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  1. Great bargain for someone. I wish I needed it.
  2. Pretty sure it isn't Finn. He always played a Wal during this period.
  3. I bought a Keeley Compressor Pro from Paul and am delighted with it. Exactly as described, great comms, fast delivery and well packaged. Couldn't be happier. John
  4. Bas bought a Becos compressor from me. It was all very easy and straightforward and he is a real gent to deal with.
  5. That will all change when the Sandberg I have on order finally shows up.
  6. micro Thumpinator. Mint condition and only 8 weeks old. Save yourself several weeks build time if you are thinking about purchasing one of these.
  7. It is a specific HPF on the global menu. You have to use the left/right buttons to get to it. Worked well and did the trick until I got my Thumpinator.
  8. Dave bought my HX Stomp and cleverly managed to do a PX deal for his Aftershock at the same time. A very smooth and pleasant transaction and my life feels a bit lonelier now I no longer have him to chat too. Enjoy the Stomp Dave. John
  9. #1 for me. Integrity and reputation are important.
  10. I have pedalboards by Pedaltrain, Mono and Rockboard (Warwick). Rockboard is my favourite and the most cost effective.
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