. Thanks for your interest. £525 including UK delivery. I am selling my Vanderkley 210MNT 8 Ohm version with the Vanderkley padded cover. I have only gigged 3 times with this since I bought it. I hardly gig these days and am planning to purchase the new Genzler combo to give me a small and light rig for the few occasions I do play. It has been my pride and joy and is in pristine condition. I live in Glasgow and demoing and collection in person are welcomed. [url="https://flic.kr/p/TeCAoA"][/url] Here are the specs:[list] [*][b]Model:[/b] 210MNT [i]neolite[/i] [*][b]Configuration:[/b] 2x10” Neodymium drivers + tweeter [*][b]Power:[/b] 600 Watts AES* [*]*2 Hours test according to AES 2-1984 Rev. 2003 [*][b]Impedance:[/b] 8 Ohm [*][b]Freq. response:[/b] 45 Hz – 16 kHz [*][b]Sensitivity:[/b] 100 dB 1W @ 1m [*][b]Dimensions:[/b] H x W x D, 50 cm x 50 cm x 41 cm [*][b]Weight:[/b] 17 Kg / 37 lbs [/list]
  7. Sounds interesting. Can you give a summary of the general condition?
  8. Lefty Photo Gallery

    It looks stunning and expensive. Lovely work.
  9. Darkglass Microtubes 900 *SOLD*

    Now sold. Thanks for your interest.
  10. Steinberger XL2A

    Have a bump on me for this superb bass.
  11. Darkglass Microtubes 900 *SOLD*

    On hold pending the usual......
  12. SOLD. Hi All, For Sale: Darkglass Microtubes M900 - £700 including delivery within the UK. I am putting my Darkglass Microtubes M900 up for sale. It is in pristine condition having only been gigged twice. It comes with all the original packaging and the pedal. I am selling because I don't expect to gig again for a long time and it is simply too powerful for home use. Even with the impedance set to 2 ohms I can barely touch the volume control without it being far too loud for home use. [url="https://flic.kr/p/NfrgJi"][/url] [url="https://flic.kr/p/NcjHTf"][/url]
  13. Status S2 Sold Sold

    I can't stop looking at this. What year is it?
  14. Steinberger XL2A