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  1. I have a new ACG build underway otherwise I'd have snapped this absolute bargain up.
  2. These guys have exceptional customer service.
  3. This looks interesting and a great price.
  4. Newtone strings. Newtone Strings – British Handmade Guitar Strings I use light strings too and it was becoming harder and harder to get stock of my preferred DR Hi-Beams. Newtone have a custom set option where you can specify every detail including length. The SS option with round core sound and feel very similar to Hi-Beams.
  5. The Keeley compressor pro is the best I have ever used and this is a great price. Good luck.
  6. Thanks. I just ordered one.
  7. Always use a wired connection when possible. Note that most USB to Ethernet adapters are to be avoided.
  8. JohnR

    ACG beauty

    I'm in the final stages of agreeing a new build spec with Alan. I am left handed and did consider this bass but there are a few very specific features I wanted for my own build. Exciting times.
  9. Reading the manual I don't thing the button is a special bass button, I think it is a transpose button so when you press it it goes down 1/2 a step?
  10. Many tuners can be recalibrated to allow non-standard tunings. I am guessing that the bass setting on your tuner has been altered from concert pitch and needs to be reset. Layout 1 (snarktuners.com) Look for the Pitch Cal button.
  11. Yes it sounds like the bass setting has been changed and needs to be reset to concert pitch. I am guessing the bass button somehow changes the tuner sensitivity to make it better tune bass frequencies.
  12. Lovely playing. I really enjoyed that.
  13. Alan is incredibly well respected here. https://www.acguitars.co.uk
  14. AC Guitars. Alan will build one for you.
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