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  1. Beautiful and a great price.
  2. I love this song. My bass is packed and I'm on my way down............
  3. JohnR

    PJB Price Reductions

    The Bass Buddy is now out of stock and back to full price. I must be more decisive in future.
  4. JohnR

    PJB Price Reductions

    Very tempted by the Bass Buddy at that price.
  5. Hi. I got a 3 pin PSU which also had attachments to convert to European types. The point I was making, badly, is that I wanted a preamp in a pedal format and not a preamp pedal if that makes sense? My home practice signal chain is Spectradrive - Powered Event TR8 studio monitors. If/when I use it live I would use something like a QSC K10.2. I like to set the gain/volume at each stage to maximise headroom and dynamics. This means that my powered monitor volume is set relatively high and I dial in the required gain and control the overall volume from the preamp. In this scenario hitting the bypass switch will result in full volume being sent to the power monitor. I often used rack preamps with poweramps in the past and had thought I would get the same functionality with the pedal preamp format. None of the above is a dealbreaker for me as I only purchased the Spectradrive for home use anyway. Thanks John
  6. I can understand your point but I had hoped to use it as a pure preamp in front of a powered speaker rather than a pedal.
  7. Having had a few days to live with the pedal I have come to the conclusion that it's a great home practice tool but I would not want to use it in a live situation. I do like the tone, having owned several TC amps previously, I know how to make it work to get my tone. However, the deal breaker is the bypass mode which, unless I am doing something wrong, bypasses both tone and volume controls and sends full volume to my powered speaker which would be a nightmare in a gig situation if I activated it accidentally. I can't imagine any reason to have this feature in a preamp pedal.
  8. I just collected mine from Guitar Guitar and it comes with a standard UK power supply. The box also had clip on plates for other EU plug types.
  9. I will let you know once I collect it on Thursday. It won't make much difference to me as I will use it on a pedalboard with a PSU anyway.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I ordered mine from Guitar Guitar and will pick it up in person which will give me a chance to check the contents.
  11. I just ordered a SpectraDrive even though I don't really need it. It will simplify my home practice setup.
  12. Hi. It does feel like a large profile to me. I am left handed and play a Wal. Is there anything particular I should measure to confirm?
  13. Now sold. Please close.